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Four Year Membership Development Program Leo Glass neb03 National Service Group “NSG”

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Four Year Membership Development Program Leo Glass neb03 National Service Group “NSG” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Triangle Fraternity. Lifelong Commitment. Four Year Membership Development Program Leo Glass neb03 National Service Group “NSG” Kamil F Karmali marq04. Lifelong Membership. What does it mean to be a LLM of Triangle Fraternity?. How is a LLM created?.

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Triangle Fraternity

Lifelong Commitment

Four Year Membership Development Program

Leo Glass neb03

National Service Group “NSG”

Kamil F Karmali marq04

lifelong membership
Lifelong Membership
  • What does it mean to be a LLM of Triangle Fraternity?
  • How is a LLM created?
  • How is the creation of LLMs related to the Triangle undergraduate experience?
  • How would having more LLMs enhance Triangle Fraternity?
Our Perspective
  • Undergraduate Development: Improving the Triangle “Product.” Recognizing our role as a service provider from the bid card to graduation day
  • Alumni Engagement: Dedication of Time and Knowledge
The Triangle “Product”

Undergraduate Development

The Triangle “Product”

Undergraduate Development

Current Challenges

Undergraduate Development

  • New member education lacks comprehensiveness, long term engagement. Primary focus on history/fraternity information.
  • Difficult to readily identify benefits of “Triangle Product” without having learning outcomes on a four year scale
  • Tough to align multiple member education programs with National purpose, CoE, Ritual, mission
Our Solution

Undergraduate Development

  • Focus Shift: From new member education – to 4/5 year member education
  • Comprehensive Training on a local level: Leadership skills, Financial Management, Academic Scheduling, Life Skills Development, Professional Development, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Health/Wellness education, Risk Management/Alcohol Awareness, etc.
  • A Unified Approach: One program, “one result.” All align with mission and purpose of Triangle Fraternity
The 4 Year MDP

Core Vision

In the future (2 – 5 years), Triangle Fraternity will be able to quantifiably measure its ability to produce leaders, scholars, professionals and gentlemen. Because the 4 year program is developed with the end in mind, Triangle will produce graduates who have achieved success and are ready for a professional environment (Metrics). These graduates are aware not only of their lifelong commitment to Triangle, but to the principles and values of the Fraternity (Metrics). Through evaluating the year to year learning objectives of the 4 Year MDP, Triangle will be able to quantifiably measure its product, and adjust it to be the best professionally based social fraternity. As more and more pilot chapters adopt the program, Triangle will become a more ‘congruent’ and cohesive National Fraternity.

The 4 Year MDP

Sample Learning Outcomes

First year:

  • Leadership Development – 1 student organization. Intro to leadership theory.
  • Scholarship Development – regularly attends study hours. Introduction to professors.
  • Professional Development – Attends a professional seminar hosted by the institution in his field of study. Interviews a successful alumnus.
  • Life Skills – Learn to tie a tie. Formal dinner etiquette. Appropriate formal conversation skills. Meet new people. Live on your own.
The 4 Year MDP

Sample Learning Outcomes

Second year:

  • Leadership Development – An officer of 1 student organization or qualified support role. Give a presentation to the fraternity on leadership. Attend a Leadership conference.
  • Scholarship Development – Mentors a younger student in his field of study or related study. Give a presentation on time management in the first year.
  • Professional Development – Attends a presentation on interviewing skills and resume development. Attends a career fair.
  • Life Skills – Learn to change oil. Balance a checkbook. Host a reception. Bridge friends.
The 4 Year MDP

Sample Learning Outcomes

Third Year:

  • Leadership Development – An executive officer in 1 student organization. A volunteer or service based leader. New Student Orientation Leader. Attend a leadership conference.
  • Scholarship Development – Explores options for continuing education. Attends a seminar on scholarship funds available. Expected to set GPA standards for fraternity.
  • Professional Development – Hosts a professional function for the chapter.
  • Life Skills – Learn to buy an engagement ring. Learn to job search.
The 4 Year MDP

Sample Learning Outcomes

Fourth Year:

  • Leadership Development – Hosts a presentation to the entire chapter on leadership theory and development. Volunteers on the local/regional/national levels in and outside of Triangle. Aware of his duties as a LLM – has attended education and training.
  • Scholarship Development – Has a GPA that meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Professional Development – Attends one on one counseling for membership development.
  • Lifeskills – Social development from collegiate to professional. Teach others lifeskills.
The 4 Year MDP

How you can help


  • Undergraduates and alumni
  • Write and develop the program in 2009-2010
  • Evaluate after launch

Local Mentors:

  • On the ground training and development of the program at pilot institutions
  • Oversee program execution
  • Report to National Staff about program success/conduct feedback surveys

Pilot Chapters:

  • Undergraduates and alumni who “take the plunge.” We should be able to pilot in Jan. 2010
Identity of a Volunteer
  • Always willing to give time
  • Never asking for recognition, always be recognized
  • Provide skills that benefit the “bigger picture”
  • Expand their Network
  • Contributing to a task, however menial
  • Changing the “Status-Quo,” who’s involved
National Service Group
  • Comprised of Alumni Members
  • Dedication of Time and Knowledge
  • Progress the goals and strategic initiatives of National Council
  • Expand network of Brothers
  • Best Practice sharing in Regions
  • Provide Resources and domain expertise to develop our portfolio
Goal Setting

Short Term Goals

  • Engage alumni to serve with Passion
  • Train individuals who offer their service to Triangle
  • Determine the needed skills and assign tasks accordingly
  • Have a growing, regional support structure that includes specific roles for success:
    • Volunteers
    • Event planners
    • Training personnel
    • Career Development Team
    • National Expansion Resources
NSG Objectives
  • Build strategic connections with community organizations
  • Execute efforts with high moral values to become a model for Greek Life
  • Expand our Network of Brothers regionally and nationally
  • Create opportunities to serve on National Council
  • Amplify the efforts of HQ staff and the Triangle Education foundation
  • Increase mentors and Alumni Advisory Boards
  • Maintain and implement short-term goals of Triangle Fraternity
  • Build regional connections between chapters
Execution of Events
  • Continual Training
    • Scobie Leadership School
      • (Every other Year)
      • Examine progress
      • Define new opportunities
      • Review success metrics
      • Report to Council
  • Regional Networks
    • Regional Workshops
      • (Annually)
      • Examine progress
      • Distribute support network
      • Funnel planning of events and workshops
  • Update Meetings
    • Monthly Conference Calls
      • (Every Month)
      • All Regions
      • Recap Efforts/Results
      • Fill metrics data
      • Webinars!
  • National Council Meeting
    • National Convention
      • (Every other Year)
      • Full status report
      • Network growth
      • Financial growth
      • Alumni member growth
      • Obtain new goals and objectives
  • Technology Needs
    • Informational Media
      • Grow IT capabilities
      • Usage of Web media
      • Volunteer Network Website
Service Group Regions

(Pilot 2008-2011, START REGION 2)

The Structure
  • National Volunteer Coordinator
  • National Training Coordinator
  • Regional Coordinators
    • 1/Region
  • Regional Events Coordinator
    • 1/Region
  • Regional Training Coordinators
    • 1/Region
  • National Expansion Director
    • National Expansion Team
  • Career Development Team
NSG Expansion
  • Future Programs
    • Institution Research Program
      • Needs unique to each Triangle Collegiate Campus
    • Leadership Values Training
      • Parents only
      • Alumni only
      • National Council only
    • Regional Donor Receptions
      • Regional Donor Social
      • Regional Keynote Speaker
      • Regional Service Awards
    • “Survival Skills” Weekend
      • Career Management class
      • Real Estate/Housing class
      • Financial Advising 101 class
  • Future Events
    • “Executive Board 360”
      • Campus E-Board’s Unite
      • Chapter Success Speakers
      • Chapter Obstacle Speakers
      • Interact with Alumni, HQ Staff
    • Value-Add Partnerships Group
      • Exploring Partnerships
      • Advantages of Cooperative Fundraising and Service
    • Parents Weekend
      • Regional Parent/Student Workshops
      • Alumni Keynote
    • Ritual Exemplification Team
      • Continual Development
      • Execution of Ritual




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