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Mats Bornström Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency PowerPoint Presentation
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Mats Bornström Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

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Mats Bornström Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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inFIRE Conference 2012 Wellington The place of libraries in the development of decision support systems. Mats Bornström Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

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inFIRE Conference 2012WellingtonThe place of libraries in the development of decision support systems

Mats Bornström

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

swedish civil contingencies agency msb
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
  • RIB Decision Support System is a source of information for everyone (who knows Swedish) working in the field of Civil Contingencies, ie, all the firefighters, police, transport, medical personnel and coast guard officials for the municipality. RIB linking databases together provide comprehensive information about how an accident can be managed, how prevention can be planned, risks involved when the accident occurs and where resources are.
  • WIS is a web-based information system developed to facilitate information sharing between actors in the Swedish emergency management system. The system has primarily been designed to be used in the event of an emergency, but can also be used as a knowledge bank for preventative work and as a support in practice and training.
  • The government library at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency can assist with literature that is searchable via the library catalog. We also have access to magazines, videos and other media, primarily in emergencies and crises.In this presentation we will find out what a government library, a decision support system and a web-based information system have in common.
swedish civil contingencies agency msb1
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
  • Swedish Emergency Management Agency
  • Swedish Rescue Services Agency
  • Swedish National Board of Psychological Defence
  • Emergencies of all types, emergency management, and civil defence.
  • Before, during, and after the occurrence of emergencies, crises and disasters.
  • The entire spectrum of threats and risks, from everyday accidents up to major disasters.
  • Advance and support societal preparedness for emergencies.
  • Reducing consequences.
  • Coordinating across and between various sector boundaries and areas of responsibility.
  • The MSB will not take over the responsibility of other parties.
facts about the msb
Facts about the MSB

• We have about 850 employees

• Wearelocated in Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Ljung, Revinge,

  • Rosersberg, Sandö and Stockholm

• We run training courses in Revinge, Rosersberg and Sandö

• We are a government authority under the Ministry of Defence


Administration Department

Risk & Vulnerability Reduction Department

Internal Audit

Training, Exercises & Emergency Preparedness Department


Director generalDeputy director general

MSB colleges

Management Support and Strategic Management

ControllerEU coordinationOther support

Coordination & Operations Department

Evaluation & Monitoring Department

training exercises emergency preparedness department
Training, Exercises & Emergency Preparedness Department
  • Development of Rescue Services and Emergency Management Section
  • Command & Control Systems and Decision Support Section
  • Training Section
  • Exercises Section
  • Rakel Business Development Section
  • Rakel Infrastructure Section
  • Rakel Customer Support Section
  • MSB College Revinge
  • MSB College Sandö
enheten f r ledningssystem och beslutsst d
Enheten för ledningssystem och beslutsstöd

The unit's main task is to

... with the demand, developing and managing technical support in the field of Civil Contingencies (such as WIS, RIB, VMA and SGSI)

…. respond to advice and grants to rescue centers and command posts as well as for shelter issues.

wis aims
WIS aims
  • To provide actors in the Swedish emergency management system with the option to share information with each other so that they can coordinate their activities and provide fast, accurate and coordinated information to the public and the media
  • That all can participate on equal terms:WIS is a non-hierarchical system.
wis aims1
WIS aims

Common Situation Perception

CoordinatedDecision Making

Coordinated information

wis objectives
WIS objectives
  • to be a useful tool that makes it easier for actors to share information, decisions and status reports before, during and after an emergency.
  • to function for a widerange of users: government authorities, municipalities, county councils, organisations and also some parts of the private sector (e.g. power & telephone companies).
wis history from the kbm to the present day

Feb 2004

Government Commission

Sep 2005

WIS 1.0

Nov 2008

WIS 1.7

WIS history: from the KBM to the present day


The MSB took over responsibility for WIS on 1 Jan 2009

how many are connected to wis
How many are connected to WIS?

August 2010:

  • A total of 387 actors; 5,54 users
  • A total of 17,500 published diary notes
examples of when wis has been used
Examples of when WIS has been used
  • Avian influenza (Bird flu)
  • Samö 2007 exercise
  • Per – the storm
  • Mudslide on E6 motorway at Munkedal
  • Storms in February 2008
  • Forest fires in June 2008
  • Sydvind exercise - October 2008
  • Pandemic flu 2009
wis just one piece of the jigsaw

Government authority

web sitesSwedish Board of Agriculture



WIS – just one piece of the jigsaw

National portal for emergency information

Command & Control


LUPP, Daedalos

Mediaradio, TV, newspapers ...


Administration Department

Risk & Vulnerability Reduction Department

Internal Audit

Training, Exercises & Emergency Preparedness Department


Director generalDeputy director general

MSB colleges

Management Support and Strategic Management

ControllerEU coordinationOther support

Coordination & Operations Department

Evaluation & Monitoring Department

working document or executed document
Working document or executed document?

Executed document

Can be edited, but all earlier versions can also be read.

Suitable to consult on with the issuing actors during a secrecy assessment.

Working document

Changes aren’t logged.

sensitive classified information

The starting point is that the WIS system should not contain any information subject to secrecy as defined by the Official Secrets Act.

Administrative provisions for the use of WIS(Dnr 2009-1905)

Sensitive/Classified information
to share information in wis is an active choice in both ends
To share information in WIS isan active choice in both ends!


Diary Tab


First: The owner of the information must assign it to the other actors.

Second: Every intersested actor must make an active choice to be able to read the diary tabs.

connected diary tabs

Assigned forest fire (Aneby)

Assigned forest fire (Jönköping)

Assigned forest fire (Vetlanda)

Connected forest fires

Assigned forest fires

Connected diary tabs

External diaries

Our diary

  • All text always begins in a notebook.
  • Most things done by the editor affects all users at an actor.
  • To share information between actors it is required that
    • The diary tab is assigned
    • And that the actor has chosen to either show it or connect it.

The key features of WIS is:

  • To assign your own diary tabs to other actors.
  • To show assigned diary tabs from other actors.
  • To connect assigned diary tabs from other actors to one of your own diary tabs.
integrated decision support for civil protection

Integrated Decision Supportfor Civil Protection

A support tool and source of information for professionals working in the field of civil protection.

integrated decision support for civil protection1

Integrated Decision Supportfor Civil Protection




examples of areas of application

Examples of areas of application

Preventive work

Operations planning for the fire & rescue service

As an operational tool during emergency response operations

Supervision and inspection of transportation of dangerous goods

Training and exercises

the system

The system

Is used on-line internally in the SRSA organisation; the main office and the four fire & rescue colleges.

Has been developed for use on moderately equipped standard PC’s.

Is delivered to the external end-user on CD-rom, thus making it useable in fire-engines and command vehicles as well as at the fire departments, the municipality health and enviromental offices, police cars, the coastguards rescue coordination centers and at sea.

Consists of integrated data-bases and modules, but it is also possible for the end-user to select only the modules or parts that is of special interest for a certain application and/or task.

Uses the Internet for various tasks, with expansion in that area currently under development.

our users

Our users

Over 1200 users

Fire & rescue services

Swedish police

Swedish coast guard

The country administrative boards


Transportation companies

Swedish Civil Aviation Authority

and many others….

main components of rib

Main components of RIB

Hazardous substances database.

Library with manuals reports and regulations.

Resource database with experts and equipment.

Guidelines, tactics and methods for hazardous material accidents.

Tools for emergency planning.

Training programs.

Statistics from fire & rescue services in Sweden and from the police regulation of dangerous goods transports.

Guidelines and methods for accident prevention.

unique connection between databases

Unique connection betweendatabases

Hazardous Substances



main components of rib1

Main components of RIB




Transport regulations



Training literature




Operational RIB

Tools for emergency planning

Training programs

hazmat database

HazMat database

Searchable database:

Approx 5,500 substances

Substance name

UN number

CAS number


Kemler code








hazmat database1

HazMat database


Fire-rescue info

First aid

Toxicity data


ADR/RID labelling





More than 12,500 entries

Total of 50,000 pages of text

SRSA link library with Internet links

Symbols & Clipart relevant to fire & rescue services

Integration with Hazmat database

resources database

Resources database




Can be search for nationwide, by county or municipality.



  • Calculation programs
  • Dispersion programs
  • Oil combating
  • Risk management
  • Command & Control support system
  • Guidelines for chemicals
  • Radioactive decontamination
  • Chemicals assessment tool
risk era


A user-friendly tool for Community risk management

  • Analyse and evaluate accident risk
  • Register local data
  • Present data geographically
  • Import data from various sources
  • Classify risks and objects of concern
  • Promote a standard way of working with risks


Command & Control Support System

  • Logbook
  • Operations sheet
  • Communication sheet
  • Task sheet
  • Resource sheet
  • Status report sheet
  • Incident & resource maps
transport supervision


ADR legislation

RID legislation

IMDG legislation

For transport of dangerous goods by road, rail and sea.

training literature

Training literature

Full text books and reports in PDF-format.

Special section aimed specially at authorities and the emergency services (for exampel guidebook, emergency response for CBRN threats)

training programs

Training programs

Oil emissions, an Interactive reference book

Radio training program

Hazmat training

Six simplified fire scenarios

Interactive program for various chemical detection instruments

Radiological emergency