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Steve’s Favorite Quotes

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Steve’s Favorite Quotes. Steve’s Favorite Quotes. “The trick is to stop thinking of it as ‘your’ money.” IRS Auditor. Steve’s Favorite Quotes. “The difference between a tax collector and a taxidermist? A taxidermist takes only the skin.”

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Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The trick is to stop thinking of it

as ‘your’ money.”

IRS Auditor

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Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The difference between a tax

collector and a taxidermist?

A taxidermist takes only the


IRS Auditor


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“Income tax returns are the most

imaginative fiction being

written today.”

Herman Wouk


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The wages of sin are death,

but by the time taxes are

taken out, it’s just sort of a

tired feeling.”

Paula Poundstone


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“I hold in my hand 1,379 pages

of tax simplification.”

Delbert L. Latta


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“Like mothers, taxes are often

misunderstood, but seldom


Lord Bramwell


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“This [preparing my tax return]

is too difficult for a

mathematician. It takes

a philosopher.”

Albert Einstein


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“I owed the government $3,400

in taxes. So I sent them two

hammers and a toilet seat.”

Sue Murphy


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“Passive activity income does not

include the following: Income

from an activity that is not

a passive activity.”

IRS Instructions to Form 8582


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The avoidance of taxes is

the only intellectual pursuit

that still carries any reward.”

John Maynard Keynes


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The income tax created more

criminals than any other

single act of government.”

Barry M. Goldwater


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“Noah must have taken into the

ark two taxes, one male and

one female. And did they

multiply bountifully! Next to

guinea pigs, taxes must have

been the most prolific animal.”

Will Rogers


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The term “tax humor” is no doubt

and oxymoron to many

people; to the more cynical,

it is an apt description of the

entire tax code.”

John F. Iekel


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“If Congress were to pass a “flat” tax… there would be no loopholes for politically connected groups, and normal people would actually understand the tax laws - and giant talking broccoli stalks would come around and mow your lawn for free…”

Dave Barry


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The nation should have a tax

system that looks like

someone designed it

on purpose.”

William Simon


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“I have no use for bodyguards,

but I have a very special use

for two highly trained

certified public accountants.”

Elvis Presley


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The income tax people are

very nice. They’re letting me

keep my mother.”

Henry Youngman


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The income tax has made more

liars out of the American

people than golf has.”

Will Rogers


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“Next to being shot at and missed,

nothing is really quite as

satisfying as an income tax


F. J. Raymond


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“I believe we should all pay our

tax bill with a smile. I tried –

but they wanted cash.”



Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The reward of energy,

enterprise and thrift –

is taxes.”

W. Feather


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“I’m proud to be paying taxes

in the United States. The only

thing is - I could be just as

proud for half the money.”

Arthur Godfrey


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“Death and taxes are inevitable;

at least death doesn’t get

worse every year.”



Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“There is nothing more permanent

than a temporary tax.”



Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“Taxpayers don’t have to take

a civil service exam to work

for the government.”

Jackie Gleason


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“The best things in life are free,

but sooner or later the

government will find a way

to tax them.”

Bob Hope


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“Why does a slight tax increase

cost you two hundred

dollars and a substantial

tax cut save you thirty


Peg Bracken


Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“There is only one thing worse

than the flu season; the tax

season. You can recover

from the flu.”



Steve’s Favorite Quotes

“Bachelors should be heavily

taxed. It is not fair that

some men should be happier

than others.”

Oscar Wilde