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Lab Safety

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Lab Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lab Safety. Safety Equipment. Eyewash Fire Extinguisher. Safety Equipment. First Aid Kit Safety Shower. Safety Equipment. Fire Blanket Valve Shut-Off. Safety Procedure. Used slides and broken glass should be disposed in the glass disposal box.

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Lab Safety

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Presentation Transcript
safety equipment
Safety Equipment
  • Eyewash
  • Fire Extinguisher
safety equipment3
Safety Equipment
  • First Aid Kit
  • Safety Shower
safety equipment4
Safety Equipment
  • Fire Blanket
  • Valve Shut-Off
safety procedure
Safety Procedure
  • Used slides and broken glass should be disposed in the glass disposal box.
  • Do not put broken slides or glass in the trash cans, sinks, desk or cabinets.
  • Do not put paper towels in the glass disposal box.
  • Contaminated material, syringes, and scalpel blades are disposed in the Sharps or Biohazard box
safety procedures
Safety Procedures
  • Students are not permitted in the lab without the supervision of an instructor.
  • Please wait outside the lab until your instructor arrives
  • The lab office and the prep room are off limits.
Trash should be put in the trash cans, not in sinks, trays, desk or cabinets.
  • Dissected animal parts should be wrapped in paper towels and disposed of in the disposal bags provided.
Student prepared slides which have not been used for Gram’s stain smears may be washed with soap and water, dried and returned to the slide box.
  • Plastic coverslips should be thrown away in the trash.
Broken or missing equipment should be reported to your instructor so replacement may be obtained.
  • Do not take equipment from other stations.
Glassware, apparatus, and equipment should be cleaned at the end of each lab section.
  • Soap, paper towels, and disinfectant are available.
Student should leave stations neat and with the material arranged as it was found.
  • Clean up spills on counters and do not leave solutions in beakers or test tubes.
  • Cleaned test tubes should be inverted in the test tube rack to dry.
In dispensing reagents, swirl the bottle to assure mixtures are uniform.
  • Measure only the amount called for.
  • Do not return the excess to the stock bottle, give the excess to someone who doesn’t have any yet.
  • Replace caps on all bottles.
  • NO mouth pipetting!
  • When in doubt ASK!