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Grammar Pre - intermediate

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Grammar Pre - intermediate. Quantifiers II. Quantifiers. A type of determiner ; give information about the number of something ; appear in front of nouns ; function also as pronouns . All , any , enough , less , many, more, a couple of , a lot of , much, few ,.

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  • A type ofdeterminer;
  • giveinformation about the number of something;
  • appear in front ofnouns;
  • functionalso as pronouns.

All, any, enough, less, many, more, a coupleof, a lot of, much, few, ...

a little x a few
(a) littlex (a) few

a little water

a few books.

(a) little + uncountable nouns

(a) few + countable nouns


(a) little time

(a) little money

(a) little bread

(a) few friends

(a) few ideas

(a) few seats

a little
a little

= somebut not much:

He didn’t eat anything, but he drank a little water.

I speak a little Russian.

Canyou speak German?

A little.


= nearly no or nearly nothing:

There was little milk in the bottle. It was nearly empty.

Joan seems to be ill. She ate very little in the morning. ( = almost nothing)

a few
a few

= some but not many:

Excuse me, can I have a few questions?

We are going to mountains for a few days.

Are there any banks near here?

Yes, a few.

I can tell you a few words in Russian.


= nearly no:

There were few peoplein their concert. The hall was nearly empty.

Your driving abilities are very good. You made very few mistakes.

Only veryfew people came to see this performance.

little x a little
little x a little

A little= positive.

Verylittle= negative.

I have a little money ( so I can buy something).

I havelittle money ( so I can’t afford to buyanything).

few x a little
few x a little

A few = positive.

Very few = negative.

I’ve a few goodfriends (so there is someone who can help me).

I have few good friends(so probably there is nobody who can help me).

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use a little a few
Use (a) little; (a) few
  • Haveyougotany money?
  • Haveyougotanygoodfriends?
  • Do youspeakEnglish?
  • Didyoutakeanyphotoswhenyouwere on holiday?
  • Are thereanygoodpubs in thistown?