italy 500 bc n.
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Italy, 500 BC

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Italy, 500 BC. First King of Rome- Romulus. Romulus is the mythic founder of Rome Dies in 714 BC Period of interregnum. Second King of Rome- Numa Pompilius. Rules 714-673 BC Sabine Known for piety, wisdom Made peace with neighbors temple of Janus Calendar reforms Religious reforms.

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Presentation Transcript
first king of rome romulus
First King of Rome- Romulus
  • Romulus is the mythic founder of Rome
  • Dies in 714 BC
  • Period of interregnum
second king of rome numa pompilius
Second King of Rome- NumaPompilius
  • Rules 714-673 BC
  • Sabine
  • Known for piety, wisdom
  • Made peace with neighbors
  • temple of Janus
  • Calendar reforms
  • Religious reforms
third king of rome tullus hostilius
Third King of Rome- TullusHostilius
  • Rules 673-641
  • Military focus
  • Makes war with Alba Longa
  • Built Curia Hostilia
fourth king of rome ancus marcius
Fourth King of Rome- AncusMarcius
  • Rules 641-616 BC
  • Grandson of Numa
  • Restored religious observances
  • Separated religious/military obligations for kings
  • Built port of Ostia
fifth king of rome lucius tarquinius priscus
Fifth King of Rome- Lucius TarquiniusPriscus
  • Rules 616-579 BC
  • Wealthy Etruscan who moved to Rome
  • Married Tanaquil
  • Campaigns for the throne as Ancus is dying
  • Doubles number of senators
  • Created Circus Maximus
lucius tarquinius priscus cont
Lucius TarquiniusPriscus cont.
  • Adopts ServiusTullius as a son because of miraculous sign
  • The sons of Ancus make an assassination attempt
  • Sevius takes command as a temporary king
  • Sons of Ancus flee
  • TarquiniusPriscus dies
sixth king of rome servius tullius
Sixth King of Rome- ServiusTullius
  • Rules 578-535
  • Born a slave, adopted by TarquiniusPriscus
  • Reforms class structure based off how much armor/weapons a man could afford
  • Poor relieved of military burden
  • Allotted more political power to wealthy
servius tullius cont
ServiusTullius cont.
  • TarquiniusPriscus had 2 legitimate sons: Tarquin (older) and Arnus (younger)
  • ServiusTullius had 2 daughters: Tullia (older) and Tullia (younger)
  • Tarquin marries Tullia the Older
  • Arnus marries Tullia the Younger
  • Tullia the Younger and Tarquin conspire, kill their spouses, marry each other, kill ServiusTullius
seventh king of rome tarquinius superbus
Seventh King of Rome- TarquiniusSuperbus
  • Rules 534-509
  • Killed the supporters of ServiusTullius
  • Forced-labor building projects:
    • Temple of Jupiter
    • Cloaca Maxima
  • Engages in more wars
the fall of the kingdom and birth of the republic
The Fall of the Kingdom and Birth of the Republic
  • Son of TarquiniusSuperbus, Sextus, and Collatinus get into argument over whose wife is better
  • Sextus’ wife was at a party, Collatinus’ wife, Lucretia, was at home working
  • Sextus rapes Lucretia
  • Lucretia calls together her husband, father, and brother, then commits suicide
  • People of Rome rise against the Tarquins