welcome to 6 th grade math n.
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Welcome to 6 th Grade Math PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 6 th Grade Math

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Welcome to 6 th Grade Math - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to 6 th Grade Math

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  1. Welcome to 6th GradeMath

  2. How lucky are you?

  3. You have two awesome teachers for this class!

  4. Summerford(Just a few more facts) 5. My dad and brother are both firefighters. 4. During the first week of summer, I read 7 books. 3. I love chocolate! 2. My first day of school is…TONIGHT. 1. I’m excited about teaching sixth grade math!

  5. Who is Mr. Flagler

  6. Flagler’s Top 5 • 5. Grew up in Charleston, SC • 4. Has an older brother and sister • 3. Enjoys visiting zoos and aquariums and even got married at the Charleston Aquarium • 2. Loves to travel and has been to several countries and lived in Thailand for a year • 1. Enjoys making and editing videos

  7. Contact Information • Room: 404 • Email: psummerford@charlestonmathscience.org mflagler@charlestonmathscience.org • Website: http://summerford6.weebly.com

  8. MathUnits • Ratio and Proportional Relationships • The Number System • Expressions and Equations • Geometry • Statistics and Probability

  9. You’re thinking…???

  10. Grading Scale

  11. Materials Needed • A 3-Ring Binder (one inch) or the notebook you started this summer. • Loose-leaf paper • Flash Drive • Pencils

  12. Bellwork • Bell work is where you answer 5 questions that are found on the board.

  13. Homework • Homework is also written on the board everyday. Homework should be written down in your agenda at the beginning of each class after you have finished your bell work. In math class, your nightly homework will be to review what you did that day in class. You are not allowed to make up homework unless you have an excused absence. Homework can also be found on my class website.

  14. Quizzes • Quizzes will be given at the end of each standard learned or about every four classes. Quizzes will contain information learned during the week and can be prepared for by looking over all homework, class work, and notes completed during the week. Quizzes can be multiple choice, matching, drawing, short essay, and demonstration. There may also be information from previous chapters to make sure you have retained the information. You may do quiz corrections after you have received your quiz grade. If you are caught copying from another student’s quiz then you will no longer be allowed to do test corrections instead you will have to retake the test in a different version. I feel that you have should learn from your mistakes, not simply copy from another student’s paper.

  15. Projects • Projects will be assigned for each unit of science. Rubrics and more information for each project will be given at the start of each project. You will be given at least a month to complete your project. All rubrics and guidelines will be found on my website.

  16. Classroom Procedures:

  17. Before You Enter • Make sure you have gone to the restroom because you will not be allowed to go the first 10 minutes of class. • Be in the classroom by the time the bell rings.

  18. When Your Enter • Find and take your seat. • Have pencil sharpen • Take out your math notebook. • Place your homework beside your bell work so I can quickly see if you have it or not. • Write down your homework in your agenda. (If you need a signature beside it you must bring it to me to have it signed. I will not come find you) • Have your bell work completed and ready to go over.

  19. During Class • Raise your hand for the following: • Restroom • Water • Get rid of trash • Contribute to the lesson • There is to be no eating or gum chewing in class. • You may have a water bottle. (Only water)

  20. Leaving Class • I stop class the last ten minutes and you are allowed to catch up on any work, start homework and pack up for the day. • You may not line up until you are told to do so. Ladies are the first to line up and then the boys follow.

  21. Other Things You Need to Know

  22. Missing Work • You must come see me as soon as you return to school to get your missed work. You are allowed one day for everyday that you were absent plus one day to get your work turned in.

  23. Missing Homework • If you do not turn in homework and you were not absent the day it was assigned, it results in a zero. Homework must be present and completed when asked for at the beginning of class.

  24. Attendance Policy • In accordance with South Carolina state law, students may miss a total of 7 regular class meetings (lawful or unlawful) before they may be denied credit for a course. Students must attend 45 minutes of a 90 minute class to be counted present.

  25. This is based on the requirement of 120 hours for course credit. The school will communicate to students and parents if a student has attendance issues.

  26. Tardy • Being tardy means to be delayed beyond proper or expected time. Students may be tardy to school or to individual classes. Tardiness will be monitored and recorded daily. Excessive tardiness will results in disciplinary action, and an extended tardy may count as an absence. Students missing more than 50% of a class period will be counted as absent.

  27. Homework Expectations • Write down assignments in the your agenda. • Be sure all assignments are clear; ask questions if necessary. • Set aside a regular time for studying. • Find a quiet, well-lit study area. • Work on homework independently whenever possible to ensure it reflects your ability. • Produce quality work. • Make sure your work is done according to the give instructions and completed on time.

  28. Grading • 0-69 = F • 70-76 = D • 77-84 = C • 85-92 = B • 93-100 = A

  29. Weighting Scale

  30. School Wide Rules • No Gum, candy, and sunflower seeds is allowed in the classroom. • No littering. • No phones between 8AM and 3PM. • (except lunch) • No fighting • No bullying

  31. Dress Code • Uniform shirt tucked in and buttoned. • Belt (No strings, shoelaces, etc.) • Long Pants (No cargo) • Closed toed shoes.

  32. Code of Conduct

  33. Follow all classroom rules No put downs or outbursts. No cheating, copying or plagiarism. Be truthful Complete all assignments. Clean up after yourself. Push in your chair. Always have your agenda. Use your agenda. Sit properly. Complete all assignments on time. Your are responsible for your education. Participate daily. In the Classroom

  34. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. No put downs. Don’t be our of area. No food or drinks. Follow dress code Help pick up dropped items. Always have your agenda. Never leave class without a pass Be on time. Move with a purpose. Be a leader Arrive on time and ready to learn. Outside of Class

  35. Rewards • Riptide rewards • Clean agenda activities • Parent notification. • Praises

  36. The 6 Keys to Success in 6th Grade • Organization • Follow Directions • Ask Questions • Listen to your teachers • Read, Read, and Read • Do your Homework

  37. I got this…

  38. Name in Symbols Activity