Make up essentials for every star sign
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Make-up Essentials For Every Star Sign - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your star sign can dictate your fashion sense. We bring you a beauty horoscope that will help decode the signs, and give you the low-down on what you should pick up.

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Aries: Bold is the word that can best describe an Arian woman. Courageous, confident and determined, only the most attention-grabbing of accessories and make-up can suit your personality. A bright red lipstick is a must-have accessory, as well as a sassy black dress to go along. Your beauty horoscope is definitely one that rewards boldness over everything.

Taurus: Practical and responsible are your middle names. Taurus loves to get her hands dirty and believes in nurturing Mother Earth. The beauty horoscope suggests that you mix it up with natural ingredients and understated colors to get the best of your look out. Your Taurian make-up bag need not be too elaborate, but can keep only the basics to keep a simple, yet classy look. For a no-make-up look, think of a concealer that works with your skin, rather than against it.

Gemini: Curiosity may kill the cat, but never the Gemini! Curious and affectionate, a Gemini is known for her love to socialize, so get ready to flutter your lashes and dance till the Sun rises. Grab your volume-packed mascara to ensure that your eyes have volumes to talk about!

Cancer: A homebody at heart, most Cancerians would not find it amiss to have a relaxing evening at home, instead of painting the town red. Deeply sensitive and extremely caring, you can make your look stand out, even if you’re not planning for anyone but your Beau to come over. Enjoy a night-in with a hair-oil that suits your to bring a shine to even the dullest of manes!

Leo: The ultimate social animal, A Leo is everyone’s friend. With a warm heart and creativity galore, your beauty horoscope will have a tough time to keep up with your changing moods. With so much riding on your appearance, though, it is important to smell the part as well! Add an inviting smell to your touch-up so that you can welcome even the most temperamental of Scorpios.

Virgo: While the beauty horoscope does say that Virgos are practical and calculating, that doesn't mean they’re above getting spoilt! A lover of all things luxury, only the best can satisfy a Virgo woman. While planning a night out, splurge on yourself by going in for an indulgent face cream, or moisturizing mask. After all, you deserve it!

Libra: While a lover of all things beautiful, a Libra woman will prefer to go understated but classy, rather then opulent and attention-grabbing. While your wardrobe will reflect this, the beauty horoscope suggests that you go in for a luxe shimmer to get that simple yet elegant look!

Scorpio: One of the most ambiguous of star signs, A Scorpio is a mix-bag of mystery, passion and bravery. The beauty horoscope, though, sees your sensual side, and suggests that you show it off with a statement eye, the darker the better!

Sagittarius: Travel and adventure are your buzzwords. A Sagittarius woman is always on the go, and her beauty horoscope reflects that. Ensure that you pack light and elevate a simple look with a coat of polish. A deep shade of purple or a soft pink will definitely suit the seasons, so make sure to pack accordingly.

Capricorn: Always in control and the most disciplined of the star signs, it is often difficult for a Capricorn woman to relax and unwind. The beauty horoscope, understanding the looking beautiful is actually about you, suggests that you wind down and relax with a moisturizing mask. After all, its absolutely fine for your to treat yourself to a some alone-time every now and then.

Aquarius: Progressive and independent, An Aquarian is also a humanitarian at heart! An Aquarian also lives and breathes purity. Keeping this in mind, your beauty horoscope suggests that you keep it earthy and natural. Go in for a nude lipstick. After all, a natural look is always going to suit a natural woman best.

Pisces: Dreamy and artistic, a Piscean exude an ethereal presence, and can get lost in their own world for hours. The beauty horoscope suggests that you not forego make-up for accessories, to get the best look. Go in for a shimmering (yet understated) polish which is perfect for your look.