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Declaring NPP Products Operational

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Declaring NPP Products Operational - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Declaring NPP Products Operational. SPSRB Process Improvement Working Group (SPI WG) Briefing February 24, 2012. JPSS Coord WG Action Item. AI 11-003: OSPO/OSD/STAR to ensure a process and schedule exist for declaring NPP products operational POC: OSPO/OSD/STAR Due date: 31 Jan 2012.

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declaring npp products operational

Declaring NPP Products Operational

SPSRB Process Improvement Working Group

(SPI WG) Briefing

February 24, 2012

jpss coord wg action item
JPSS Coord WG Action Item
  • AI 11-003: OSPO/OSD/STAR to ensure a process and schedule exist for declaring NPP products operational
    • Due date: 31 Jan 2012
  • Satellite Product and Services Review Board (SPSRB) Overview
    • Declaring Products Operational
  • NPP Product Maturity Levels
  • NPP Data Algorithm Maturity Matrix
  • Key Milestones in NDE to ESPC Transition Plan
  • Discussion on disconnect between NCEP and NDE operational planning dates
  • Backup slides
    • NPP Operational Planning Dates for Products
    • NPP Algorithm Maturity Matrix
spsrb background
SPSRB Background
  • SPSRB is the NESDIS body responsible for the oversight and guidance to effectively manage the satellite product life cycle process from product development, transition into operations, enhancements and retirement
    • SPSRB Executive Board:
      • Co-chaired by the STAR and OSPO Directors
      • Principal voting members: OSD, STAR and OSPO Directors, OSPO Deputy Director, NESDIS Data Centers and NWS
    • SPSRB
      • Co-chaired by OSPO and STAR Deputy Directors
      • Principal members: STAR, OSD, OSPO, NESDIS Data Center and NWS
      • Meets 3rd Wed of Every Month – WWB room 707
    • SPSRB Manager: Dave Donahue (OSPO)
    • SPSRB Secretary: Richard Schreitz (OSPO)
    • SPSRB Process Improvement Working Group (SPI WG): Benner, Renkevens, Irving, Schreitz, Donahue, Rokke, Maturi, Schott

SPSRB Decision Briefing Templates

  • Proposal for Product Development
  • Project Plan
  • Declaring a Product Operational

Guidance can be found on the note pages on each slide

declaring a product operational
Declaring a Product Operational
  • All “New” satellite products are briefed to the SPSRB and the SPSRB determines if the product is ready for operations
    • New Product - a new environmental observation parameter derived from an existing or new satellite sensor
  • Declaring Product Operational Decision Briefing Template found at
    • Template updated to include “For new NPP products include a short quality assessment from the STAR cal/val lead”
npp product maturity levels
NPP Product Maturity Levels
  • NESDIS does not use NPP product maturity levels
  • SPSRB uses Developmental, Pre-operational and Operational product status
  • JPSS believes Centrals should establish a process for declaring operations; may be different criteria between Centrals

Ready for ops??

data algorithm maturity matrix atms example
Data Algorithm Maturity MatrixATMS Example

As of Nov 2011: needs updating due to delays resulting from VIIRS Anomaly

  • NDE and ESPC transition plan baselined to declare initial operations in July 2012
    • Includes ATMS radiances in BUFR
    • If Provisional stage adequate for operations, no problems
    • If Validation 1 stage is needed for operations, then a slip in a calibration update could impact our plans to operationalize ATMS in Jul 2012
  • SPSRB brief to declare products operational will include an operational readiness assessment from the STAR cal/val lead
key milestones in nde to espc transition plan
Key Milestones in NDE to ESPC Transition Plan
  • * Feb 2012: NDE Production Environment Integration completed
  • * Mar 2012: Publish annual update of ESPC System Security Plan (SSP) to include NDE as part of Continuous Monitoring; NDE Production Environment authorized to distribute under existing ESPC ATO
  • * Apr 2012: System operator and network administrator training begins, to include interim error response and monitoring procedures until monitoring tool build in 2013
  • Jul 2012: OSPO begins 24x7 system operator support
  • Jul 2012: Initial NDE products released for operations

* Delays in acquiring production hardware will impact these dates.

Updates to transition plan are being examined.

ncep and nde ops disconnect
NCEP and NDE Ops Disconnect
  • NCEP working to get ATMS data into models in Apr/May 2012
  • NESDIS plan is to declare initial operational capabilities at Jul 2012 SPSRB
  • Options
    • NCEP accept NESDIS operational shortfalls until Jul 2012 and still press forward with their plans
      • Similar 24x7 support shortfalls exist when NCEP uses EOS and other non-NOAA satellite data for operations
      • NESDIS will not have production machines in place
        • NDE test machine has support to NCO isolated from other test activities
    • ESPC accelerate 24x7 operational support
      • Still have other shortfalls (e.g., lack of production IT machines, etc.)