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C ustomer R elationship M anagement PowerPoint Presentation
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C ustomer R elationship M anagement

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C ustomer R elationship M anagement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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C ustomer R elationship M anagement
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  1. Customer Relationship Management

  2. Internet: Production and Distribution are Separate Distributors Customers Producers Brokerage Investment Funds Credit card Software Company Mortgage Travel Horizontal Portal Finance Portal Aggregators Financial Marketplace

  3. Internet: Production and Distribution are Separate Distributors Customers Producers Service Provider Delta Air Financial Marketplace E-loan Horizontal Portal Yahoo! Producer Ford Motor GE Medical Focused Distributor Affinity Portal iVillage Vertical Portal Financial Product AllState Farmers Ins.

  4. New Value Web Horizontal Portal Yahoo! Customer Focused Distributor Amazon Physical World Call Centre Vertical Portal Distributor Financial Marketplace E-Loan Producer Insurance Co.s Allstate, GEICO Software Quicken2000

  5. Traditional Organisation is Changing…. Customer Product Infrastructure

  6. Product Innovation Customer Relations Infrastructure Economics First mover advantage and speed are important Customer acquisition cost is high, has to sell masses Fixed cost is high, volume is essential Culture Employee focused, creative “stars” “Customer comes first” Cost and efficiency focused Competition Capability war; low entry cost, many small players Battle for scope; a few big players Scale war; a few big players Internet: Traditional Organisation Will be Unbundled Source: Hagel & Singer, Unbundling the Corporation. Harvard Business Review, Apr’99

  7. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP Product Management Customer Relationship Management One time interaction Focus Constant interaction Short term Process Long term Mass Communication Personal Market survey Feedback Constant dialog Market share Success criteria “Wallet share”

  8. CRM PROCESS Communication Personalise • Product/ service • Communication • Channel • Price Know Your Customer • Information gathering • Customer differenatiation Communication

  9. Review of the CRM space • Overview of CRM Products • Critical Success Factors for CRM Implementation

  10. CRM Products The Evolution of Space eCRM Systems CRM Systems Sales Force Automation Systems Contact Management Systems Functional Objective Vendors Have organized, automated processes for sharing comprehensive CRM data with remote sales agents & business partners Siebel, Oracle, Janna Have web-based platforms which enable dynamic profiling of customers, interactive personalized scripting & customer treatment Combination of Integrated web technologies Automate FIs internal processes of Sales & Accounts Management Sales Logix, Saratoga, First Wave Improve workflow and automate lead tracking GoldMine, ACT

  11. Review of the CRM space • Overview of CRM Products • Critical Success Factors for CRM Implementation

  12. Critical Success Factors The Environment • A variety of financial products • Gamut of delivery channels & partners • Variety of modalities in far flung territories • Dispersed, incentive-differentiated sales organizations • Management by effective, entrepreneurial business divisions

  13. Critical Success Factors To Succeed in this rapidly evolving environmentfollowing are the critical success factors which Client must focus on

  14. Critical Success Factor #1 e-Enabling of entire CRM infrastructure (evolve into eCRM) • Extends the purview of Customer Relationship Management

  15. Critical Success Factor #1 CRM Vs eCRM

  16. Critical Success Factor #2 Marketing Customer Intelligence Campaign Feedback Enterprise Intelligence Business Management Content Marketing Campaigns/ Customization Rules Templates/ Scripts Data Mart Session & Transaction History Mining & Analytics Business Rules Customer Knowledge Repository Customer Profile Scripts Targeted Info Customer Profile Personalized UI Targeted Info Customer Input Contact Info Preferences Interaction Flow Transactions Workflow Initiation Customer Service Customers Collaborative Session Data integration & synchronization • Management of Interactive Customer Data Flows • Real-time or batch modes both for operations & decision support

  17. Critical Success Factor #3 Industry-centric Workflow Management • Workflow & Fulfillment templates specific to Financial Industry • Capture the expertise of best marketing & sales people • Enable specification of complex rules for interaction The idea is to define, instill and reinforce the “best practices” to elevate performance

  18. Critical Success Factor #4 Multi-channel Integration • Call Center • Internet • IVR • Remote Sales • Branch, E-mail, Mobile etc. The point to make is what level of functionality is available in multiple channels

  19. Critical Success Factor #5 Integration of other Applications with CRM • Call Center • CIF • Profiling datastore & personalization engine • Integration of existing Logs & Rules Datastores • e-Mail management • Data Warehouse/Mart • Marketing Analytics, transactional data, servers etc. Ability to foster an integration platform to make existing systems take advantage of new dynamic environments

  20. Implementation Approach Typical Implementation Roadmap will be guided by:- Current state- Objectives for eCRM project- Project timelines- Business priorities- User-base within the organization- Back-end integration- Phase-wise implementation

  21. Objectives Objectives for eCRM Project eCRM Tool C a m p a i g n Mgmt Marketing DMAs Data Warehouse Lead Generation Fulfillments DSAs Sales Customer C o m p l a i n t Mgmt SFA Opportunity Mgmt Quote Generation Order Entry Tracking Call Center Agents Workflow Mgmt