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Overview and Project Approach PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview and Project Approach

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Overview and Project Approach - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview and Project Approach. Clinton is currently experiencing surface water supply shortages in their raw water source, Clinton Lake, and has been relying solely on their treated water allocation from the Foss Reservoir.

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overview and project approach
Overview and Project Approach
  • Clinton is currently experiencing surface water supply shortages in their raw water source, Clinton Lake, and has been relying solely on their treated water allocation from the Foss Reservoir.
  • A long-term water study was conducted by Garver USA, LLC, and the City requested that Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A. (PEC) review the findings and develop recommendations.
  • Project Approach:
    • Revise population projection and water demand
    • Identify potential surface water sources
    • Identify potential ground water sources
    • Determine raw water source recommendations based on establishing a diverse water source portfolio
existing sources
Existing Sources
  • Clinton Lake
    • Good water quality
    • Very low water levels and small drainage basin
    • Water treatment plant capable of producing 2.5 MGD
    • Due to low lake levels, the water treatment plant has not been in operation since November 2011
  • Foss Reservoir
    • Poor water quality
    • Able to provide Clinton with 0.7 – 2.19 MGD
    • Water treatment plant in poor condition
  • Burns Flat Well Field
    • Unknown water quality
    • Located on the Elk City aquifer
    • City has water rights for approximately 0.2 MGD
    • Existing well field has not been used in 40 years
    • Low existing well yields

Clinton Lake – June 2012

Foss Reservoir – February 2011

potential sources purchasing water
Potential Sources - Purchasing Water
  • City of Clinton purchasing water from east Custer County
    • Known well fields currently using the aquifer as a source.
    • The amount of water provided to Clinton would depend on supplier’s demand and treatment capability.
    • Arsenic is found in some areas and would require treatment.
    • Purchasing water would require a pipeline.
  • Alternative 1
    • Construction of a transmission line from the Lugert-Altus Reservoir, and either augmenting Clinton Lake or directly treating it.
    • While the Lugert-Altus Reservoir is currently experiencing lower water levels, it has the largest drainage basin of the surface water options, and has the highest probability of recovery.
    • Requires construction of an intake structure, pipeline, easements, and upgrading of the water treatment plant.
  • Alternative 2
    • Obtain water rights and construct a well field in the Rush Springs aquifer.
    • Would require little treatment, and could be put directly into the distribution system.
    • Requires construction of a well field, transmission line and a disinfection station.
  • Alternative 3
    • Construction of a transmission line from the Lugert-Altus Reservoir and the well field at the Rush Springs aquifer.
    • Could fill Clinton Lake and treat with existing water treatment plant.
    • Rush Springs well field to provide a yield of approximately 1.3 MGD.
alternative cost estimates
Alternative Cost Estimates
  • Alternative 1
    • Total = $16,475,500.00
    • Does not include easements or upgrades to the water treatment plant.
  • Alternative 2
    • Minimum Yield Total = $12,575,000.00
    • Maximum Yield Total = $11,975,000.00
    • Does not include easements.
  • Alternative 3
    • Lugert-Altus Total = $16,475,500.00
    • Rush Springs Total = $11,975,000.00
    • Total = $28,450,500.00
    • Assuming maximum yield from well field.
    • Does not include easements.
    • Phased construction over several years.
      • Phase 1 is Burns Flat well field improvements.
      • Phase 2 is the Rush Springs well field – completed incrementally.
      • Phase 3 is the construction of the transmission line from the Lugert-Altus Reservoir.
water conservation recommendations
Water Conservation Recommendations
  • Clinton should begin a mandatory water conservation policy with the goal to limit the maximum daily demand to 2.19 MGD.
  • Residents of Clinton should be required to limit their water usage and minimize non-essential water usage.
  • The residents should be made active participants in water conservation with incentives to comply and fines for non-compliance.
  • The highest industrial users should explore water reuse options.
  • Water from irrigation wells with poor water quality should be utilized with point-of-use treatment.
raw water supply recommendations
Raw Water Supply Recommendations
  • Diverse raw water supply
    • Foss Reservoir
      • Continue to utilize their allotment
      • Only dependable water source available in the short term
    • Burns Flat Well Field
      • Investigate the existing well field on the Elk City aquifer for yield and water quality
      • Inspect, rehabilitate the wells, stand pipe and transmission lines
      • Phase 1 construction
        • Cost Estimate Range: $5,396,600.00 to $10,331,000.00
    • Rush Springs Well Field
      • Obtain water rights
      • Phase 2 construction – based on water demand, and to be completed incrementally
        • Cost Estimate Range: $11,975,000.00 to $12,575,000.00
    • Lugert-Altus Reservoir
      • Obtain water rights
      • Phase 3 construction
        • Cost Estimate $16,475,500.00