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Cisco 840-425 Exam - Updated Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Cisco 840-425 Exam - Updated Questions

Cisco 840-425 Exam - Updated Questions

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Cisco 840-425 Exam - Updated Questions

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  1. Cisco 840-425 Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques Demo Product To Buy Full Set of Exam Questions, Visit:

  2. Question: 1 Which three reasons make an organization conduct Business Transformation? (Choose three.) A. Slow processes B. Poor market-share C. Reduced profit D. Consumerization E. Lack of discipline Answer: A, B, C Question: 2 Which three benefits are derived from Business Transformation? (Choose three.) A. become more competitive B. establish new customer relationships C. generate value D. become more creative E. accelerate the Go To Market Answer: A, B, C Question: 3 Which two options are true regarding a customer goal? (Choose two.) A. A goal is s a desirable business state. B. A goal is a future expected outcome or state. C. A goal is a milestone to reach. D. A goal is a decision or choice. E. A goal is a priority that makes a difference. Answer: A, B Question: 4 Why is it important for a Business Value Specialist to identify customer goals? A. To define SMART objectives. B. To establish an action plan. C. To define times and responsibilities. D. To analyze risks and a mitigation plan. Answer: A

  3. Question: 5 What makes it possible to measure advance progress during Business Transformation? A. KPI's B. TCO C. ROI D. ROCE E. WACC Answer: A Question: 6 Which two options are direct financial benefits of the business outcomes sales-based approach? (Choose two.) A. Reduced CAPEX and OPEX. B. Reduced CAPEX and increased OPEX. C. Increased NPV. D. Improved customer satisfaction. E. Enabled innovation and productivity Answer: A, C Question: 7 Which two options demonstrate how business outcomes should be outlined? (Choose two.) A. Increase sales in 10% during the next fiscal year. B. Shorten delivery times from 20 to 12 days for the next project. C. Become the number one provider in the market. D. Reduce the electronic waste of materials. E. Reduce operating costs. Answer: A, B Question: 8 How does IT contribute to facilitate the creation of a business strategy? A. By developing applications that represent a broad competitive advantage. B. With solutions that have unique functionality, focused in every area of the business. C. contracting services that help reduce costs and optimize the budget. D. using robust technology solutions throughout the organization. Answer: D

  4. Question: 9 What relationship helps achieve a bigger impact to obtain business value? A. CEO/CFO B. CEO /CIO C. CIO/CFO D. CIO/CMO Answer: C Question: 10 What tool can be used to determine the LoBs that add value to the customer's business? A. Porter's House of Value. B. Stakeholder Power Grid. C. PEST analysis. D. Business Capability Model. Answer: A Question: 11 Which LoB focuses primary on growth, profit, people, and cash assets? A. Sales B. Finance C. Senior Leadership D. Customer Services Answer: C Question: 12 Which three options are factors you have to take into account when identifying solutions and services in the context of the customer's industry vertical to meet their outcomes? (Choose three.) A. Technology consumption across verticals differs. B. Business outcomes are the same for most of the industry verticals. C. The regulatory requirements impede Cisco from participating in government bids. D. The value proposition has to be aligned to the nature of the business. E. Sales approach and sales cycle differs across industry verticals. Answer: A, D, E

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