parenting major influence n.
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Parenting=Major Influence

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Parenting=Major Influence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parenting=Major Influence. By Alex Dinh -Vu & Cynphia Banchongchith. “Parenting is the number one influence on a child’s success or failure in life.”- True. Nurture. Definition: The Upbringing or caring of someone or something. The ability to support/change a Childs behavior.

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Parenting=Major Influence

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parenting major influence

Parenting=Major Influence

By Alex Dinh-Vu



“Parenting is the number one influence on a child’s success or failure in life.”- True

  • Definition: The Upbringing or caring of someone or something.
  • The ability to support/change a Childs behavior.
  • A nurturing environment affects the Child in Behavior, Choices, Judgment, and Survivability.
  • Nurturing also, stays around the Child through their whole life.
  • Nurturing can affect behavior by learning the habits of the environment.
  • By being in an environment children will learn what they see.
  • Children will learn the most during infant age.
  • Emotion will affect the child more than nature when growing up.
negative examples
Negative Examples
  • Drinking alcohol at a young age
  • Smoking/ being around smoking
  • Abusive parents
  • Parents take drugs
  • Ignorant parents (can be successful or not)
  • “24 million children in the United States live without their biological father”
negative nurture effects
Negative Nurture Effects
  • Bad environment will cause bad habits.
  • (aggression is a learnt from the environment through observation and imitation)
  • Bad families will affect growth and living.
  • Lack of education and success.
  • Kids will learn the habits of those around them and also become bad later in life.
  • “studies of college students suggest that girls whose parents divorced are more likely to develop depression, have problems in their relationships and have children “
positive examples
Positive Examples
  • Supportive parents/ role models
  • Kind and caring influences
  • Successful and nurturing parents
  • Friendly environment
  • Good education
  • Correct living conditions and lifestyle
positive effects
Positive Effects
  • Healthy body and mind.
  • Successful in life and school.
  • Good habits (eating healthy)
  • Great support system.
  • Kind environment and influences.
  • Strong children and life.
  • “families with a great deal of conflict suggest that children raised in those families do better if their parents stay together than if they divorced”
good body influences
Good Body Influences
  • Healthy body weight.
  • Good eating habits.
  • Great confidence
  • Active interaction
  • Less likely to have depression and bad thoughts.
bad b ody i nfluences
Bad Body Influences
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Diseases/ health issues
  • Extreme over eating or under eating
  • Less active, more solitary
  • No interaction and less confidence
  • Terrible disorders and more likely to have bad immunity systems
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