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Destroy Depression

Destroy Depression

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Destroy Depression

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  1. ATTENTION! If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, this will be the most important letter you will ever read... "Depression Sufferer Of Over 20 Years Reveals His Simple 7- Step System That Gives You The Power To DESTROY Your Depression, End Your Feelings Of Sadness And Hopelessness, And

  2. Get Your Life Back!" The Destroy Depression™ System Will Teach You How To: Take FULL control over your thoughts, feelings and emotions, so you can banish any depression in your life FOREVER Free yourself from your negative thoughts and your feelings of self-blame Reclaim your power over your mind, your thoughts and your life End your suffering from depression once and for all Discover The TRUTH About Depression, Including: The shocking truth about Anti-Depressant drugs, and why their success rate is so low The terrifying link between depression and suicide The root causes of depression, why conventional therapies have such low

  3. success rates and why it keeps coming back - no matter how hard you try! The simple methods which are easy to implement, which help you to tackle the CAUSES of your depression and banish them from your life for good Do You Suffer From Any of These Symptoms? You are always tired, always have low energy and you always struggle to accomplish everything on your daily "to do" list. It’s hard to find the motivation to do anything… including going out with friends or completing tasks You feel anxious and worried about little things in life Negative thoughts and feelings of anger are often playing themselves in your mind You feel restless, irritable and often lash out at the people who are closest to you

  4. It can be difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep – regardless of how tired you may be You can’t concentrate on anything, your mind feels like jelly and you are more forgetful than ever. You have headaches, backaches, joint pain and other physical ailments that you can’t pin- point the problem and don’t respond to regular treatments Some days you feel sad or guilty about the things you haven’t done… and regrets play heavy on your mind. Even when there is a room full of people around you... you still feel lonely and often worry that no one really likes you. You have problems with your weight and you are starting to feel overwhelmed by your own life. Hi, My name is James Gordon. That is a REAL picture of me there on the right. I'm going to share with you the system I used to permanently cure the depression that I struggled with for over 20 years. My approach is going to teach you how to get to the root of your struggle with depression,

  5. with NO drugs and NO expensive and endless therapy sessions. If you're ready to get on the path to finally overcoming your depression, I invite you to keep reading... Success Story #1: Kendra P. "I have now started dating again and my friends have noticed a huge difference in my outlook on life..." James, I ordered your book Destroy Depression™ from my phone, downloaded it and read it. It was fabulous and something that can help everyone who is suffering with depression. I have struggled with depression ever since my divorce 3 years ago. My self-esteem was at a real low point when I got your system and my confidence was shattered. Within weeks of reading

  6. your book and putting your advice into practice, my depression had totally lifted and my confidence started to return. I have now started dating again and my friends have noticed a huge difference in my outlook on life. Even my mom has said it is a huge relief to her to have her daughter back. Thank you for sharing your system, I owe you a massive debt of gratitude. Kendra P. (Arizona, USA) Success Story #2: Alex W. "Your system not only teaches how to cure depression, it teaches so much more about life in general." “Eureka Alert! I stumbled on to this by chance and will recommend it to anyone. In all of my meetings with my GP and several therapists, nobody had ever explained how depression fuels itself the way you have.

  7. I now totally understand my depression and how to make sure it never rears its ugly head again, however that is not the limit of how your system has helped me. What I now have is a plan for my life where I did not have one before. To be honest, I think this is where the root of my depression was. I now bounce out of bed each morning determined to make the day ahead great -before I used to dread the alarm in the morning! This has also affected my career in such a positive way, that my bosses noticed my change in attitude and promoted me to supervisor. Your system not just teaches how to cure depression, it teaches so much more about life in general.” Alex W. (UK) Success Story #3: Ellie F. “Destroy Depression is so straight-forward, so easy, and so true...” “Your book has changed my life so much that I had to write you a letter of thanks. I honestly have to

  8. pinch myself sometimes to make sure I am not dreaming! I first want to applaud you for your email support. I am not a technical person and struggled to download and read the files on my iPhone, but your support was really fast in sending me links on how to save and open them with the minimum of fuss. Destroy Depression is so straightforward, so easy, and so true. Before I read it I felt as if I was in a bottomless pit with no way out. I had been taking antidepressants for almost 3 years and had locked myself away from the world to such an extent that I would sometimes go 5 days without even seeing another human being. I started cutting myself and thought about suicide every day. My life now is unrecognizable compared to how it was back then. I now volunteer at a shelter and the joy I get from helping other people, just as you said in your book, has given my life new meaning. Thank you so much, you have changed my life in a way I never thought possible. You are a beacon of light.” Ellie F. (Missouri, USA) Success Story #4: Sam B.

  9. “It is like he is a different person...” “While searching the web for how I could help my son with his depression, I found your site and bought your book for him. Within 2 months of him reading it he had become so positive about life where before he complained about everything. It is like he is a different person now, he even now gives me pep-talks when I am feeling frustrated or down!” Sam B. (Toronto, Canada) My Own Battle With Depression I suffered with depression for most of my adult life. From the age of 14, bouts of depression would hit me like a tidal wave and leave me feeling out of control, weak and hopeless. Sometimes I would be depressed for just a matter of weeks, while at other times a fog of depression would envelop me for months or years at a time.

  10. Then, at 35 years old, I witnessed an extremely traumatic event. A friend I was staying with in America committed suicide. He shot himself. It was horrifying. I returned home to the UK a few weeks later and my depression spiraled out of control. Months went by without me even leaving the house or opening the curtains. I lost contact with all of my friends, and had only a feeling of nothingness and suicidal thoughts to keep me company. Finally I visited the doctor and he diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), along with severe depression. During the following two years, a number of doctors pumped me full of drugs that had all manner of side effects. Fluvoxamine and the other SSRI's they tried me on made me an insomniac, so they gave me more pills to 'help' me sleep. Those, amongst other side effects, made me lose my appetite, so they gave me more pills to treat that. In the end I was taking 5 or 6 different drugs on a daily basis, all of which made the underlying feelings I was having because of Me at age 36, during two years of disastrous treatment with sertraline, fluvoxamine, citalopram, and venlafaxine.

  11. depression and PTSD, of being out of control and having no hope or goals, even worse. I was then sent to see a psychiatrist, who over the course of 6 months (which cost a lot of money), did nothing to help me at all - I actually felt worse after each visit, each time I would leave feeling like a complete and utter failure. In short, the doctors and specialists didn't help me – they just threw their pills and potions at my symptoms. At no time did they try to treat the cause of my depression. One day, while sitting in the doctors office and feeling totally frustrated, I snapped and walked out of the surgery, telling the Doctor I was going to sort this problem out myself. I just never felt like they did anything to really help me, so decided I had to help myself instead. There had to be another way to treat depression than just prescribing drugs which were made in a lab by men in white coats. I returned home and started to research everything about depression that I could possibly find. I trawled the Internet and read thousands of articles on the subject. I searched through dozens of medical books, consulted many specialists, downloaded dozens of e-books and systems written by life coaches and gurus, watched hundreds of hours of videos, talked with people who battled with depression themselves who had recovered, and met with people who had attempted suicide and survived. Throughout all of this, I was constantly writing down notes and making observations. In my search for answers I made many discoveries which astounded me, things which the mainstream media just didn’t report.

  12. What I ended up with was a 7-step plan which I hoped would eliminate my depression, and implemented it into my daily life. Within just 3 months, I had no feelings of depression at all and had stopped taking all of the medication I was on. In fact, the worst feelings I had in those 3 short months, were the withdrawal symptoms I had from stopping my medication! It took me several years and an enormous amount of research to get to where I am today: to know exactly what works and what doesn't. Yes, after desperate trial and error, countless useless treatments, disappointments and agony, a simple, natural system opened the door to my new and much brighter depression-free life. After years of suffering, I was finally free from depression! The Current Treatments for Depression are FAILING! Antidepressants are just not working as effectively as pharmaceutical companies would have you believe. Ask any doctor or medical professional if

  13. antidepressants cure depression, and they will tell you NO! They will only lesson your symptoms - if they work at all, and in MOST cases, they have no effect! Antidepressants, at best, will only help a person live with their problem. This means you HAVE to keep taking them, that way the drug companies keep making money! Conventional Depression Treatments Can Be Dangerous and Even DEADLY The World Health Organization reports:  “ the year 2020, depression will be the second most common cause of premature death

  14. worldwide.” Shocking, isn’t it? Meanwhile, the use of antidepressants worldwide has increased by 300% in the last 10 years! Common Side Effects From Anti-Depressants Include: Nausea Increased appetite and weight gain Loss of sexual desire and other sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction and decreased orgasm Fatigue and drowsiness Insomnia Acne and Skin Irritation

  15. Dry mouth Blurred vision Constipation Dizziness Agitation Irritability Anxiety And finally, worst of all... Increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior, especially during the first month of treatment. Medical professionals also know AD medication is not the way forward in treatment of depression... “The benefit of antidepressant medication compared with placebo may be minimal or nonexistent…”

  16. The Journal of the American Medical Association “Depression is a serious problem, but drugs are not the answer. In the long run, psychotherapy is both cheaper and more effective, even for very serious levels of depression. Physical exercise and self- help books based on CBT can also be useful, either alone or in combination.” Irving Kirsch Associate Director of the Program in Placebo Studies at Harvard Medical School Fortunately, there is a better way to treat depression. Even better, it is GUARANTEED to work...

  17. The DESTROY DEPRESSION™ System 7 Steps To A Happy, Healthy Life That YOU Control This simple e-book will take you through the 7 step process to eliminate depression from your life forever!

  18. The Destroy Depression™ treatment plan works regardless of your symptoms and whatever your age. It is a straight-forward plan that explains everything you need to know about eliminating depression… step-by- step. Here is Just a Sample of What You'll Learn Inside... Why Anti-Depressants have such a low success rate, and simple things you can do on a daily basis that will NATURALLY bring balance back into your life How to take CONTROL over your thoughts, feelings and emotions using Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) The important role that sleep plays in the cycle of depression, and tips on how to get a good nights rest How regular EXERCISE affects the brain, and how you can beat the blues with it How to FUEL your body with the right minerals and nutrients to keep your mind working at its

  19. best How to interact with people in a way which will help keep you happy The role that sunlight plays to banish the blues, and why locking yourself away in a dark room fuels your depression How helping other people can make you happy, and build strong relationships in the process How to paint a picture of the life you want, and plan for it by setting goals that INSPIRE you PLUS lots, lots more! Success Story #5: Peter A. “Your product didn’t only help me to take control of my life again, it also made me lose 44lbs!!” Mr Gordon,

  20. I feel compelled to write you this short note of thanks. I am a director of a successful company employing over 30 people, with 2 children and a nice house, car, holidays abroad etc. To an outside person, it would look like I had the perfect life, however I just could not shake a feeling of utter hopelessness and lack of direction. I kept having a thought running trough my head of ‘Is this it? Is this as good as it gets?’. Depression had really got an iron-fisted grip on me and had done so for the last 3 years. I felt so weak and vulnerable - I didn’t feel like a real man. I was borderline morbidly obese as a result of comfort eating, my relationships with family and friends had broken down as a result of my inward-thinking and I felt completely without hope. Whenever I talked to my wife or friends about how low I was feeling, they just could not understand how I could be so unhappy and told me to ‘buck up and sort myself out’, which just made things worse. I started seeing a therapist once a week, but she just seemed to sit there and let me talk without offering any advice which helped - to be frank, she didn’t do anything other than cost me thousands of dollars! In September last year I finally downloaded Destroy Depression™. I was hesitant at first, and I did not really hold out much hope that it would help me, however it was risk-free with a money back guarantee so I thought ‘what the heck’ and bought it. The change in my life as a result of what you teach over the last 4 months has been nothing short of