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TPA ORAL PRESENTATION. Fall2012 – clinical practicum Esu –Morehead State University. Welcome to THE ESU Website!. Learning Objective: Identify the talking points of the Teacher Performance Assessment.

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tpa oral presentation


Fall2012 – clinical practicum

Esu–Morehead State University

welcome to the esu website
Welcome to THE ESU Website!
  • Learning Objective: Identify the talking points of the Teacher Performance
  • Assessment.
  • Learning Target: I can articulate professionally using correct grammar
  • and a practicing teacher’s vocabulary.
talking points or how not to bomb the presentation
Talking Points (or how not to bomb the presentation)
  • Stay Calm ….Appear Confident……you are now a teacher and can handle ANY situation!
  • Don’t talk too fast or too slow …….so practice what you are going to say and time yourself!
  • Don’t giggle……chew gum……or cross your legs and swing your foot!
  • Make good use of your time, be specific and get to your point!
  • Dress Professionally (Interview attire is appropriate)
  • Don’t get too wordy and chatter about things that are insignificant…….be direct and to the point!
  • You know your TPA ………..Just tell your story !
tips for a successful presentation
  • Tip #1
  • Organize your thoughts - Outline what you want to say !
  • (put on notecards and practice)
tip 2
TIP #2
  • State your TPA Topic
  • The school and the grade
  • And the rationale for creating and teaching the unit
tip 3
TIP #3
  • Discuss the Contextual Factors in your classroom!
  • Classroom Contextual Factors
  • Student Contextual Factors
  • Implications of the Factors
tip 4
TIP #4
  • Introduce your Learning Objectives
  • Discuss the different levels of learning that your objectives address
tip 5
Tip #5
  • Move on to the DISCUSSION of your
  • Pre/Post Test – How did you develop the questions to measure the Objectives?
  • Formative Assessment- How did you select your formative assessments? Know the purpose of each.
  • Only talk about what you are assessing – Ex. Exit slips, teacher checklist, scoring guides, rubrics, activity sheets, lab experiments
  • You will not discuss your practice activities here!
assessment plan continues
Assessment Plan Continues
  • Remember to address what modifications were made to address students in your classroom with IEP’s, 504’s, Speech and don’t forget the Gifted students.
  • Include a comment on why the assessment for each objective was the best choice for the students in your classroom.
tip 6
TIP #6
  • Design for Instruction
  • At this point you will tell how many of your students met the objectives on the Pre- Test
  • Talk about Day #1- Talk about the activities that you implemented to ensure that the students learned the objective for the day. Day # 2, Day # 3, and so on……………………………
  • Just read over your lesson plan procedures if you need help organizing your thoughts!
tip 7
TIP #7
  • Analysis of Student Learning
  • Summarize the outcome of your data based on whole class learning after analyzing the Pre and the Post Test
  • Which Objective was the most successful? Why?
  • Which Objective was the least successful? Why?
tip 8
TIP #8
  • Teacher Reflection and Self Evaluation
  • Highlight what you think that you have gained by completing this TPA and how it will help you continue to develop professionally.
  • WRAP IT UP………..
  • again keep it short and to the point!
  • If you have questions or concerns
  • contact the ESU office at 783-9407 or email