Diary of a butterfly
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Diary of a Butterfly . By: Class 1-203. April 1 st. Hello? Can anyone hear me? - Annalisa . April 2 nd. Well today the ants decided to take me and use me for a volley ball. I was going to puke! - Jordyn. April 4 th.

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Diary of a butterfly

Diary of a Butterfly

By: Class 1-203

April 1 st
April 1st

Hello? Can anyone hear me?

- Annalisa

April 2 nd
April 2nd

Well today the ants decided to take me and use me for a volley ball. I was going to puke!


April 4 th
April 4th

I have to go to the bathroom bad! My feet are crossed because I am stuck in an egg! -Nicholas

April 6th
April 6th

I want to go on a bike but I can’t because I don’t have legs. I want to be a butterfly but I am an egg. I miss my mommy. I want to be happy. I want to be a caterpillar. I want to be beautiful! -Jake

April 10 th
April 10th

I am a caterpillar!

I just hatched! I am hungry. I want a leaf. I want a tree so I could eat… Oh no.. A bird is crushing my food! Shoo bird! Go away! - William

April 10 th later that day
April 10th Later that day…

I want something to eat but I can’t reach the leaves. I finally got up! UGH!… It took a while! - Madison

April 12 th
April 12th

I tried to go on my bike today but I fell off. I fell off because it didn’t have enough pedals for all of my legs!- Madison

April 13 th
April 13th

Three things I don’t like about being a caterpillar:

1- I can’t hug

2- I can’t chew gum!

3- I can’t do whatever I want.

- Robert M.

April 15 th
April 15th

I just realized that the big green leaves are good for me and when I eat them I get really fat and I showed my mom and my dad and they screamed! - Rebecca

April 17 th
April 17th

Today I woke up and I felt sticky! Why do I feel like sticky like a glue jar? Let me out! NOW! - Megan

April 18 th
April 18th

Well I tried to play checkers with my friends today, but they can’t fit in my chrysalis. Oh man.. I forgot that I have no arms! Ha! Ha! Ha! - Megan

April 19 th
April 19th

There are three good things about being in a chrysalis:

1- I stay nice and dry during April showers.

2- my annoying brother doesn’t bother me!

3- I don’t need to go to school! - Chris P

April 20 th
April 20th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I got my birthday presents today but all my arms disappeared! Good thing I still have my mouth to eat my birthday cake! MmMmM

- Ashley

April 22 nd
April 22nd

I tried to read a book last night and this morning, but there was no light… even in the morning! - Chris T

April 24 th
April 24th

My friend tried to come in today! His head got stuck. YAY! At least now I can talk to someone!

- Joseph

May 1 st
May 1st

A bird made a hole in my chrysalis today. That must mean I am going to be out soon! - Chris T

May 9 th
May 9th

I was a chrysalis but …now I have freedom!!! WOW! I am so so pretty now that I am a butterfly

- Kayleen

May 9 th freedom
May 9th Freedom!

I am still waiting for my wings to dry so that I can fly around and see the world! - Vincenza

May 11 th
May 11th

Now I can land on flowers but sometimes bees chase me!

- Robert D