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1-100 q

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  1. 1-100 q These are the two types of people in Roman society. One was a wealthy land owner, the other was part of the working class. (Oh yeah….tell me which is which.)

  2. 1-100 a What are patricians were the wealthy land owners and plebeians were part of the working class?

  3. 2-100 q On a feudal manor, some peasants were not allowed to leave, while others were free to move from place to place. (Oh yeah. . . Tell me which is which)

  4. 2-100 a What are serfs were legally tied to the land and free peasants were allowed to move from manor to manor?

  5. 3-100 q Name two differences between Athens and Sparta.

  6. 3-100 a What is. . . . . Government – Athens-democracy, Sparta-Oligarchy Women – Athens – no independence, Sparta – lots of independence Economy – Athens - Coins Sparta- No coins

  7. 4-100 q His tomb was well preserved for thousands of years; because of it we know more about Ancient Egypt. Did I mention, he was the youngest pharaoh ever?

  8. 4-100 a Who is King Tut?

  9. 5-100 q This religion was the first to develop a monotheistic belief in Mesopotamia

  10. 5-100 a What is Judaism?

  11. 6-100 q Menes was the first ruler to unite Upper and Lower Egypt. Who was the first pharaoh of Egypt?

  12. 6-100 a Who is Menes?

  13. 1-200 q These two major powers of the Ancient World battled each other in the Punic Wars.

  14. 1-200 a What are Rome and Carthage?

  15. 2-200 q This person was the greatest leader of the Franks. He is also responsible for spreading Christianity. Oh yeah. . he was the first emperor of Western Europe in over 350 yrs.

  16. 2-200 a Who is Charlemagne?

  17. 3-200 q This theory states that the sun is at the center of the universe

  18. 3-200 a What is the heliocentric theory?

  19. 4-200 q This is a time period of great cultural achievements.

  20. 4-200 a What is a golden age?

  21. 5-200 q With a little help from the gods, Ancient Chinese leaders were able to gain power by claiming this belief.

  22. 5-200 a What is the Mandate of Heaven?

  23. 6-200 q Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who believed that education, respect for parents, and knowing ones place in society would lead to a well ordered society. Who was the founder of Confucianism?

  24. 6-200 a Who is Confucius?

  25. 1-300 q He was a Roman leader who became dictator of Rome. He instituted new reforms and a new calendar. Oh yeah. . he was assassinated.

  26. 1-300 a Who is Julius Caesar?

  27. 2-300 q This was a terrible plague that killed 1/3 of the European population. Rats!

  28. 2-300 a What is the Bubonic Plague/Black Death?

  29. 3-300 q He was the first emperor of China. He united China through a single system of writing, currency, and weights and measures. Did I mention his empire was built around the _ _ _Huang_ _ He River.

  30. 3-300 a Who is Shihuangdi?

  31. 4-300 q In Greek society, if people thought you were getting to powerful, they would banish you. Because of this practice many Athenians hid their heads in the dirt like an OSTRICH.

  32. 4-300 a What is ostracism?

  33. 5-300 q He was Greek philosopher that was executed for his beliefs. Some Athenians thought he was SO stubborn for not apologizing.

  34. 5-300 a Who is Socrates?

  35. 6-300 q Pericles was an Athenian leader who built the Parthenon and made democracy more accessible to all Greeks. Who made Athens a better place to live?

  36. 6-300 a Who is Pericles?

  37. 1-400 q The guy in the movie was far different from this Roman emperor who is responsible for allowing Christians to worship freely in the Roman Empire. He was probably the only CONSTANT ruler the Romans had seen since Augustus.

  38. 1-400 a Who was Constantine?

  39. 2-400 q A series of battles between Christians and Muslims over Jerusalem.

  40. 2-400 a What are the Crusades?

  41. 3-400 q Respect for parents.

  42. 3-400 a What is filial piety?

  43. 4-400 q A series of wars between PERSIA and Athens.

  44. 4-400 a What are the Persian Wars?

  45. 5-400 q She was the first recorded woman pharaoh and had to wear the so called HAT of the pharaoh. She helped extend trade into Punt and Kush.

  46. 5-400 a Who is Hatshepsut?

  47. 6-400 q Themistocles was a great Athenian general. He persuaded Athens to build a navy to defeat the Persians. Who led Athens to victory during the Persian Wars?

  48. 6-400 a Who is Themistocles?

  49. 1-500 q This emperor was the first emperor. He was the grand nephew of Julius Caesar. I think AUGUST may have been his favorite month of the year.