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  1. Photography Realism | Classicism |Formalism

  2. Three styles of film Realism Classicism Formalism

  3. Realism A style of filmmaking that attempts to duplicate the look of objective reality as it’s commonly perceived, with emphasis on authentic locations and details, long shots, lengthy takes, and a minimum of distorting techniques.

  4. Formalism A Style of filmmaking in which aesthetic forms take precedence over the subject matter as content. Time and space as ordinarily perceived are often distorted. Emphasis is on the essential symbolic characteristics of objects and people, not necessarily on their superficial appearance. Formalists are often lyrical, self-consciously heightening their style to call attention to it is a value for its own sake.

  5. Classicism A vague but convenient term used to designate the style of mainstream fiction films produced in America, roughly from the midteens until the late 1960s. The classical paradigm is a movie strong in story, star, and production values, with a high level of technical achievement, and edited according to the conventions of classical cutting.

  6. Classicism continued The visual style is functional and rarely distracts from the characters in action. Movies in this form are structured narratively, with a clearly-defined conflict, complications that intensify to a rising climax, and a resolution that emphasizes formal closure.

  7. Realism vs. Formalism REALISM FORMALISM • Realistic films attempt to reproduce the surface of reality with a minimum of distortion • Realistic films are an objective mirror of the actual world • Formalists deliverately stylize and distort their raw materials so that no one would mistake a manipulated image of an object for the real thing • The stylization is part of the show!

  8. Realism vs. Formalism examples Realism Formalsim

  9. Video examples Realism Formalism • The Pianist • • The Seventh Seal •

  10. Realism |Classicism | Formalism Realism and formalism are NOT absolutes. THERE IS NO CLEAR LINE! Realistic films can have formalist elements and vice versa Classicalism blends both and is used in most popular movies.