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What’s New in Assessment

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What’s New in Assessment. Presented by: Sandra Pritz, Senior Consultant National Occupational Competency Testing Institute. Treasure What We Measure. We can’t manage what we can’t measure Assessments must authentically reflect both the the CTE program and workplace demands—do these align?

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what s new in assessment

What’s New in Assessment

Presented by:Sandra Pritz, Senior ConsultantNational Occupational Competency

Testing Institute

treasure what we measure
Treasure What We Measure
  • We can’t manage what we can’t measure
  • Assessments must authentically reflect both the the CTE program and workplace demands—do these align?
  • Multi-faceted assessments needed for faithful representation
assessment of technical literacy in career technical programs
Assessment of technical literacy in career-technical programs
  • State/national academic standards demand attention.
  • High school students must pass academic tests for graduation.
  • Workplace demands for technical literacy are increasing.
  • Academics in context tend to be student-friendly.
how should career technical programs assess academic skills
How Should Career-Technical Programs Assess Academic Skills?
  • In the context of the students’ career-technical program
  • In alignment with state and national academic standards
  • In ways that help students translate to other tests they will need to take
  • Embedded In their career-technical tests, such as end-of-course or program
value added to career technical programs by tests
Value Added to Career-Technical Programs by Tests
  • External and effective
  • Critical competencies benchmarked to industry standards
  • Correlated to state and national academic standards
critical competencies are central
Critical Competencies Are Central
  • Students should recognize them as learning objectives with standards, move toward self-assessment.
  • Teachers should teach to them in learning activities.
  • They should be assessed—in multiple ways—with the results used to help focus instruction, for the group and for individuals.
process to use multiple tests to improve instruction
Process to Use Multiple Tests to Improve Instruction
  • Written tests—practice at all levels by including in assignments; mirror types of items on HSTW tests, include academics embedded in the technical industry/program
performance tests
Performance Tests
  • Practice by including scenarios in assignments
  • Mirror real job tasks, time, tool selection, procedures
  • Open-ended, can apply a rubric, and can easily assess at higher levels
  • Some aspects yes/no, some scaled, some qualitative judgment by experts
coupling written and performance tests
Coupling Written and Performance Tests
  • Reflects reality better than one or the other alone
  • Provides for multiple forms of assessment
  • Gives all students a chance to succeed
  • Enables mutual reinforcement of learning
  • States and schools using NOCTI tests have documented improvement in instruction from using analyses of test results.
academic skills measured in context
Academic Skills Measured in Context

Career and Technical




Academic Skills

+ Career Technical Skills

Comprehensive Assessment

nocti academics correlation project
NOCTI Academics Correlation Project
  • 7 NOCTI job-ready tests correlated to academic standards for math, science, and language arts

- National standards (NCTM, NSES, NCTE)

- State standards (NY, CA, FL)

  • Several business/industry tests correlated to national standards
academics identified
Academics Identified
  • Written tests contain embedded academics that match standards in all three disciplines.
  • Performance tests contain a higher percentage of embedded academics than written tests, and the items tend to be at higher levels of proficiency.
ways nocti can help
Ways NOCTI can help
  • By providing performance as well as written tests, NOCTI can help assess academics at higher levels.
  • NOCTI can respond to the need to reinforce academic and employability instruction through assessment, can customize tests and test reports to isolate academics scores.
  • NOCTI can provide states the service of cross-correlating its tests to their state standards.
ways nocti can help cont workplace readiness test
Ways NOCTI can help (cont.):Workplace Readiness Test
  • NOCTI Workplace Readiness Test measuring employability skills is being up-scaled
  • A large and stellar Subject Matter Expert Team has rated the critical competencies
  • Career Cluster Foundation Skills will be assessed
for tech prep programs
For Tech Prep Programs
  • NOCTI’s critical competency lists can be used to document curriculum alignment for secondary and post-secondary articulation.
  • NOCTI can validate student mastery of competencies at the secondary level for transition to and possible credit at the post-secondary level.
states career cluster initiative moves to assessment stage
States Career Cluster Initiative Moves to Assessment Stage
  • NASDCTEc has named NOCTI a developer and the provider of its cluster, pathways, foundation tests.
  • NOCTI is administering the test developed for the National Health Sciences cluster.
  • NOCTI is developing 3 pathways tests in construction for PA, to be used nationally.
  • NOCTI is developing a Workplace Readiness foundation assessment.
how data from nocti score reports can drive program improvement
How Data from NOCTI Score Reports Can Drive Program Improvement
  • Score Reports
    • Coordinator’s Report
    • Individual Student Reports
    • Customized Reporting Available—e.g. integrated academics
  • Statistical Information
    • Group Data
    • Site Data
    • State Data
    • National Data
  • Student Certificates
  • Personalized Contact Assistance


All results are broken down into duty, category and total scores.