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Jim Baugh

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Jim Baugh

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  1. Jim Baugh Founder - Jim Baugh Consulting LLC


  3. “It's Ok To Play Golf For Fun” Being “Open Minded” and “Thinking Out of the Box”

  4. It's Ok To Play Golf For Fun Guiltless ways to make golf more fun • It’s ok to not keep score • It’s ok to play from the shortest tees or start at the 150 yard marker • It’s ok to give yourself a better lie by rolling the ball around a little. It’s ok to tee the ball up anywhere when you are first learning • It’s ok to only count swings when you make contact with the ball • It’s ok to throw the ball out of a bunker after one try • It’s ok to forget about a ball that may be lost or out of bounds. It’s ok to drop a ball where you think it might be…or where you wanted it to be • It’s ok to play a scramble with your group for the entire round or just a hole or two

  5. It's Ok To Play Golf For Fun Guiltless ways to make golf more fun • It’s ok to just chip and putt on a hole when you feel like it • It’s ok to pick up in the middle of the hole and enjoy the outdoors and scenery • It’s ok to skip a hole… eat your lunch, have a cool drink or just relax • It’s ok to play any number of holes & call it a round of golf; 3, 6, 9,12 • It’s ok to move your ball away from trees, rocks or very hilly lies • It’s ok to hit the same club for the entire round, while using a putter on the putting green.

  6. It's Ok To Play Golf For Fun Guiltless ways to make golf more fun • It’s ok to play golf in your sneakers. Be comfortable! • It’s ok to get enthusiastic! (high fives, fist pumps and big smiles are encouraged) • It’s ok to talk on the golf course… enjoy a nice conversation or tell a few jokes • It’s ok to bring your kids to the course, weather they are 3 or 30 • It’s ok to play golf just for fun! When you are ready, see your local Pro or go to to learn and play by the USGA Rules of Golf

  7. To Increase Participation Through New Approaches Alternative Ways To • Create Courses – Rick Phelps • Communicate with Golfers – Jim Stracka • Attract New Audiences – Bob Carney

  8. To Increase Participation Through New Approaches Observations on… • The Difficulty to “Learn & Enjoy Golf” • Opportunity to Promote Golf’s Health Benefits • What Some Other Sports are Doing

  9. To Understand the Difficulty to “Learn & Enjoy” Golf • The SGMA asked 4000 Americans to rate how difficult it is for one to “Learn & Enjoy” over 25 different sports or activities We have our challenges….

  10. Americans were asked, How easy is it to “Learn and Enjoy”… For those who Never Tried or Played the Activity Listed SGMA Research 4000 Americans

  11. Americans were asked, How easy is it to “Learn and Enjoy”… For those who Played Regularly the Activity Listed

  12. It is Not Just The Skill of Player • Barney Adams is promoting “Tour Length Tees” • Laying out a new set of tees (Tour Length Tees) which will: • Not be as long, less difficult, and speed up play – Fun! • “Today we are asking players to pay for something which is not enjoyable” • “If we asked Touring Pros to play on our normal courses with their length, they would play from 8100 yards” • In a few minutes, Rick Phelps will be discussing how he is designing golf courses today which are different

  13. To See What Americans are Doing and How Sports are Responding… • What are Americans Doing? • How are Other Sports Responding? • What Can We Learn from Them?

  14. The Top 25 U.S. Activities In America

  15. The Top 25 U.S. Activities In America Most Are Fitness Related

  16. To Promote Golf’s Health Benefits The perception is Golf is not great for fitness

  17. “Recreation or Non Fitness” “Exercise or Fitness” Cardio Equipment 95% 3% Aerobics 92 7 Strength Training 92 3 Running/Jogging 82 14 Fitness Walking 78 20 Martial Arts 55 30 Bicycling 52 46 ________________________________ When Americans says they want to get fit, this is where they look ________________________________ Racquetball 34% 60% Tennis 26 71 In-Line Skating 17 80 Soccer 14 85 Basketball 12 88 Hiking/Backing 12 83 Volleyball 7 85 Baseball/Softball 6 93 Golf 5 93 Football 4 91 Skiing 4 95 Traditional Activities struggle being identified as a “fitness activity” Source: IHRSA / SGMA Source: IHRSA / SGMA Source: IHRSA / SGMA Source: IHRSA / SGMA

  18. The perception is Golf is not great for fitness BUT, Golf is better than its perception Golf is also great for strength building, flexibility and mental wellness To Promote Golf’s Health Benefits We Can and Should Promote “Golf…Good For Your Health”

  19. Almost All Traditional Sports are Struggling Half of the Tennis’ Growth has been with Kids Adult Growth – Women and Minorities Golf & Tennis Are The Only Sports Which Are Actually Focused On Growing Participation

  20. What We Can Learn From Tennis’ Journey • Focused on just a few grassroots programs targeting big markets • Adults: Tennis Welcome Center (GGR) • Kids: USTA Schools Program / Now 10 and Under Tennis • Fitness: Cardio Tennis • Right size equipment & new approaches (for new markets) • Cardio Tennis: Music, No Scoring, Foam Balls, etc. • Kids Equipment, Smaller Courts, Foam Balls, etc. • Retention programs driven by local champions • Trying or interest is not the issue

  21. To Increase Participation Through New Approaches Alternative Ways To • Create Courses – Rick Phelps • Communicate with Golfers – Jim Stracka • Attract New Audiences – Bob Carney

  22. Rick Phelps Vice President - ASGCA

  23. Monarch Dunes “Challenge Course” Design by Damian Pascuzzo, ASGCA Pascuzzo & Pate Golf Course Design

  24. Osgood Golf CourseFargo, North Dakota Design by Kevin Atkinson, ASGCA Phelps-Atkinson Golf Course Design

  25. The Osgood File -- 2010 • Junior golf programs (District and stand alone) have over 500 participants, of that, 168 are in “Girls Golf Club” – LPGA grant program • Ladies leagues have over 300 participants and account for over 1700 rounds • Alternate holes (A, B and C) contribute an average of 30 rounds per day

  26. Jim Stracka, CEO GolfNet Using a Social Network to Drive More Rounds of Golf

  27. State Golf Association Clients 1,300,000+ Golfers

  28. GolfNet Consumer Sites & Affiliate Partners 500,000+ Golfers

  29. Golfer Demographic Statistics • NGF - 2009 to 2010 • Golfers 27.1m to 26.1m • Core 15.3 down to 14.8 • Occasional 11.8 down to 11.3 • Rounds 486 down to 475 • Gained 3.6m – Lost 4.6m Golfers

  30. “The Time Is Now” to stop losing Golfers • Help them find a game! • That fits their personality • That fits their lifestyle

  31. Let’s Focus on Generation X and Y • Ages 20 – 50 • Primarily a Public Player • 90% of all golfers do not have a Handicap • Gen X and Y are Busy • Kids • Family • Work

  32. Does the Gen X/Y Golfer want to play a Competitive round? • YES • vTour ( Virtual Tournaments ) • NO • Play Day

  33. For a competitive round - vTour • A golf tournament that does not require staff to facilitate • Where is it played? • Any USGA rated course • A group of courses (country, state, area) • A specific course • Multiple Formats • Handicapped (YES or NOT required) • Blind Draws • Qualifiers

  34. Keys to Success with Virtual Tournaments • Give away prizes (exclusivity and sponsors) • Short time frames 1-2 weeks • Have some for Free • Have some with Handicap needed • Have some without a Handicap needed

  35. For the Non-Competitive Round, use a “Play Day”. • Just looking for a game • Does not like to compete • Wants to meet new people • Traveling Golfer • New to the area

  36. What is a “Play Day”? • Meet-Up, Choose-up, etc • Set times • One golf course • Collect money upfront • Limited slots • Promotion • Local people looking for a game • Travelers in hotels

  37. Play Day • promoted via Web and Email Click Here to Register Play Day Tour 18 Houston Friday May 6 NOON First 8 players $65

  38. GolfNet Numbers • vTour - Started in Spring of 2010 • 200 + tournaments • Over 3,000 participants • Over 5,000 rounds • Play Days – Started in Spring of 2011 • 20 since March • 200 + rounds

  39. Why This Work for You: • You already have a database of golfers • vTour • Make it easy for a golfer to compete • Give prizes to winners • Golfers see their name on the Leader Board • Golfers trust the system • Play Day • Make it easy for golfers to find a game

  40. No More Technology Needed ! • Use your current email database • vTour can be run with your existing TMS • vTour and Play Days can be promoted: • via email and web • At hotels via the concierge • At each golf course