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display and screen size of the laptop n.
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Display and screen size of the laptop PowerPoint Presentation
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Display and screen size of the laptop

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Display and screen size of the laptop
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Display and screen size of the laptop

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  1. Display and screen size of the laptop

  2. The brand to brand and model to model but normally it ranges from 7 inches to the 17 inches. Now, most of the user wants to bigger screen size support laptops with higher resolution for the better image and video quality. The screen size might be affecting many other functions like the screen size that affects the compactness of the keyboard. The bigger screen size laptop should allow the large open keyboards and the smaller area screen size means it allows only smaller area keyboard.

  3. When it is compact keyboard means it’s very hard to type but the size of the laptop was compatible and it is very easy to carry around. The bigger screen laptop has better keyboard function but it is difficult one to carry around. It is best to buy a laptop with 14-15 inches screen size. Alienwarelaptops is one of the best laptops to buy because it has the coziness over keyboard wise and screen wise.  It is the perfect combination of screen resolution and keyboard usability. Mobility and weight are the primary objects of the laptop.

  4. LCD and LED Display • ·        Image and video quality in LED display are better than LCD display. • ·        LED display is more efficient than LCD display it consumes less power. • ·        Repairing cost of LED display is cheaper than any other monitors.

  5. Other than screen monitor, core processor is the major component of the laptop. There are three types of core processors available like Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processor. Compare to all these processors i7 processors is the best of the lot; it has higher clock speed, a higher cache memory that leads to run more numbers of consecutive threads simultaneously and better multitasking performance because the i7 processor technically advances with another processor.

  6. There are more numbers of laptops available in old processors but it best to buy the laptop with advanced technology and latest feature enhancement. Click here to get more details about the Acer Showroom in Chennai, Lenovo Showroom in Chennai, Projector Dealers in Chennai and more on.