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Why Do Business with HomeBridge? The FAQ s PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Do Business with HomeBridge? The FAQ s

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Why Do Business with HomeBridge? The FAQ s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Do Business with HomeBridge? The FAQ s. The FAQs. Why Do Business with HomeBridge?. “ Industry First” Technology Best-Of-Industry Professionals Direct Access to Inside Sales Service Reps (SSR’s) Mandatory Pricing Options Non-Depository Institution We’re HIP!. The FAQs.

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Why Do Business with HomeBridge? The FAQ s

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The FAQs

Why Do Business with HomeBridge?

  • “Industry First” Technology
  • Best-Of-Industry Professionals
  • Direct Access to Inside Sales Service Reps (SSR’s)
  • Mandatory Pricing Options
  • Non-Depository Institution
  • We’re HIP!

The FAQs

“Industry First” Technology

HomeBridge brings to the market a “fresh” way to do business. We have developed a seamless file transfer process from FNMA’s DU for loan submission. This transfer process will allow our Sellers to submit loans much quicker, with less hassle, and with better quality than with other Investors.

Q: How does this file transfer process work?

A: As a HomeBridge Seller, you will have a password protected login to our HomeBridge Interactive Portal (“HIP”). Upon login you will be able to submit a new loan directly from your customizable dashboard. All that is needed is an image file of the supporting documents and the Mornet Case File ID# for the loan to be submitted.

Q: Does my Company need a specific LOS to integrate with HIP?

A: No. Our technology does not rely on any specific LOS to do its job. All files submitted come directly from DU. There is no need for special training or expensive software add-ons.


The FAQs

“Industry First” Technology – Cont’d

Q: Why do I need the Mornet Case File ID#?

A:The ease of our submission process is how the DU 3.2 file is transferred. It transfers all of the file data but it also includes the DU findings. You simply enter into HIP your DU credentials that are used when logging into DU and the Case File ID# for the loan being submitted. Within seconds, the entire DU 3.2 file and the findings will be imported into our system. There simply is no longer the need to log into DU, export and save the file to your desktop, then re-upload….. HomeBridge makes your submission as easy as “clicking” a button.

Q: Is it safe to enter my DU credentials into your system?

A: Yes. Our system operates within a secure environment. Our security measures were evaluated and approved by FNMA.


The FAQs

“Industry First” Technology – Cont’d

  • Q: Why is this process better than other Correspondent Lender’s process?
    • This submission process insures that HomeBridge always receives the most accurate DU 3.2 file and its coordinating findings. This eliminates mismatched submissions and finding errors.
    • There are no special forms to fill out for submission. When locking and/or submitting a loan, most fields are auto-populated by the DU 3.2 file.
    • If changes are required to the DU 3.2 file prior to approval or purchase, the re-submission is just as easy and quick.
    • This process will significantly reduce pre-purchase and post-closing audit issues.
    • Your loans will be purchased quicker.



The FAQs

Best of Industry Professionals

HomeBridge has assembled a powerful and talented team of well-respected, best-of-industry professionals. HomeBridge is one of the most successful independent private mortgage companies in the entire U.S. market today.

  • Peter Norden, CEO
  • Former President/CEO of Opteum Financial Services, President/CEO of Old Town Mortgage which sold to Chase Manhattan, Advisory Board Member of FNMA and President of the Mortgage Bankers Association of New Jersey.
  • Joel Katz, President
  • Former Managing Director of Fortress Investment Group, Director of the Mortgage Finance Group at Citigroup, President/CEO of Union Planters Mortgage Company, President/CEO of Boatmen’s National Mortgage, and CEO of National Mortgage Company.
  • Joe Sheridan, Chief Operating Officer
  • Former President of RBMG, EVP of Fleet Bank, President of Norstar Bank, President of the Mortgage Bankers Association of New Jersey, Member of the New Jersey Governor’s Advisory Committee, and Committee Member appointed by the Department of Banking responsible for authoring the current Mortgage Banking Exam.

The FAQs

Best of Industry Professionals – Cont’d

HomeBridge Funding Division is touted as being “HIP” and the most prominent emerging correspondent platform in the marketplace today.

  • Bela Donine, Managing Director of Funding Division
  • Former National Sales Manager of Greenlight Financial Services, SVP of MAGI Advisors, VP-National Sales of Guggenheim Capital Markets, SVP-National Sales and founding member of Opteum Funding, and SVP/Chief Credit Officer of Impac.
  • Mary Darter, Director of Operations
  • Former Transaction Manager of Citadel Servicing Corporation, Operations Manager of Opteum Financial Services, and senior positions at NovastarCapital, Finance America, Life Bank and Imperial Credit Industries.
  • Dawn Narken Hill, Director of Client Management
  • Former Controller of Pacific Union Financial, VP of Finance of OneWest Bank, Controller of William Lyon Financial Services, Director of Client Management of Opteum Financial Services.

The FAQs

Direct Access to Inside Sales Service Reps (SSR’s)

HomeBridge has a team of Sales Service Representatives that will work with a Seller and foster direct communications with the operations team.

  • What does an SSR do?
  • Your SSR will provide training and support to your operations staff.
  • Your SSR will be the point of contact for any rate lock issues that you might need help with.
  • Your SSR will manage your pipeline and assure that all loan statuses are communicated promptly.
  • Your SSR will help you navigate and troubleshoot any HIP issues.
  • You will have a dedicated SSR who will always be available to you.

The FAQs

Mandatory Pricing Options

HomeBridge offers best efforts and mandatory delivery options.

  • Mandatory Pricing Options are:
  • Traditional mandatory ratesheet delivery
  • Forward and Master Commitments
    • Flexible commitment amounts
    • Terms negotiated to Seller specific needs
    • Incentive pricing on particular products
    • Nominal pair off

The FAQs

Non-Depository Institution

HomeBridge is a non-depository financial institution. We are an independent private mortgage company built on a powerhouse of financial strength.

  • As a Non-Depository Institution, we will never:
  • We will never solicit our banking partner’s customers for refinance options.
  • We will never contact borrowers for insurance transactions.
  • We will never send endorsements of any third party vendor, advertise, or contact borrowers for any non-servicing related matter.

The FAQs

HomeBridge Funding is HIP!

Price and SellYour Loan!

… as Easy as 1,2,3

with the


• Easy As 1, 2, 3 to Use

• Integrated Pricing Engine

• Real Time Pipeline Management

• ‘Live’ In-House Sales Support Representatives

• Seamless DU File Transfer Process

• Access to DU Directly from HIP