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Drinks Destroy Teeth PowerPoint Presentation
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Drinks Destroy Teeth

Drinks Destroy Teeth

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Drinks Destroy Teeth

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  1. Drinks Destroy Teeth An Educational Outreach Program of the Indiana Dental Association

  2. The culprits Soft drinks Sports and energy drinks

  3. Fruit juice and juice drinks Virtually ALL toddlers consume juice or juice drinks… Advise parents to • Limit consumption: 4 oz./day • Offer milk or water instead • Use a glass vssippy cup • Never put an infant or toddler to bed with a bottle

  4. Classic erosion patterns

  5. How Drinks Destroy Teeth Quantity Acidity Sugar Timing

  6. Quantity: the fluoride generation

  7. Quantity: 1977 The average 12-19 year-old drank 16oz. of soft drinks per day.

  8. Quantity: 1996 By 1996 the average serving size was 28oz per day Bottled water sales increase Sweetened drink sales increase Milk consumption decreases

  9. Quantity: 2010 Consumption now includes large quantities of sports and energy drinks. Teenage boys drink, on average, three or more cans of soda per day. 10 percent of boys drink seven or more cans each day. The average for teenage girls is two cans per day, 10 percent of girls drink more than five cans every day.

  10. Acidity Low pH in drinks is bad … note that cola has 2.4 acid pH High pH is good… note that water is neutral at 7.0 acid pH

  11. Sugar Liquid candy. Some sodas and energy drinks have up to 13 teaspoons of sugar!

  12. Timing Athletes and children who drink acidic drinks when a dry mouth is present or when they are dehydrated are especially vulnerable to the acid attack. The best drink for a dehydrated individual is plain water. If sports drinks must be consumed, drink plain water before and after to mitigate the harmful effects.

  13. Sipping all day Every sip counts as an exposure. Drinking all day does more damage .

  14. Why do we need the program? Decay and erosion Erosion and tooth loss

  15. Cupping of molar cusp tips

  16. Thin enamel Chipping and decay

  17. Severe erosion Loss of chewing surfaces

  18. Decalcification

  19. Rapid recurrent decay

  20. Drinks Destroy Teeth Dentistry fights back. Website Knowledge is power.

  21. Educate School Nurses Teachers

  22. Prevention saves teeth from decay and erosion 4th and 5th graders. Are targeted with two science lessons.

  23. Students Educate through science labs to measure acid, sugar and pH levels of various drinks

  24. Athletes

  25. Health Care Professionals Swimmers can be prone to acid erosion if the pH of the pool is not well controlled. Causes of acid erosion: Sports drinks Soft drinks Juices GERD Swimming Bulimia

  26. Repair and Prevention • Fluoride toothpaste • Fluoridated water • Use a straw • Drink at one sitting or with food.

  27. Dentistry fights back … Knowledge is power!