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  2. SO YOU WANT TO ACCESS e-asTTle? You can just Google it – either ‘e-asTTle’ or ‘e-asTTle home’

  3. Then you can just click on the link Home – e-asTTle  DON’T CLICK ON THE LINK ‘e-asTTle Login’ It doesn’t work.

  4. This is the correct e-asTTlelog-in page- only use this one.

  5. Enter your User ID and temporary Password and click

  6. Enter your temporary password Then create a new password and confirm it, then click

  7. The Change Password Confirmation page will be displayed. You now need to set challenge response questions.

  8. Select questions from the drop down menus and type in your answers. Complete all 5 and click

  9. Saving your Challenge Responses

  10. You can now log into e-asTTle

  11. WHAT IS e-asTTle? • e-asTTle is an online version of asTTle which stands for Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning (He Pūnaha Aromatawai mō te Whakaako me te Ako). • It includes reading, mathematics, writing, pānui, pāngarau and tuhituhi, as well as e-asTTle Numeracy Project Assessments and several new features in response to feedback from teachers and principals who have been using asTTle v4.

  12. WHAT DOES IT DO? • e-asTTle provides teachers, students, and parents with information about a student's level of achievement, relative to the curriculum achievement outcomes, for levels 2 to 6 and national norms of performance for students in years 4 to 12.

  13. To assist teachers with tracking and identification of student achievement, each of these levels has been divided into 3 sub levels: • B Basic • P Proficient • A Advanced

  14. WHO IS e-asTTle FOR? • e-asTTle was developed primarily as a ‘formative assessment tool’. • e-asTTle is for teachers of students in years 5–10 and curriculum levels 2–6. • Many schools using e-asTTle have found it to be a great tool for planning purposes, for helping students to understand their progress, and for involving parents in discussions about how well their children are doing.

  15. WHY IS e-asTTle GROUND-BREAKING? • e-asTTle gives teachers a realistic picture of how well each student, class, or school is doing compared to the national average and the curriculum requirements (including curriculum levels). • It allows comparisons to other groups such as gender, ethnicity, English as a second language, or 'schools like mine'.

  16. Help is available in the form of on-line Manuals.   

  17. The manuals can be downloaded or opened and read on-line.

  18. It is a good idea to use the on-line demonstrations to practice the how to use the web-site.

  19. Both Student and Teacher Demo options are available.

  20. The Teacher demo helps you learn how to create tests, assign students and view reports.

  21. The Student Navigation Demo allows students to learn how to sit a test.

  22. e-asTTle Teacher Home PageWhen working within e-asTTle make sure you use either the buttons on the left hand side or the buttons along the bottom. DO NOT USE your browser arrow buttons.  

  23. Now it is time for you to log-on and have a look around the site. 