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Sequence. Sequence is the order of events in which things happen in a story. . Sometimes an author uses clue words like first , next , then , after that , before that , later , the next day , earlier , and in the morning . .

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Sometimes an author uses clue words like first, next, then, after that, before that, later, the next day, earlier, and in the morning.

Clue words help you to put events in the correct sequence by picturing in your mind what is happening.

Making a patchwork quilt can be fun! Before you start, make sure there are scraps of cloth for you to use. Second, pick out the colors you like. Next, decide if you want patches that are big or small. After that, you are ready to cut out your patches. Then, you can decide how to arrange them on your quilt. Finally, you are ready to get started making a quilt that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.


Which of these events should happen first?

  • You need to make sure you have all the scraps of cloth you need.
  • Decide if you want to make a patchwork quilt.
  • Pick out the colors you like.

Which of these events would happen last?

  • Make the quilt.
  • Pick out the colors you need.
  • Give the quilt as a gift.

Kyle and his family moved to a new home. Making the move was a lot of hard work. First, mom and dad had to pack up everything. Then, they called the movers to load everything onto a moving van. After that, Kyle and his family got in their car and drove to the new house. The movers met them there later. Finally, Kyle’s family unpacked and settled in to the new house.


What happened after Kyle’s family drove to the new house?

  • The movers met them there.
  • The movers packed up their things.
  • Kyle’s family settled in.

What happened first?

  • Kyle’s parents packed everything up.
  • Kyle and his family bought a new home.
  • Kyle’s parents called the movers to come and move their things.

One day, Tom woke up with a terrible headache and a fever.

“You must be sick,” Mom said. “You need to stay home from school today.

Mom called the doctor and to get an appointment for Tom. But the doctor couldn’t see Tom until the afternoon.

He felt bad and he slept for the next three hours. Later, when he went to the doctor, Tom got a shot. That night , Tom felt so much better!

“Being sick is no fun,” Tom said. “But getting well again is great!”


What happened first?

  • Tom went to the doctor.
  • Tom slept for three hours.
  • Tom got better.

What happened after Tom went to the doctor?

  • He slept for three hours.
  • He got a shot.
  • He felt better.

Jody’s mom was having her birthday on Saturday. Jody had no idea what to get for her. First, he tried to think of mom’s hobbies. But he wasn’t sure if she had any. Next, he talked with his dad. But Dad didn’t have any good ideas either. Then, Jody remembered that last year Mom had talked about how much she’d like a rocking chair for the living room.

Early the next morning, Jody and his dad went to the furniture store and picked out a rocking chair for Mom. Jody knew that Mom was going to be so excited.


What happened after Jody and Dad talked?

  • They went to the furniture store.
  • Jody remembered that Mom liked furniture.
  • Jody remembered what Mom had said last year.

What happened first?

  • Jody and Dad had a conversation.
  • Jody and Mom had a conversation.
  • Jody thought about things Mom liked.