android 2 0 to be iphones biggest competitor n.
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Android 2.0,to be iPhones biggest competitor? PowerPoint Presentation
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Android 2.0,to be iPhones biggest competitor?

Android 2.0,to be iPhones biggest competitor?

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Android 2.0,to be iPhones biggest competitor?

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  1. Android 2.0,to be iPhones biggest competitor? Colin GreenwoodCIS 150November 5th, 2009

  2. Overview of Android 2.0’s features • Android 2.0 RDK supports new features such as: • Full support of Microsoft Exchange which supports Active Sync. AS is used by many business to sync mobile devices with corporate servers • Multiple email accounts accessible through single inbox • Support of HTML 5 technology • Offline application data caching • Multiple application processing • Motorola, Verizon, Acer and HTC support

  3. iPhone 3.0 OS vs Droid

  4. Google v iPhone • Android 2.0 is open source, anyone can upload applications via the Android Market. • Google will not directly make money off of Android, they are depending on advertising dollars. • When comparing growth of Android applications and iPhone applications Android is off to a huge start. Growth in first 6 months on market was nearly double the iPhones. • Numbers vary but closest estimate is around 16,000 applications available, 66% being free for Android. iPhone is at 95,000 total. Growth of Android Market is expected to grow even more with release of Motorola Droid. • Some security issues have been raised, biggest concern is vulnerability of browser. Biggest problem was fixed after release of T-mobile’s G1. • Early in release, but developers say Android 2.0 is more secure than iPhone which is prone to SMS malware. • Both iPhone and Motorola Droid priced at $200 plus data plan.

  5. In the business world • Built in control applications on Android 2.0 will allow corporate phones to be locked down to essential applications, a free service being offered by Verizon. • Apples iPhone is not popular with business users for a couple of reasons: • While it is MS Exchange compliant, Apple modified its code to allow iPhone users full access to networks via MS exchange. Most IT managers won’t allow that. • Fear of corporate phones being exploited for personal reasons. • In general, the older crowd of business users don’t like the virtual keyboard. Older generations are apt to see iPhone as a toy rather than a business tool.

  6. Conclusion • Will it bring over the Apple fans, most likely no. Should bring in customers who want a comparable Smartphone on networks other than AT&T. • Apple is consistently shrugging off Android as another MS mobile or PRE OS doomed for failure. • What I feel will be the rise or demise of the Android: • Ability of applications to compete with Apples App store. • Eventually slimmer more sleek phone to run on. • Ability of Verizon, HTC, Google, Acer and Motorola to work together, rather than against one another. • Use in the business world, which is very low for Apple. Questions?