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Music Performance. By: Micah Heeren. Starting Young. Most people who become exceptional musicians start when they are youngsters. Youngsters playing bell instruments. Learning rhythm and pitch. Learning syncopation and rhythm. How to stay together and how to syncopate. Performing young.

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by micah heeren

Music Performance

By: Micah Heeren

starting young
Starting Young

Most people who become exceptional musicians start when they are youngsters.

youngsters playing bell instruments
Youngsters playing bell instruments

Learning rhythm and pitch

learning syncopation and rhythm
Learning syncopation and rhythm

How to stay together and how to syncopate

performing young
Performing young

Can be difficult at times but is worth it in the end.

growing with your instrument
Growing with your instrument

Whether it is a bass clarinet to your voice it is important to the instrument time so that you can grow together as a unit

choral performances
Choral performances

Like any other performance a choir performance can be very uplifting and a great teaching moment.

in the high schools
In the high schools

High school can be a place of confirmation in your particular area of interest or it can show you if you don’t like certain musical requirements

performance in high school
Performance in High school

A great way to challenge yourself in your particular area, perhaps being flexible and playing more than one instrument.

small groups
Small groups

Getting together with friends is a great way to grow with your instrument and gives you extra practice time along with having fun

collegiate instrumental
Collegiate Instrumental

Finding ways to challenge yourself even more and pushing the limits alongside schooling.

performing groups
Performing groups

Collegiate level music is a place where you meet people with the same aspirations and can fulfill your thirst for performance

contemporary music
Contemporary Music

Learning classical music can lead to wanting to performing contemporary music as a out

practicing and performing
Practicing and Performing

Performance and practice go hand in hand when it comes to music. You shouldn’t have one without the other.

importance of performance
Importance of performance

Performance is a “showing off” of what you have achieved and want other people to enjoy just as much as you do

different instruments
Different Instruments

Some attend colleges and make music there while others travel the world and find different instruments to master

drum corps
Drum corps

During a summer long journey people have the chance to become masters of there brass instrument making memories from the hard work and sweat they put into a show


There must be a sense of dedication to ones self and to their instrument in order to achieve ones dreams much like the men in this drum line

all together now
All together now!

Unity is a key part of performance and will always be, thus why basics and foundations are essential otherwise there would be no ensemble performances

mature performance
Mature performance

Music most often times becomes better when the performer has aged and has grown with their specific instrument

educators of music are essential to the cultivation of musicians
Educators of music are essential to the cultivation of musicians

Future educators

Must be considerate and listeners

Make the students the best that they can be

  • Learning in the Classroom

Show students how to improve themselves