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CFIS Reports Training

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CFIS Reports Training . OJFSDA Conference, June 2009 Office of Fiscal & Monitoring Services Bureau of County Finance & Technical Assistance. Agenda. CFIS reports Configuration Files SFY 2009 Year-end Reminders.

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cfis reports training

CFIS Reports Training

OJFSDA Conference, June 2009

Office of Fiscal & Monitoring Services

Bureau of County Finance & Technical Assistance

  • CFIS reports
  • Configuration Files
  • SFY 2009 Year-end Reminders
cfis reports
CFIS Reports
  • 1.A - Statement of Financial Mapping
  • 1.C – Statement of Cost Pool Mapping
  • 1.D – Statement of Net Expenditures by Source
cfis reports1
CFIS Reports
  • 1.F – Statement of Expenditure Reconciliation
  • CFIS Ledger Over/Under Reconciliation
  • CFIS Budget and Actual Allocated Expenditures Report
1 a statement of financial mapping
1.A -Statement of Financial Mapping
  • Quarterly
  • Unallocated Expenditures
  • Details from 2750, 2820, 2827
  • Sorted by project then account code
1 a statement of financial mapping1
1.A -Statement of Financial Mapping

Best Practices

  • The 1.A report’s monthly total amount agrees with the Monthly Financial Reports.
  • This report is a good place to look for raw data entry details like transfers, NRB receipts/expenditures
1 c statement of cost pool mapping
1.C-Statement of Cost Pool Mapping
  • Quarterly
  • Details cost pools
  • Provides FTE %
  • Shows RMS statistics, program & activity codes
  • IM and SS Allocated Shared cost % is same as IM Combined and SS Apportioned %
1 c statement of cost pool mapping1
1.C-Statement of Cost Pool Mapping
  • No 1.C report for PCSA agencies combined with CDJFS
  • No 1.C report for WIA agencies combined with CDFJS
  • RMS no longer allocated at the state level
1 c statement of cost pool mapping2
1.C-Statement of Cost Pool Mapping

Best Practices

  • Check for FTE percentages and RMS statistics – if none exist, make sure correct quarter was uploaded
  • Changes made to RMS statistics – re-allocate and re-upload
  • Each month, re-allocate and re-upload the first month of every quarter after entering new RMS
1 d statement of net expenditures by source
1.DStatement of Net Expenditures by Source
  • Quarterly
  • Combines 1.A and 1.C reports
  • By fund, then Project and Account Code
  • Shows both Direct & RMS expenditures
  • RMS distinguished by “IM” or “SS”
1 d statement of net expenditures by source1
1.DStatement of Net Expenditures by Source

Best Practices

  • Used to find Post Allocated Adjustment detail
  • This is a good place to find CSEA transfer, WIA RMS, Mandated Share Deposits, and Child Welfare Services
  • Details Non-reimbursable expenditures categories
1 f state expenditure reconciliation
1.F - State Expenditure Reconciliation
  • Quarterly
  • Re-caps the 1.D report by Federal, State, and Local Components
1 f state expenditure reconciliation1
1.F - State Expenditure Reconciliation

Best Practices

The QuIC+ Expenditure Reconciliation Detail report is a recommended option for deltas.

cfis ledger over under reconciliation
CFIS Ledger Over/Under Reconciliation
  • Cumulative SFY report
  • Uses “Voucher Accounting Date” – Date draw is requested
  • By Quarter: Jan - Mar (Q3)
cfis ledger over under reconciliation1
CFIS Ledger Over/Under Reconciliation
  • 3 Sections:
    • State provided information: Budget Reference, Grant Project, Fund, Budget Amount
    • County Activity: Draw Amount, Expenditures, Revenue, Linked Adjustments
    • Calculations: Potential Reimbursement, Ceiling Excess, Cash Adjustment, Over/Under
cfis ledger over under reconciliation2
CFIS Ledger Over/Under Reconciliation
  • The over/under calculation:

Potential Reimbursement amount

- ceiling excess

- draws

= over/under amount

cfis ledger over under reconciliation3
CFIS Ledger Over/Under Reconciliation

Expenditure Linked Adjustments

  • Post-allocated Adjustments
  • County adjustments or configuration file
  • Mandated Share reduction
  • Only Expenditure Reimbursable Amounts shown
  • May not always be zero due to NRB & Mandated Share
cfis ledger over under reconciliation4
CFIS Ledger Over/Under Reconciliation

Non-Reimbursable Expenditures include the following:

  • NRB expenditures
  • NRB receipts
  • Children Services Transfer
  • WIA Transfer
  • CSEA Shared Transfer
  • State Advances

Beginning with the Quarter 3 (Jan – March) these categories will

be separated.

cfis ledger over under reconciliation5
CFIS Ledger Over/Under Reconciliation

Best Practice

When a funding source is in ceiling excess, check the possibility of these expenditures being allowable under another funding source through the manual linkage process.

cfis budget actual allocated expenditures
CFIS Budget & Actual Allocated Expenditures
  • Cumulative SFY report
  • Provides a budget balance
configuration files
Configuration Files

Configuration files include adjustments from the following:

  • Certification of Funds
  • Certification of Local Match
  • Form 2713 Retroactive coding adjustments
sfy 2009 year end reminders
SFY 2009 Year-End Reminders
  • Re-process allocations and re-upload all three months of the quarter for every subset before quarter close
  • Check View Monthly Summary Screen for deltas
  • Submission of the Certification of Funds by the deadline is critical to ensuring expenditures are reported in the applicable quarter.
  • Any cost pool, RMS, or FTE change will affect the Certification of Funds
cfis reports training1
CFIS Reports Training