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Turckcell Team II

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Turckcell Team II. Strategic Management 436. Turkcell Sec I. Current Situation D. Shepley. Current Situation.

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turckcell team ii

Turckcell Team II

Strategic Management 436

turkcell sec i
Turkcell Sec I
  • Current Situation
      • D. Shepley
current situation
Current Situation
  • End of year 2002, Turkcell had total assets of $3.2 billion, revenues of $1.97 billion, net income of $101 million, and more than 2000 employees. They also held More than 60% of the Turkish market with 16.3 million subscribers as of March 31, 2003.
strategic posture mission
Strategic Posture Mission
  • No stated mission statement but the implied mission of the company is to continue to hold the majority of the growing Turkish market while expanding to more European countries by differentiating the services provided from competition and maintaining a loyal customer base.
  • Increase customer base
  • Retain its current customers
  • Increase the amount of usage per customer (amount of usage dropped from an average of 100 minutes per month to 56.2 because of Turkey’s economic crisis in 2001.)
  • Maintain Good customer relations and social responsibility
  • Expand to other European Countries
  • Have large amounts of consumer services
  • Stay on the forefront of technology
  • Promotion from within (Turkcell provides extensive employee training which increases employee loyalty which in turn helps to provide better service because of more experience and a will to do a good job.)
  • Pay slightly above industry average (This also helps to maintain employee loyalty and provide better service.)
  • Proactive approach
  • Result oriented
  • Minimum hierarchy
  • Full accountability
  • Simplicity
turkcell sec ii
Turkcell Sec II
  • Corporate Governance
      • J. Brayall
turkcell management

Governance Compliance

Turkcell Board is composed of 7 members elected by the Annual General Meeting for max terms of 3 yrs.

General Assembly Mtgs-

held during April. Turkcell's fiscal year is the 12-month calendar yr Jan - Dec.

NYSE (2000) Symbol TKC // Istanbul Stock Exchange - TCELL

ADRs / ADSstraded on the NYSE- Turkcell's # for its ADSs is 900111204.

American Depositary Receipt- (ADRs) are receipts for the shares of a foreign corp held by a U.S. depositary bank. American depository share (ADS) = certificates representing portions of foreign shares held by the bank, usually by a branch in the country of issue.

Turkcell Management

turkcell shares
Turkcell Shares
  • Disclosure Policy
    • IAW the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK) and its US counterpart, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Turkcell continues its implementation of Corporate Governance Principles. The company’s “Disclosure Policy” regarding public announcements are prepared IAW domestic and international capital markets regulations.
  • Dividend Policy
    • The Board may decide the amount or if any, distribution of dividend to recommend, through the general assembly, may accept or reject such proposal.
  • Financial Rights
    • Board members receive no special rights or privileges & receive no compensation for their board service.
    • Nor are they eligible for credits or other special favors such as surety-ships .
turkcell board
Turkcell Board
  • Board of Directors & Independent Members
    • As of Apr 05, no independent members sit on Turkcell’s Board of Directors.
    • Information is presented in the “Investor Relations” section of Turkcell’s website.
  • Board responsibilities:
    • Building the vision of the Company, local & international business strategies & determining short / long-term goals
    • Approving the Company's annual budget & business plans
    • Monitoring & controlling the strategic & financial performance
  • Participation of Stakeholders in Mgmt
    • Currently, there is no provision for the participation of the stakeholders in management.
    • However, info is shared w/ business partners & stakeholders.
board makeup
Board Makeup
  • Turkcell’s board is comprised of members from their business partners, i.e., holding companies & those from the inner workings of the company.
  • Experience backgrounds range from those that have just joined the organization to those that were there at the inception. This shows the company is dedicated to joining tried & true methods & external / multi- functional competencies.
  • There is an intentional strong influence of representation gained from the international telecom sector, financial & consumer services industries.
  • Specifically, there is an exceptionally strong experience base represented from the successful Nordic based telecom partnerships.
turkcell managers
Turkcell Managers
  • Personal Development of Managers :

Mandatory training tracks provide continuous improvements to customer value & Turcell’s brand placement & market share enhancement.

    • Development Program for Leadership & Mgmt (LiderYöneticiYetifltirme Program)
    • Coaching / Mentorship
    • Assessment Center
    • Human Resources Training

Their DIYET program puts corrective & improvement activities, creativity, effectiveness & teamwork into practice.

turkcell human resources
Turkcell Human Resources
  • Turkcell touts highly-skilled & highly-motivated team of employees.
  • States continuous investment in human resource development as a top priority for the company.
  • Mgmt’s goal is- promote a leading, trustworthy, success-oriented, productive, respectful & customer-driven corporate culture.
  • Continuous investments to ensure that the employees work in an environment that is flexible, responsive, democratic & supportive of change.
founding shareholders
Founding Shareholders
  • Turkcell's founding shareholders are Sonera Holding, formerly known as Telecom Finland Ltd. & currently owned by TeliaSonera, Çukurova Group & MV Holding.
  • Çukurova Group is one of Turkey 's leading conglomerates, active in insurance, media, trade, industrial services, communications, IT & tourism.
  • TeliaSonera was formed in Dec 02 with the merger of Sonera Corporation, a Finnish telecom provider, and Telia, a telecom operator in Scandinavia. It is a major GSM operator in Scandinavia .
  • Combines the expertise of Sonera in building GSM networks and Çukurova's local mkt knowledge & experience in marketing / distribution.
dominant shareholders
Dominant Shareholders

Shareholder Number of shares Share (%)

Turkcell Holding A.Ş. 752,066,074,110 51.00

Çukurova InvestmentsN.V. 43,230,288,153 2.93

Çukurova HoldingA.Ş. 109,195,314,495 7.40

Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. 42,807,402,352 2.90

shareholder structure
Shareholder Structure
  • Turkcell shares are listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange & on the NYSE as ADS. Currently 2 ADS = 5 tradable shares.
  • Shareholder Value of Stake (TRY) % Share
  • Turkcell Holding A.Ş. 1,122,000,000 51.00%
  • ÇukurovaHolding A.Ş. 995.509 0.05%
  • SoneraHolding B.V. 287,632,179 13.07%
  • MV Holding A.Ş. 51,021,712 2.32%
  • Other 137,199,575 0.01%
turkcell sec iii
Turkcell Sec III
  • External Environment:
    • Opportunities / Threats (SWOT)
      • J. Austin
natural physical environment sustainability issues
Natural Physical Environment: Sustainability Issues
  • - No mention in the case of any sustainability issues
societal environment
Societal Environment
  • The demise of the Lira in 2000 created a large deficit to repay, $1.0 B (T)
  • 25 year GSM license to operate in Turkey (O)
  • Marketing campaigns may be too expensive (T)
  • Possibility of ten year payoff to raise profit from 3G technology (T)
  • GPRS advancement created faster mobile services, allowing postpaid users full-time access to their e-mail (O)
  • MMIS creation allows for Outlook and Exchange access for Turkcell users (O)
  • Future challenge to offer 1st 3G services to Turkey (T)
societal environment cont
Societal Environment cont.
  • Taxation of GSM businesses are 66% (T)
  • Entrance into the European Union (O)
  • Government hasn’t issued license for 3G advancement
  • Rural users still uncertain how mobile communication may benefit (T)
societal environment cont1
Societal Environment cont.
  • Their philosophy includes good customer relations and social responsibility (O)
  • Sabbit possibly appeals to family values through marketing campaign (O)
  • AN Rpt shows clear intent (i.e., mgmt / sales / service language skills) to expand into foreign mkts- regional neighbors. They do have contracts w/neighboring and EU companies for roaming services.
task environment
Task Environment
  • Threat of new entrants – Medium
  • Bargaining powers of buyers – Medium
  • Threat of substitute products or service – Low
  • Bargaining power of suppliers – High
  • Rivalry among competing firms – Low
  • Power of unions, government, special interest groups – High
turkcell sec iv
Turkcell Sec IV
  • Internal Environment:
    • Strengths / Weaknesses (SWOT)
      • J. Taylor
  • External Environment:
    • Strengths / Weaknesses (SWOT)
      • J. Austin
corporate structure
Corporate Structure
  • Centralized structure. CEO is a visionary who is always moving forward with technology and expects his managers to implement his ideas.
  • Turkcell is a part of the Board of Directors of the GSMA (Association of the worlds mobile service providers).
  • To keep employees on the same page, corporate puts together a major Turkcell information day to offer training on multiple company issues and policies to the staff.
corporate culture
Corporate Culture
  • Executives and workers alike share Turkcell’s five structural principles: Proactive approach, result orientation, minimum hierarchy, full accountability, and simplicity.
  • A majority of the corporate culture is based on the ideas of the original CEO and visionary, Cuneyt Turktan. He had a vigorous approach to giving the best service possible, providing the best coverage and technology, and obtaining the largest portion of the market.
corporate resources marketing
Corporate Resources:Marketing
  • Turkcell created a character called the Snabbit that is an icon in Turkish homes.
  • Main objectives are to increase two things: the number of subscribers, and the number of call minutes per subscriber.
  • Launched a very successful “Signal Tour” project in 2000 to educate people on mobile communication.
  • They bought an additional 16.45% of Fintur Holdings B.V., owner of GSM and technology businesses, increasing their stake to 41.45%.
  • In 2001, the Turkish Lira plummeted in value causing an inflation rate of 114%.
  • Turkcell is the only Turkish company on the NYSE.
research development
Research & Development
  • They are watching mobile operators; Orange, Vodafone, and Telecom Italia as these companies expand their borders.
  • Turkcell is considering the option of offering 3G technology to their customers but still researching the associated costs and length of time to see a return.
operations logistics
Operations & Logistics
  • In Maletape they have a $10 million Network Control Center offering 24/7 coverage.
  • They have 7,500 strategically located base situations offering 100% coverage of Turkish cities with populations of over 5,000.
human resources management
Human Resources Management
  • Turkcell has more than 2,000 employees divided into 49% technical, 26% customer care, 16% finance and administration, and 9% marketing.
  • They pay employees slightly above the industry average.
  • Over 80% of the employees have a college education.
information technology
Information Technology
  • They are on top of the IT field with over 40% ownership of mobile communications IT companies.
  • They are able to troubleshoot issues when alerted by a red light on an intricate grid from any 1 of 7,500 base stations.
  • They are 100% efficient in areas with a 5,000+ population.
turkcell sec v
Turkcell Sec V
  • Analysis of Strategic Factors
    • (SWOT)
      • B. Howard
analysis of strategic factors situational analysis
Analysis of Strategic Factors: Situational Analysis
  • Strategy
    • Well established 3G service with very high speed.
    • High product development and market development competencies (Like, Mobile Marketing and mobile banking).
    • Employee Salaries are above industry Standards.

High technology network control center offering 24/7 coverage

  • Weaknesses
    • Operation cost is not suitable for expansion in emerging markets like Africa, India and South America.
    • Incapable of cost leadership in subsidiaries markets.
    • Required funds for expansion
analysis of strategic factors situational analysis cont
Analysis of Strategic Factors: Situational Analysis cont.
  • Opportunities
    • Broadband transmission will increase dramatically during the coming five years.
    • Huge dependence on wireless-enabled devices (navigation devices, E-Books, digital camera and media players.
    • High consumer’s expenditure in application stores.
    • Increasing demand for mobile services in many developing regions in Africa, south America
  • Threats
    • Services & products imitation in a tough rivalry industry environment.
    • Threat of suppliers exclusive agreements with competitors.
analysis of strategic factors situational analysis cont1
Analysis of Strategic Factors: Situational Analysis cont.
  • Review of Current Mission and Objectives
  • Mission Statement
    • Appears Appropriate
  • Objective
    • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through improving customer’s experience
turcell team ii exhibits
Turcell Team II Exhibits
  • See next slides for corporate data