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Meat ID / Judging

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Meat ID / Judging. Contest Rules. 4-H University Contest Rules

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contest rules
Contest Rules
  • 4-H University Contest Rules
  • National Contest Rules
contest rules cont
Contest Rules cont.
  • Teams – 3 individuals/team 2 teams /parish. Parishes with more than one team will be ranked high scores to lowest.
  • Teams should be prepared to work in cold environments ( 34 to 40 degrees F ), long sleeves, long pants, jackets, water resistant shoes. All clothing should be clean. Head cover, hats, hairnets or hardhats.
contest rules cont1
Contest Rules cont.
  • White frocks preferred.
  • Contestants should bring a clipboard and at least 2 #2 pencils.
  • All contest materials will be provided

i.e. score cards, scratch paper, and Meat ID cut codes.

  • Blank or mismarked score cards will be scored as a zero.
  • Ties will be broken with reason scores.
contest conduct
Contest Conduct
  • This is a visual contest, which means no contestant should touch, measure, or handle any cut or carcass.
  • Contestants will be placed into groups and a group leader will be with each group the entire time of the contest. Any questions should be directed to group leaders.
  • No Talking allowed during contest.
contest conduct cont
Contest Conduct cont.
  • Contestants should have respect for other contestants in their group and can not purposely obstruct the work of others.
  • Use of mechanical aids is prohibited.
  • Use of cell phones, ipods, or any other devices not related to the contest is prohibited.
contest requirements
Contest Requirements
  • Placing Classes- at least 3 placing classes, worth 50 points each, consisting of 4 Carcasses ( Beef or Pork), 4 Wholesale cuts ( Beef or Pork), or 4 Retail cuts ( Beef, Pork, or Lamb ) to ranked from first to last. Wholesale and Retail classes will come from the national approved lists of cuts. 12 minutes will be allowed for each class.
  • At least one set of oral reasons, worth 50 points, from the placing classes.
  • At least one set of 10 questions worth 50 points, from one of the placing classes.
contest requirements cont
Contest Requirements cont.
  • Meat Identification – Up to 30 retail cuts from the national approved retail cuts list.
  • 10 points per cut – 1 point for Species, 3 points for Primal Cut, 4 points for Retail Cut, 1 point for type of cut, and 1 point for Cookery Method.
  • 12 minutes per class, contestants will be allowed 45 seconds to ID and fill out the appropriate blank for each cut.
training resources
Training Resources
official placings
Official Placings
  • Official placings will be generated by a committee of experienced meat scientists.
  • We will go over the official placings after the contest is completed, and it is highly recommended that you and your teams attend.