by kit brown n.
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Every soul a star PowerPoint Presentation
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Every soul a star

Every soul a star

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Every soul a star

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  1. By :Kit Brown Every soul a star

  2. Characters The five main characters were… Ally is a 13 year old girl who loves the stars and owns a camp ground called the moon shadow that the eclipse passes right over it! Bree who is also a 13 year old girl is the way way way opposite of ally, Bree loves make up and its all about being popular to her, and she has always wanted to be a model. Jack however is nothing like them, He is slightly over weight and He loves to draw and all he ever draws is wizards and aliens and mythical creatures like that, But his dad left his mom when he was 5 and he has had a lot of step dads but one of them taught him how to fly in his dreams! Kenny is Ally’s little brother he is 10 years old and he is pretty much a dork and he does not do much in the story that explains him. Melanie is Bree’s little sister she is 10 years old also and of course she’s a dork too. it is not really explained about her personality either. And those are the five main characters!

  3. Other characters!Mr. SilverJack’s mom and dad who left his mom and jack only looked at pictures but his head is always cut off in themAllies mom and dadBree’s mom and dadPete a little boy and his parents

  4. Problem Ally’s problem Bree’s problem • Ally’s problem is right after the eclipse she is moving and Bree is moving in. And on the other hand she has to deal with all of the eclipse chasers coming to see the eclipse that crosses right over the moon shadow. But the worst thing is she has to move to the CITY! But Ally has never been in the city • Bree’s problem is she’s moving in to the moon shadow while Ally moves out and on the other hand Bree has to move away from her absolutely BEST friend! And she has to leave a modeling job And she wasn’t so happy about that.

  5. Jack’s problem • Jack’s problem is he is failing science and he has to go to summer school!!!!!! • On the other hand he has a choose to get out of summer school by going to the moon shadow and help Mr. Silver on a project on a planet.