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NILS Parcel Management Module Status and Update PowerPoint Presentation
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NILS Parcel Management Module Status and Update

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NILS Parcel Management Module Status and Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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September, 2006 NILS Parcel Management Module Status and Update Agenda Energy Act implementation and USFS use of AFMSS, LR2000 and NILS. How is LR2000 information extracted and processed for NILS PM_LD, internal GeoCommunicator, and the external GeoCommunicator?

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Presentation Transcript
  • Energy Act implementation and USFS use of AFMSS, LR2000 and NILS.
  • How is LR2000 information extracted and processed for NILS PM_LD, internal GeoCommunicator, and the external GeoCommunicator?
  • Quick review of what is in NILS PM
  • What is coming in NILS PM_LD Version 4.0?
  • USFS Data Integration (R4 Pilot)
  • What parcel management -land description (PM_LD) data are in NILS and who is using it?
  • How does the National Lease Sale System use NILS PM_LD?
  • Expanding the LR2000 Project Change Management Board (PCMB) to encompass NILS Parcel Management
energy bill
Energy Bill


(a) In General--Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture shall enter in to a memorandum of understanding regarding oil and gas leasing on Public and National Forest System lands

energy bill4
Energy Bill

(b) Contents.- The memorandum of understanding shall include provisions that-

(5) establish a joint geographic information system mapping system for use in-

(A) tracking surface resources values to aid in resource management; and

(B) processing surface use plans of operation and application for permits to drill

usfs users to use
USFS Users to use:
  • LR 2000
  • NILS
blm usfs integrating data assets business processes
BLM & USFS:Integrating Data Assets & Business Processes


USDA Enterprise

Parcel & Cases

Legal Desc.




Control Points



BLM Enterprise






nils lr2000 web services
NILS/LR2000 Web Services

Developing web services interfaces between NILS and LR2000 to streamline updates and facilitate data synchronization


How is LR 2000 information extracted and processed by the NILS PM_LD application, and published to both internal GeoCommunicator, and the external GeoCommunicator?

pm data
PM Data
  • Cases That Affect Land Status
  • Mining Claim
  • Oil & Gas Agreements
  • Oil & Gas Leases
  • Coal Leases
  • Solid Mineral Leases
  • Right of Ways
  • Geothermal Leases
  • Geothermal Agreements
  • Use Leases and Permits
  • Mineral Materials Disposal
  • Surface Management Agency
  • Parcel Fabric Alternate Source
  • Stipulations
  • Range Allotment

Case Parcel Features

Derived from LR2000 Databases

Collected from other agencies, states

  • Legal Description (LD) Fabric

GCDB into NILS LD and SMMM module


Case and

Status Data




Case Land

XML & Attributes

LR 2000

Select LD


Case Attributes

Case Parcel

Feature Classes

Create Case






L.D. Fabric

Creating Case Parcel Features from LR2000



import status
Import Status

Parcel Fabric: 4+ million cases (72%)

  • Missing Parcel Fabric may be due to:
      • Unsupported Survey Types Will provide support for remainder in FY07
      • Missing LD Fabric Will add alternate source data to LD fabric
      • Poorly formed legal descriptions

Will provide tools for manual reconciliation

      • Complex legal descriptions
next steps for completing electronic parcel creation
Next Steps for completing electronic parcel creation
  • Obtain additional alternate source data
  • Provide data creation tools for metes and bounds
    • Pilot in Idaho using COTS
parcel fabric alternate source pfas overview
Parcel Fabric Alternate Source (PFAS) Overview
  • LD Fabric is from GCDB or NILS SMMM module
  • ‘Holes’ in the LD Fabric are being filled in by Parcel Fabric Alternate Source
  • To be used by Create process as alternate building blocks
    • Case data will store if created from LD Fabric, PFAS, or combination
pfas replacement by sm mm

2’nd division

1’st division

SM/MM network


PFAS – Replacement by SM/MM
  • SM/MM uses PFAS data as a reference in the creation of Legal Description Fabric when not all information is available in the Survey Fabric
  • The SM/MM recreates the PFAS data from survey grade data
  • Once the Survey Fabric has been reproduced, the PFAS data is flagged as duplicated by the SM/MM Process
pm tools
Zoom to Township

Dialog to change map interest area to extent of township(s)

Township can be in current job, admin state, or user specified in the admin state

Choose Map Theme

Primary means of bringing in business data

Map Theme and base map themes content can be updated independently

Browse Maps

Choose a predefined map theme or Custom

Launch LR2000

Opens website to access LR2000 reporting database

Identify PM Data

Derive Legal Description

**Find Legal Description

Use to find Townships, Sections, Aliquots, Lots or combinations of

Create a new PM feature based on legal description being queried

Select by Location PM and/or LD Data

LR2000 Reporting Capabilities

Serial Register Pages (SRP) for Status, CaseRec, Mining Claim databases

GeoReport and LLD for Townships and Sections

**Find by Attribute

Simplifies Select by Attribute dialog

Assists with complex queries: dates, special characters

Search on NLSS Features

PM Tools



nils pm jobs
  • 5 Permissions Based Jobs
    • Parcel Maps—Focus on one township and one map theme for quick data review or map output
    • PM Browse Data—Query, Display, and Analysis of Case Parcel Data. No editing
    • PM Review Data—Editing of case parcel data
    • SMA Review Data—Editing of Surface Management Agency data
    • RA Review Data—Editing of RA data
  • All NILS PM Jobs have
    • Default map theme
    • Default base map
    • Township AOI
    • Task to Start ArcMap
usfs region 4 pilot
USFS Region 4 Pilot
  • Extend LR2000 and NILS transactional data models to support USFS requirements
  • Load ALP data into LR2000; Derive Legal Descriptions for ALP Parcels; Create PM data for Region 4
  • Develop tools for creation of parcels which cannot be electronically created from ALP/LR2000
  • Develop web services to synchronize updates between LR2000 and NILS
  • Pilot to be completed in December 2006
nils release 4 x pm ld capabilities
NILS Release 4.x PM_LD Capabilities
  • Create/Maintain updated to support survey types Z, O, G, H, M and X
  • PM Identify tool updated to support survey types Z, O, G, H, M and X
  • Find LD and Derive LD tools updated to support survey types Z, O, G, H, M and X
  • Derive LD tool now supports exporting LD to a text file
  • Choose Map theme now supports the following map services: NGS_TOPO, BLM_BASEMAPS, USGS_The _National_Map and USGS_EDC_Ortho_DOQQ
  • Z – Unsurveyed / Protracted - 465
  • O - Fractional Part of Section – 10,356
  • G - Land Grant – 1,771
  • H - Homestead Entry Survey – 5,830
  • M - Mineral  Survey – 62,143
  • X - Exchange Survey - 299
Find LD & Derive LD Support for Special Survey

Exporting LD to Text File (Derive LD)

Map Theme (USGS_The_National_Map)


release 4 x other capabilities
Release 4.x Other Capabilities


  • Users can save changes to a job’s MXD.


  • Find LD tool updated to support the Creation of new features based on the LD being searched ** this is available to all PM users**
  • Find PM tool updated to support new NLSS feature classes
  • Create/Maintain updated to support Stipulations
workflow save changes on a job mxd
Workflow: Save Changes on a Job MXD

Changes made can now be saved in the job MXD

save changes on a job mxd
Save Changes on a Job MXD

When re-opening the Job with the saved MXD, the system will provide the option to open the saved Map Document by clicking “Yes”

All changes to the map display will be lost if the “No” option is selected

Note that this does not affect edits to the data.

release timelines
Release Timelines
  • NILS Release 4.0 scheduled for release October 16
    • Focus is on SM-MM
    • PM functions to be included:
      • Find LD and Derive LD tools updated to support survey types Z, O, G, H, M and X
      • Derive LD tool now supports exporting LD to a text file
      • Choose Map theme now supports the following map services: NGS_TOPO, BLM_BASEMAPS, USGS_The _National_Map and USGS_EDC_Ortho_DOQQ
  • NILS Release 4.1 scheduled for November
    • Focus is on PM
    • Functions to be included:
      • Create/Maintain updated to support survey types Z, O, G, H, M and X and stipulations
      • PM Identify tool updated to support survey types Z, O, G, H, M and X
future releases
Future Releases
  • Additional Cases: survey types ( mid FY 2007)
    • P – Parcel – 249 records
    • Q - Donation Land Claim – 4,913 records
    • T – Tract – 19,855 - records
    • F - Farm Unit – 43 records
    • J - Small Holding Claim – 7,611 records
  • Additional alternate source LD fabric to match additional LR2000 cases
    • USGS
    • NRCS
    • State of Louisiana
  • Additional Reference Themes: BLM Planning Area boundaries, subsurface status
future pm releases cont d
Future PM Releases (Cont’d)
  • Metes and Bounds Edit Tools in ArcMap
  • Additional Platting Capabilities and Symbology
  • Business Process Workflows
  • LR2000 HI Reporting Integration
  • LD Fabric Updates Trigger Create/Maintain
  • Get LR2000 Attribute Utility
geocommunicator update schedule
Geocommunicator Update Schedule
  • Geocommunicator data will be updated every 2nd and 4th Friday of the Month e.g. Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 27, etc.
  • Data that is ready for deployment on the Monday before the go-live date will be pushed, otherwise it will have to wait for the subsequent update cycle. E.g. Sept 25, Oct 9, Oct 23, etc
geocommunicator statistics
Geocommunicator Statistics
  • Public uses of
    • Average of 7,000 users/27,000 visits/1.3 Million hits per Month Interactive mapping for Land & Mineral Use Records (oil and gas leases, ROW’s, geothermal leasing, coal leasing, Solid Minerals, conveyances, and Cases that affect land status
      • Over 3.8 million records available
    • Interactive mapping for the Public Land Survey System
      • >30,000 townships of survey data available
    • Interactive mapping for the seamless federal Surface Management Agency (SMA) layer
  • Internal BLM use of intranet site:
    • Over 38,000 visits in FY05
    • Over 14,000 maps/month
  • Internet Site
  • Land Survey Information System
  • Federal Land Stewardship
  • Land & Mineral Use Records
  • Reference Data
NILS GeoCommunicator Internal Data sets - Only Available Thru or NILS SM/MM/PM
nlss overview
NLSS Overview
  • NLSS Data available in the upcoming NILS release:
    • New/Updated Stipulations data for CA, CO, MT, NM, OR, and WY
    • Latest Sale Parcel data for NM and WY for the fall auctions
    • Ability to create Stipulations in NILS from LR2000
  • Tools/functionality available to manage NLSS data:
    • New NLSS Task Assistant to manage Stipulations, EOI, Sale Parcel and Parcels Offered data
    • Ability to create PM Features from the Find LD Tool
    • Ability to search for Stipulations, EOI, Sale Parcel and Parcels Offered features using the PM Find tool
nlss task assistant
NLSS Task Assistant
  • Task assistant guides GIS users through steps in ArcMap for querying and maintaining data.
  • Provides consistency in the completion of data management tasks.
  • Shortens the ArcMap learning curve.
  • Combination of ArcMap COTS and NILS PM functionality.
  • NILS PM functionality also available on NILS PM Display Commands toolbar.
map theme oil gas leases agreements
Map Theme: Oil & Gas Leases/Agreements
  • Group layers
    • Oil and Gas Agreements
    • Oil and Gas Leases
    • Oil and Gas Closed Leases
    • Stipulations
    • EOI
    • Parcels_Offered
    • Sale_Parcels
  • Stipulations symbolized by category
  • EOI
    • Symbolized with colored crosshatching
  • Parcels_Offered
    • Symbolized with colored crosshatching
  • Sale_Parcel
    • Symbolized with colored crosshatching

NLSS data is stored in EOI, Sale_ Parcels and PreSale_Offer feature classes.

stipulations state abbr stipulations
Stipulations : <State_Abbr>_Stipulations
  • Single Simple Renderer
  • Displays Stipulations by Category
  • Label by Category

Stipulation data will be available for CA, CO, MT, NM, OR and WY. For other states, Stipulation data can be created in a NILS PMReviewData job

nlss workflow in nils
NLSS Workflow in NILS

Open NILS Workflow

Add external data

Create PM Review Job

Create new geometries

Reshape/ Modify geometries

Open Job/ ArcMap

Update/ create Map Display

Close ArcMap

Modify attributes

Print Map

Close Job

managing nlss data
Managing NLSS Data
  • Create a New Feature by
    • Sketching
    • Tracing
    • Copying features
  • PM Create/Maintain will create GIS stipulation features from LR 2000
  • Add local data to copy/paste into NILS
  • Attribute a created feature
  • Modify a selected feature’s attributes
nlss summary
NLSS Summary
  • NLSS Data data is accessed via the Oil & Gas map theme or Oil & Gas Base Map layer for all PM jobs within the NILS Workflow
  • NLSS data is managed (created and/or modified) through NILS Transaction PM_ReviewData Job
  • NLSS data is posted to GeoCommunicator bi-weekly
next steps
Next Steps
  • R4 Pilot
  • Training
  • Additional USFS Data Integration