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Your Input Welcome. Allendale District SEPAC Executive Committee. Who we are. Suzanne Bussetti Jessica Downes Michael Flom Aileen Gramsch Eileen Guffin Christina Montanye Janice Murad Joanna O’Toole  Lynn-Marie Peare. Contact us. Individually (PTO Book)

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Your input welcome

Your Input Welcome

Allendale District

SEPAC Executive Committee

Who we are
Who we are

Suzanne Bussetti

Jessica Downes

Michael Flom

Aileen Gramsch

Eileen Guffin

Christina Montanye

Janice Murad

Joanna O’Toole 

Lynn-Marie Peare

Contact us
Contact us

Individually (PTO Book)


The Allendale Special Education Parents Advisory Committee (Allendale SEPAC) provides advice and input to the District on Special Services.

The SEPAC works towards gaining the respect, support, and appropriate education for all children with special needs in our District and to ensure that students' needs under N.J.A.C. 6A:14, Section 504, I.D.E.A  and other applicable laws are being met.


  • Our Goal is to establish a productive partnership between Allendale District and the SEPAC so that:

    • Parent Feedback and input on Special Services, including I&RS, Remedial programs, 504 and IEP services and parent education is constructively received and acted upon.

    • The SEPAC serves as  a resource to the the District for planning, development and evaluation of Special Services.

Sepac vs apcs


    • Special Education Parent Advisory Council

    • Solicits input

    • Advises district

  • APCS

    • Allendale Parents of Parents of Special Needs

    • Parent

      • Education

      • Support

      • Advocacy


What would make it more likely for you provide input
What would make it more likely for you provide input?

  • Evening meetings

  • Online videoconference

  • Online Discussion Group

  • Online audio conference

  • Daytime meetings

  • Refreshments/snacks

  • Choice of multiple sessions for the same meeting

  • Sitter at a school location (e.g. a high school student)

  • Parent only meetings

  • Web survey

  • Meetings on a particular day or time (please specify

  • Input to District only

  • Input to Exec Committee (parents)

  • Other (please specify)

General meetings frequency
General Meetings Frequency ?

  • 1 time/year

  • 2 times/year

  • 3 times/year

  • 4 times/year

  • more than 4 times/yea

  • Other (please specify)

Top priorities
Top priorities?

  • Solicit input (e.g. issues, topics, speakers, formats) for parent group provided education

  • Solicit input (e.g. issues, topics, speakers, formats) for District provided education

  • Solicit input (e.g. issues) for District Special Services (remedial, intervention, referral, 504, IEP) practices

  • Provide recommendations to the District for remedial, intervention, referral, 504, IEP practices

  • Ensure top recommendations are implemented

  • Parent-only time where parents can discuss issues freely

  • Have private one-on-one time with key district personnel before/after general meetings

  • Other

Areas of concern suggestions
Areas of concern/Suggestions?

  • Processes

    • Child Find (Ages 3-14)

    • Intervention and referral (I&RS)

    • Identification

    • Evaluation

    • Eligibility

  • Parents

    • Education - process

    • Education - interventions and programs

    • Child Study Team (CST)

    • Treatment of Parents

Areas of concern suggestions services
Areas of concern/Suggestions?Services

  • Basic Skills Instruction

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Counseling

  • Multi-sensory Reading

  • Special Ed (e.g. SI, resource)

  • Aides

  • Communications

  • Social Skills

  • High School Transition

  • Extended School Year (ESY)

  • Summer Transition

  • After school homework help

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • Out of District Placement (OODP)

  • School Nurse

  • Other

Thank you
Thank you!

SEPAC Executive Committee