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South Redmond Tract Proposed Land Use and Management Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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South Redmond Tract Proposed Land Use and Management Plan

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South Redmond Tract Proposed Land Use and Management Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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South Redmond Tract Proposed Land Use and Management Plan. JUNE, 2008. South Redmond Tract Proposed Land Use and Management Plan. Prepared by: Asset Management Section Land Management Division Oregon Department of State Lands In Conjunction With: Cogan Owens Cogan, LLC

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Presentation Transcript

South Redmond Tract

ProposedLand Use and Management Plan

JUNE, 2008


South Redmond TractProposed Land Use and Management Plan

Prepared by:

Asset Management Section

Land Management Division

Oregon Department of State Lands

In Conjunction With:

Cogan Owens Cogan, LLC

SERA Architects, Inc.

Century West Engineering

Johnson-Gardner, LLC

proposed management strategy
  • Pursue short-term urban growth boundary amendment for large-lot industrial uses and planned extension of 19th Street.
  • Retain approximately 2/3 of Tract.
  • Consider exchange of approximately ¼ of Tract to Deschutes County and Oregon Military Department.
  • Pursue acquisition of Juniper Scenic Wayside.
  • Identify corridors for future transportation facilities.


  • 945 acres acquired from BLM in 2007 as a land grant.
  • Located south of Fairgrounds and Exposition Center; south and east of Juniper Golf Course; southwest of Roberts Field-Redmond Municipal Airport.
  • Contiguous to, but outside, Redmond urban growth boundary (UGB); not designated as urban area reserve (UAR).
  • 80 acres of State Parks & Recreation Department (OPRD) land (Juniper Scenic Wayside) included as part of study area.
  • Managed as Trust land to benefit Common School Fund.
purpose and scope
  • Identify short and long-term management strategies that:
    • generate the greatest possible revenues for Common School Fund
    • are compatible with community interests
    • are consistent with Oregon land use law.
  • Bring Tract into UGB and City at earliest possible time and ensure that it is designated and used for urban uses.
  • Continue collaborative planning process that began before Tract was acquired.
  • Ensure that short-term management decisions do not irrevocably commit or adversely affect long-term revenue or value appreciation potential.
  • Manage and plan to be a model for responsiveness to sustainability principles and global climate change.


  • Initiated in March, 2006 as collaborative effort with federal, state and local agencies.
  • Consultant team retained in July, 2006.
  • Regular presentations to South Redmond Collaborative Planning Group and Central Oregon Economic Recovery Team.
  • Briefings with Redmond City Council and Deschutes County Board of Commissioners.
  • Circulated October, 2007 Draft Plan for public review.
  • November 6, 2007 public meeting.
  • Proposed Plan circulated for additional public and agency review.
  • June 17, 2008 public meeting.
site characteristics
  • Historic uses = wildlife habitat, rangeland, open space, military training.
  • Current uses = hiking, horseback riding, variety of unauthorized activities.
  • BNSF/UP railroad right-of-way at western boundary; expanded right-of-way for rail station or siding.
  • Electric utility lines parallel railroad; electric transmission lines extend through southwest portion.
  • Access limited to dead end on 19th Street on north.
  • Zoned EFU with minimum lot size of 80 acres if not irrigated or 36 acres if irrigated.
  • Single, large vacant parcel with no known environmental or cultural resource constraints.
  • Not suitable for agricultural production.


  • DSL Trust obligations.
  • OPRD Juniper Scenic Wayside Complex lands included but no commitment to non-park use or disposal.
  • Railroad – feasibility of rerouting existing alignment being assessed; ongoing discussions about enhancing rail service, including rail spur on the Tract.
  • Transmission lines – development precluded within buffer.
  • US Highway 97 Phase 2 Realignment – Alternative 3B would run through middle of Tract, segregating eastern portion; need for interchange access.
  • 19th Street Extension – an alignment has been tentatively accepted that provides access to the Tract’s center and enhances the street’s role as a key design feature.
  • Pronghorn Secondary Access – proposed alignment would facilitate access to 19th Street and lower portion of Tract.
planning considerations cont
  • Roberts Field-Redmond Municipal Airport – portion of Tract within Airport Safety Combining Zone which limits height of structures; airport flight paths affect types of uses desirable.
  • Deschutes County land exchange – desire expressed for land exchange for purposes such as Fairgrounds and Exposition Center expansion.
  • Oregon Military Department – compatibility of future urban uses with ongoing military exercises; desire expressed for land for new armory and related facilities.
  • Responsiveness to global climate change.
  • Role as a gateway to South Redmond.
  • Development timeframe.
  • Industrial land needs – limited regional supply of large tracts with rail access.
proposed management strategy12

UGB Amendment Based to Meet Regional Industrial Land Needs

  • Economic opportunity analysis (EOA) identified as only viable means to expedite inclusion in UGB.
  • EOA to establish unmet regional need for large-lot industrial.
  • Tract strategically located for large-lot industrial use.
    • Proximity to airport, US 97, BNSF mainline.
    • 19th Street extension and realigned US 97 provide access.
    • Adjacent to UGB and city limits.
    • Large size, single ownership, access to infrastructure.
    • Lack of environmental and other development constraints.
proposed management strategy cont

Land Management Concept

  • Classify as Industrial/Commercial/Residential (ICR) land and actively manage in accordance with 2006-2016 Asset Management Plan.
  • Review existing administrative rules and procedures and revise as needed to restrict unauthorized activities on the Tract.
  • Aggressively pursue UGB amendment in short term and possible land exchange with OPRD.
proposed management strategy cont15

Land Use Concept

  • Large-lot industrial land uses on approximately 640 acres.
  • Mixed-use employment on approximately 80 acres in middle of Tract along 19th street extension and on lands west of BNSF railroad.
  • Multi-modal transportation corridor along southern boundary.
  • New transportation corridors for 19th Street extension and proposed US 97 realignment.

Land Exchanges

  • Based upon the acquisition standards in the 2006-2016 Asset Management Plan, continue deliberations with Deschutes County and Oregon Military Department on a land exchange, lease, or combination of the two to accommodate County needs and siting of new armory.
  • Pursue land exchange with OPRD for entire 80-acre Juniper Scenic Wayside complex. Alternatively, seek to acquire all OPRD land on the east side of the railroad right-of-way and the parcel west of US Highway 97.

Transportation Improvements

  • Locate an extension of 19th Street based on draft Redmond TSP.
  • Coordinate with Redmond, County and ODOT on US Highway 97 Phase 2 Realignment. Pursue negotiation with ODOT for needed right-of-way.
  • Coordinate with Redmond, County and Resort to identify alignment for secondary Pronghorn access road that maximizes site development options while providing efficient circulation and safe access.
  • Cooperate in COACT rail planning, including the feasibility of rerouting the BNSF/UP railroad to the eastside of Redmond.
  • Ensure that planning and future development protect the utility of the railroad alignment.

Cooperative Planning

  • Consult with Deschutes County and DLCD regarding the establishment of an interim Urban Transition overlay designation for the Tract.
  • Monitor and participate in the Redmond and Deschutes County UGB and UAR amendment processes with the goal of inclusion of the entire Tract within the Redmond UGB.
  • Actively participate in Redmond’s infrastructure and capital improvement planning to ensure that City sewer, stormwater and water facilities are appropriately located and sized to serve urban-level development of the South Redmond Tract.
  • Continue to actively participate in the South Redmond Collaborative Group planning process.


  • Budget for a subsurface water reconnaissance study and initiate the process for obtaining water rights.
  • Budget for an increase in land management costs to control access; for site management functions such as vegetation management and trash removal; and to protect against wildfire and unauthorized uses such as firewood cutting, off-road vehicles, unregulated target shooting, temporary shelters and trash dumping.

Responsiveness to Global Climate Change and Sustainability

  • Model responsiveness to global climate change and integrate sustainability into all aspects of planning and design.
  • Ensure that new transportation facilities serve as models for implementation of Governor’s initiative.
  • Aggressively pursue leading-edge solar energy production and utilization for sustainability and revenue generation purposes.
  • Apply a variety of sustainability principles to site planning and design.



  • Develop marketing partnerships with EDCO and others.
  • Seek “Certified Industrial Site” status.

Plan Updates

  • Update the Land Use and Management Plan every 5-8 years.
next steps
  • Public review through June 30.
  • Land Board adoption anticipated in Fall, 2008.
  • EOA prepared by DSL in conjunction with Redmond, Deschutes County and DLCD.
  • UGB amendment process initiated by Redmond.