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find the right yoga style for you yoga styles n.
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Find The Right Yoga Style For You - Yoga Styles PowerPoint Presentation
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Find The Right Yoga Style For You - Yoga Styles

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Find The Right Yoga Style For You - Yoga Styles
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Find The Right Yoga Style For You - Yoga Styles

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  1. Find The Right Yoga Style For You - Yoga Styles

  2. Yoga is generally an ancient health and fitness philosophy designed to help bring your body, mind, and spirit into balance. It is originated in India more than five thousand years ago. Yoga is true body- mind approach to health and wellness which focuses on the practice of physical exercise to bring balance, strength, and flexibility to the body and mind. As you use more of your muscles in your body to maintain the yoga positions, as well as your balance, over time these muscles become much stronger. Not only will the muscles in your lower back, shoulders and legs become much stronger so will those in your feet, arms, hands and stomach.

  3. There are many styles of yoga that are as follows :- ● Hatha Yoga ● Kids Yoga ● Vinyasa Yoga ● Ashtanga Yoga ● Restorative Yoga

  4. ● Hatha Yoga :- Hatha Yoga is one of the most ancient type of yoga system. This type of yoga maintains the belief that techniques such as meditation and concentration should only be practiced after the body and the mind having purified. It is concerned mainly with pranayama (breathing exercises) and asanas (yoga postures). While hatha has moved a long way from its origins, it is now generally used to refer to gentle yoga poses and techniques, taken at a slow pace, that makes it an excellent choice for beginners. ● Kids Yoga :- Yoga for kids is an excellent way to increase flexibility and get exercise. It becomes more and more stress on children nowadays, with school and college workloads. So, it is essential that they learn positive strategies. Yoga can help settle the energy and help them grow focused and relaxed. This is important nowadays when too much television and unhealthy eating increased.

  5. ● Vinyasa Yoga:- Vinyasa Yoga is the one of the most famous type of yoga. The word "Vinyasa" means the "Breathing System", implying that this Yoga type is related to our breathing system. The breath is the primary factor and it changes with every pose of the asana. This type of yoga is also called flow yoga because of the regularized way in which the poses go. ● Ashtanga Yoga :- Ashtanga yoga, also known as power yoga, is quickly gaining popularity among practitioners. It is the form of yoga most used by athletes and those interested in quickly increasing strength and stamina. If you are interested in improving your strength, flexibility and stamina and you are fit enough to deal with an hour of jumping from one posture to another, Ashtanga Yoga can suit you.

  6. ● Restorative Yoga:- Restorative yoga is a good antidote to the stressful, busy lifestyles that many people lead. This type of yoga is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to allow their body time to actively relax, heal and restore it from regular higher impact exercise, as well as the stresses of day to day life. It is becoming a popular style of yoga across the globe and youngster are a big fan to start their yogic journey from restorative yoga.

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