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Honduras. Onalie Kurtis Brian. Information on Honduras. The capital city is Tegucigalpa Land area equals 43,278 square miles The population is 6,406,052 Type of money is lempiras.                                                                                                   <>.

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information on honduras
Information on Honduras
  • The capital city is Tegucigalpa
  • Land area equals 43,278 square miles
  • The population is6,406,052
  • Type of money is lempiras
more info on honduras

                                                                                                  <>                                                                                                  <>

More Info on Honduras
  • Literacy rate is 73%
  • The type of government is democratic constitutional republic
history of honduras
History of Honduras
  • Honduras was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502. In 1524 the Spanish started a colony. The Indian inhabitants went to war and the Indian chief was known as a hero. The currency was named after him.
climate of the country
Climate of The Country
  • The climate of the Honduras in the lowlands is hot and humid.
  • The Pacific coast has wet summers and dry winters.
  • The mountains have a pleasant, temperate climate.
tourist info
Tourist Info
  • River rafting is one of the many things to do in Honduras.
  • There is also rock climbing and snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea.
holidays traditions and customs
Holidays/Traditions and Customs
  • Some of the holidays in Honduras are Easter, New Years Day, and Christmas
  • Some traditions in Honduras are that women are highly regarded by men, and mothers are considered family leaders
other interesting facts
Other Interesting Facts
  • One interesting fact about Honduras is you can go rock climbing in Red Tail Canyon.
  • Snorkeling is very good in Honduras.
  • The currency was named after Indian chief Lempira for his bravery.