advantages of using lcd screen display n.
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LCD Screen Display

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advantages of using lcd screen display

Advantages of Using LCD Screen Display

An LCD screen display is made by placing liquid crystal solution between two transparent sheets. As

LCD crystals cannot produce light by themselves, they are illuminated with the help of an external

source. The advantage of using this technology is that the heat generated will be lower compared to

CRT and plasma displays. Screen burn-in is common among other displays, but not in the case of LCD

display. Further, LCD TVs work well at high altitudes as well. It is because of these benefits that there

is a huge demand for these panels in the market. Energy efficiency is another reason why many

people prefer LCD TVs. All said and down, the key reason for the LCD TV’s popularity is longer display


However, the claims made different television brands in the market create confusion among

shoppers. It is not easy for a layperson to understand the terminologies and technical jargons and

then choose a product. However, opinions of other users will be of great help to them.

At the time of introduction of LED Screen Display, the prices were higher and hence the TVs that

used these display came with a higher price tag. However, the prices came down subsequently

because of innovations in production and marketing methods. It is estimated that the life of an LCD

screen is around 50,000 to 60,000 viewing hours. Along with anti-glare features, it is ideal for a well-

lit room. LCDs have only a thickness of about three inches and can be hung from the ceiling or wall.

this means that it is good for a place with space

This means that it is good for a place with space constraints. In widescreen format (and 16:9 aspect

ratio) the saving in power when using LCDs will be around 30 percent compared to CRT or plasma


The latest models of televisions made using innovative technologies are expensive. A consumer that

wants to buy a TV that lasts for a longer period of time will be concerned about the life of LCD

display screens. But, they must realize that the LCD is the best choice for them as far as the life of

the display is concerned. However, is important to opt for a reputed brand. According to some

experts, LCD TVs with smaller screens provide better display quality and last longer. In fact, it is ideal

to use LCD screens up to 30 inches for better viewing. A lot of information as regards the benefits of

using the LCD technology is available now.

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