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Is Parenting Really a Challenge? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is Parenting Really a Challenge?

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Is Parenting Really a Challenge?

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Is Parenting Really a Challenge?

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  1. #ParentingChallenges Is Parenting Really a Challenge?

  2. #ParentingChallenges Parenting includes what kind of challenges? The foremost challenge comes in parenting when you expect your kids to be ideal. Stop expecting them to know and be the best at everything.  Don’t wish him or her to be perfect in everything - studies, sports, arts, social behaviour, etc.  Having such expectations from kids and forcing them to be fit in them gets you many challenges in parenting.

  3. #ParentingChallenges How to manage children of different age-groups? Are there any age- group specific rules to manage kids best? There are no rules of parenting. In fact, there shouldn’t be any rule applied on the kids. As per your experience you can help them understand what is right and what is not. But there should be a line between what is to be told and what is not according to their age. The important thing is to understand your child as per their personality. Since, every child has its own intelligence, thinking process, wants, needs, etc. 

  4. #ParentingChallenges Why to learn from kids? Is it really important?  Learning from kids helps to know the best possible way to deal with them, tackle them over different situations and circumstances. Moreover, it makes you change your perspective towards their many things. 

  5. #ParentingChallenges Why current- era parents need sessions or counseling on parenting? Today there is a strong need for parenting counseling - To understand the present-day challenges of children to the core  To make them speak up those challenges, and to support them to deal with & overcome all of them To know the reasons behind their behaviour, tantrums, etc. To find out the best parenting approach towards their behaviour, issues as well as their potential

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