redtacton personal area network l.
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RedTacton Personal Area Network

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RedTacton Personal Area Network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RedTacton Personal Area Network. Wendy Beatty Dianne Brotherson Rachel Corron. Agenda. Overview What is it? How does it work? Potential Applications Gun Control Consumer Viability Competitive landscape Projections. What is RedTacton?. HAN – Human Area Network – the last meter

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redtacton personal area network

RedTactonPersonal Area Network

Wendy Beatty

Dianne Brotherson

Rachel Corron

  • Overview
    • What is it?
    • How does it work?
  • Potential Applications
    • Gun Control
    • Consumer
  • Viability
    • Competitive landscape
    • Projections
what is redtacton
What is RedTacton?
  • HAN – Human Area Network – the last meter
  • Transmits data utilizing body’s electric field

The body becomes its own Ethernet cable

  • High speed – up to 10 mbps
  • Very secure
  • Uses a transmitter and a receiver, or a transceiver, which provides both functions
how it works
How it works

Point to Point Network

Transceivers exchange information – no server

Optical properties of electro-optic crystal – varies based on electric field

Data received using photonic electric field sensor combined with electro-optic crystal and laser light

step by step
Step by Step
  • Transmitting transceiver creates a change in the field
  • Receiving transceiver recognizes the change in the electric field
  • Electro-optical crystal uses laser to convert and read the signal
  • Requires physical contact

Must be wearing the transceiver and touching something else with a transceiver

  • Less potential for wireless interference and between other RedTacton devices
  • Allows for encryption and authentication
  • Programmable

You decide what to share with whom and what devices you communicate with

  • No military experience
  • Not members of the NRA
  • Only experience with the military and guns is from TV and movie exposure
staged adoption
Staged Adoption
  • 2008
  • Must-do
  • Develop the technology
staged adoption9
Staged Adoption
  • 2009
  • May-do
  • Develop the technology for a high-end military weapon
  • Viper – tank missile
staged adoption10
Staged Adoption
  • 2010
  • May-do
  • Develop the technology for standard military weapon
  • M-16
staged adoption11
Staged Adoption
  • 2011
  • May-do
  • Develop the technology for other military equipment
  • Howitzer
staged adoption12
Staged Adoption
  • 2012
  • May-do
  • Develop the technology police forces
staged adoption13
Staged Adoption
  • 2020
  • May-do
  • Develop the technology guns sold in the U.S.
other applications
Other Applications
  • Medical

- insulin pump

  • Consumer
    • Turnstile
  • General Security
    • Swipe card
competitive viability
Competitive Viability
  • Power of Buyers v. Power of Suppliers
    • Power is with the device manufacturers
    • What is a device?
      • Cell phones, PDA’s
      • Any device we wish to communicate with
    • Buyers may demand monetary benefit to include new technology
      • New technology may require significant design changes
      • R&D still needed
        • Government, Military, or medical professionals
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • IrDA
  • UWB
  • Skinplex
  • Verichip
  • Time & cost
  • Needs to gain popularity to pull instead of push
  • Widespread marking campaigns and education
  • Not useful unless many people adopt it
  • Medical
    • This area has the financial resources available for Research and Development and it also has the potential to be beneficial to a large percentage of the population. 
  • Military
    • If the military adopts this technology is it likely the public would never see it.
  • Consumer Applications
    • Necessary funding for continued R&D does not make this a likely scenario in the next decade