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Only 52 days until camp starts!

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Only 52 days until camp starts! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Only 52 days until camp starts!. Between today and day 1 of camp ……. Day 1 must be scripted if possible All-Camp Meetings must be planned Promise store items must be purchased and updated Promise dollars must be printed All staff must be trained on camp culture

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Presentation Transcript
Between today and day 1 of camp ……
  • Day 1 must be scripted if possible
  • All-Camp Meetings must be planned
  • Promise store items must be purchased and updated
  • Promise dollars must be printed
  • All staff must be trained on camp culture
  • Culture and Behavior plans must be finalized and planned for
  • Space should be identified for all campers, staff, and Providers
  • Providers should reach out to campers in their activity
  • Alternate activity plans should be made by CLT staff
  • Daily plans must be finalized
  • Expectations must be set with Activities Teachers, Activities Specialists, and Activities Providers
  • PE equipment use and space use must be approved by District employees
  • Bus pick up and drop off plans must be created and shared
  • Lunch schedules must be created and shared
  • Training schedules need to be made
  • Training should be planned and executed during Week 0 (7/5-7/8)
  • Inventory lists must be created and delivered
  • Schedules must be created
  • Bus routes must be made
  • Student data entered
  • Site visits need to occur
  • Providers need rosters
  • Materials must be ordered
  • Staff must be trained
  • Division of Labor must be established
  • Compromises must be reached
  • Materials must be delivered to sites
  • Curriculum must be finished
  • Curriculum must be printed
  • Curriculum binders must be created
  • Activities curriculum must be written, agreed upon, and approved
  • Parent orientation must be planned
  • Staff communication must be planned
  • Communication must be normed
  • Staff must be entered into payroll
  • Clearances must be obtained
  • Technology needs must be finalized
  • Buildings must be prepped for camp
  • Preliminary teacher staff list for CLT planning purposes (please do not share outside of SDA!)
  • Additional teacher offers to be made in line with enrollment numbers
  • Camp Coordinator offers went out Monday – will be placed at sites starting next week, send Christine names of anybody that you would like to request at your site
  • We have more than 4,200 campers enrolled at this time
  • That is both EXCITING and SCARY – especially at Elementary sites
  • We are VERY proud of the recruitment and enrollment efforts of everyone in this room
  • We are also working to make sure that no sites are overfilled with more campers than they can handle
Enrollment by Site

Insert Enrollment Data

  • Field Trip & Guest Speaker Schedule for K-4 and 5-8
  • Use as working dates for planning purposes, officially they are still pending board approval June 22nd
Pre-Camp Communications
  • 5/15 Enrollment confirmation postcard
  • 6/30 Pre-camp mailer
      • We can’t wait to see you on July 11th
      • Date of scheduled parent orientation
      • Transportation info, camp site info & schedule
  • 7/8 Alert Now reminder about Day 1
June 4th PD

@ Greenway

  • 8:00 – 11:30 for teachers, 8:00 – 4:00 for CLT
  • All teachers and CLT are expected to be in attendance
  • 2 hrs - Whole Group Overview
  • 1 hr – Camp Team Breakout Session led by Camp Director
July 5th – 8th

At Your Sites

  • All CLT members, teachers (full and half day), and Camp Coordinators will be on site all day (7:30 – 4:15) for up to 40 hrs of pre-camp work and PD
  • Activity providers welcome, not required
  • Get up to speed on curriculum, logistics, camp culture, behavior plans, rules and procedures, roles and responsibilities, attendance processes, etc.
  • Bond as a staff
  • Prep the camp site for 7/11
  • Detailed goals and to-do’s for these 4 days to be shared June 4th, plans for the week due 6/18. CLT members will lead sessions.
General Camp Materials
  • Bulk of classroom supplies and camp site materials will be at your camp site when you arrive July 5th
  • Any special supplies/materials you anticipate needing outside of regular camp curriculum - please tell us ASAP!
  • Inventory list, procedure for unpacking and distributing materials will be shared prior to July 5th
Books & Games!
  • On-site book fairs planned at each camp site (week #1 for middle grades sites, week #3 or 4 for elementary sites)
  • Elementary curriculum books distributed by class and grade level
  • Classroom libraries and books distributed by class and grade level
  • Detailed instructions for sorting and distributing to be shared prior to July 5th
  • Over 10,000 GAMES!!!
Site Visits
  • Eddie is in the process of scheduling site visits to each SDA Camp Site – the process is moving slowly – our apologies
  • ID classrooms SDA will be using, see cafeteria, auditorium, gym, etc. to begin planning logistics for arrival, dismissal, ACMs, lunch, guest speakers, Promise Store/Whale Done Store etc.
  • Determine technology needs and final supplies
  • (white boards vs.
  • chalk boards,
  • pencil sharpeners,
  • etc.)
Operations Resources
  • Best practices, resources and suggestions for:
    • Receiving materials & supplies
    • Camp site bulletin boards
    • Day #1 procedures
    • Camper attendance tracking
    • Staff attendance tracking
    • Breakfast, lunch & transitions
    • Utilizing camp coordinators
    • Promise store