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650-754 Cisco Exam - Updated Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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650-754 Cisco Exam - Updated Questions

650-754 Cisco Exam - Updated Questions

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650-754 Cisco Exam - Updated Questions

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  1. Cisco 650-754 Advanced IP NGN Architecture System Engineer (PANGNSE) Demo Product To Buy Full Set of Exam Questions, Visit:

  2. Question: 1 What are the two primary access technologies that are used for residential customers? (Choose two.) A. Metro Ethernet B. 3G and 4G mobile access C. Cable D. xDSL E. WiMax Answer: C,D Question: 2 Which management platform is used for managing the experience lifecycle in Cisco product offering? A. Cisco Prime NCS B. Cisco Works LMS version 4.0 C. Cisco Secure Manager D. Cisco SDM Answer: B Question: 3 DRAG DROP Match the routers by their forwarding performance. (1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest.) Answer:

  3. Explanation: 3800-1 7200-2 7600-4 ASR 1000 Series-3 CRS-5 <map><m x1="309" x2="344" y1="2" y2="45" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="307" x2="344" y1="57" y2="100" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="308" x2="346" y1="103" y2="155" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="308" x2="344" y1="160" y2="201" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="308" x2="347" y1="213" y2="258" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="12" x2="60" y1="9" y2="44" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="13" x2="58" y1="61" y2="97" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="12" x2="64" y1="111" y2="146" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="13" x2="58" y1="167" y2="202" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="16" x2="63" y1="218" y2="254" ss="1" a="0" /><c start="0" stop="0" /><c start="1" stop="1" /><c start="3" stop="2" /><c start="2" stop="3" /><c start="4" stop="4" /></map> Question: 4 Which two protocols that can establish secure tunnels are supported over PPPoE dialer interface? (Choose two) A. IPsec B. VPN C. GRE D. IPS E. NAC Answer: A,C Question: 5 What is a key value of the Cisco IP NGN architecture? A. instability B. robustness C. safety D. scalability Answer: D

  4. Question: 6 DRAG DROP Match the terms on the left to the explanations on the right. Answer: Explanation: ROI-4 TCO-2 CapEx-1 OpEx-3 <map><m x1="329" x2="363" y1="5" y2="50" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="327" x2="364" y1="56" y2="116" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="328" x2="368" y1="119" y2="168" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="326" x2="362" y1="175" y2="221" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="12" x2="61" y1="10" y2="42" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="12" x2="61" y1="67" y2="101" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="12" x2="56" y1="127" y2="164" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="11" x2="61" y1="180" y2="213" ss="1" a="0" /><c start="3" stop="3" /><c start="1" stop="2" /><c start="0" stop="0" /><c start="2" stop="1" /></map>

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