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TPA Overview and Expansion

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TPA Overview and Expansion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TPA Overview and Expansion. 2012-2013. What is TPA?. T EACHER P ERFORMANCE A SSESSMENT SCALE teaching performance assessments (TPAs) have several features distinguishing them from other pre-service teaching assessments. . And what is the TPA?.

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what is tpa
What is TPA?


SCALE teaching performance assessments

(TPAs) have several features distinguishing

them from other pre-service teaching


and what is the tpa
And what is the TPA?
  • TPA, Teacher Performance Assessment, is a nationally supported summative portfolio, supported by Stanford University, AACTE, and Pearson.
  • Our goal is to move more programs into the TPA in coming semesters.
    • Why?
      • The TPA is a valid and reliable instrument that provides a common language for program improvement which will lead to improve student learning outcomes and better beginning teachers.
      • We need stronger teacher assessment throughout our programs to ensure that high quality beginning teachers graduate from our programs.
what will tpa replace
What will TPA replace?

The TPA assessment replaces the senior portfolio. The senior portfolio consisted of four key requirements: Component A: Instructional Practice Candidate Work Sample; Component B: Classroom Management; Component C: Impact on Student Learning; and Component D: Technology Skills.

why move to the tpa
Why move to the TPA?
  • Old portfolio was a subjective scored rubric versus TPA (validity & reliability studies)
  • The role of the program area in the crucial 10 credit hour Senior II experience will be enhanced
  • Alignment with SACS & NCATE, NCDPI Evidences & TQP
what is included in the tpa
What is included in the TPA?

Four Tasks and Academic Language

  • Planning Instruction & Assessment (3 rubrics)
  • Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning (2 rubrics)
  • Assessing Student Learning (3 rubrics)
  • Reflection (1 rubric) and
  • Academic Language (3 rubrics)
and how do the tpa and eep align
And how do the TPA and EEP align?
  • Programs in the TPA Pilot will NOT complete the following EEs:
    • EE3/5, EE6, and EE7
    • Would still require:
      • EE1, EE2, EE4 for NCDPI
      • EE8-10 for ECU
  • Programs in the 2012 TPA Pilot included:
  • New programs may join the TPA Pilot in 2012-13.
what is the status of tpa at ecu
What is the status of TPA at ECU?
  • Spring 2011: 70+ ENED, HIED, & MIDG Senior II students involved
  • Included traditional undergraduate, MAT, WPE, & Licensure only
  • Several faculty officially trained and calibrated
  • University Supervisors involved in scoring and participants in research study
what is the status of tpa at ecu1
What is the status of TPA at ECU?
  • 2011-2012 expansion included SPED, ELEM, & Music Ed. Students
  • Spring 2013 PE
  • TPA Project Team includes both TPA Team Leaders (Clinical) and TPA Lead Faculty (Curriculum)
how can you get involved with tpa
How can you get involved with TPA?

Program Area - questions and answers