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Deep ā vali Tamaso Mā Jyotirgamaya Deepāvali Also known as Diw ā li Literal meaning, a row of lamps One of the biggest festival of Hindus Celebrated all over India In Kenya, Thailand, Trinidad and in many more countries The festival of Lights Celebrated for 5 days

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deep vali


Tamaso Mā Jyotirgamaya

deep vali2
  • Also known as Diwāli
  • Literal meaning, a row of lamps
  • One of the biggest festival of Hindus
  • Celebrated all over India
    • In Kenya, Thailand, Trinidad and in many more countries
the festival of lights
The festival of Lights
  • Celebrated for 5 days
  • Customs vary but lighting lamps is common
  • Fireworks, Rangoli, Lamps
  • Lights, Sparkles, Glitters!
dhana trayodashi
  • Dhanteras, Yama Deepdān
  • 13th day of Kārtika month
  • Houses, business premises decorated
  • Auspicious to buy gold, silver, new utensils
  • Lamps lit and kept burning all night
  • Cattles adorned and worshipped in villages
dhana trayodashi stories
Dhana-trayodashi - Stories
  • Son of King Hima, as per horoscope, was doomed to die on this night
  • His wife did not allow him to sleep
  • She kept all ornaments, gold, silver at the entrance of the room
  • Yama, God of death, gets blinded by the dazzle of brilliant lights and leaves
  • Hence, the tradition of buying gold and the name Yama Deepdān
narak chaturdashi
  • Chhoti Diwāli, or little Diwāli
  • Falls on 14th day of Kārtika month
  • Tradition is to get very early and have an oil bath before the sunrise
  • Earthen lamps are lit
narak chaturdashi stories
Narak-chaturdashi - Stories
  • Narakāsur, the demon king of Prāgjyotishpur, was killed by Lord Krishna
  • After defeating the demon, Krishna returned early in the morning and had scented oil bath
  • King Bali was pushed to pātāl, or nether regions, by Vāmanāvatār
lakshmi puj
Lakshmi Pujā
  • Diwāli, Kaumudi Mahotsam
  • Amāvasyā, or no moon night
  • Day of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth
  • Millions of lamps lit
  • Amāvasyā becomes brighter than Poornimā, or full moon night
lakshmi puj stories
Lakshmi Pujā - Stories
  • Lot of stories associated with this day
  • Lord Rāma return to Ayodhyā after defeating Rāvana
  • Lord Krishna delivers knowledge of Gitā to Arjuna
  • Lord Krishna also attains “nirvāna” this day
  • Nachiketa attains knowledge from Yama and returns back to earth
bali padya
Bali Padya
  • Pādwa, Varsha Pratipadā, Govardhan Pujā, Annakoot
  • In northern part of India, the hill of Govardhan is worshipped
  • Annakoot, meaning “mountain of food”, is observed for all deities
  • Variety of sweets are made and shared among all
bali padya stories
Bali Padya - Stories
  • Vikramāditya the great, held his coronation and started a hindu calendar, vikram samvat
  • Lord Krishna, uprooted Govardhan hill and held it up to save residents of Gokul from rains
  • Bali came back from pātāl and given boon to return from nether regions once a year
bh i dooj
Bhāi Dooj
  • Bhāv Beej, Bhāi Tika, Yama Dwiteeyā
  • Sisters put tilak on forehead of brothers and wish for their success
  • Originates from the legend that Yama went to see his sister Yami on this day
  • Yama announced that anyone who receives tilak from his sister this day, will never suffer
more on diw li
More on Diwāli
  • Sikh also celebrate Diwāli to commemorate return of 6th Guru, Guru Hargobind from captivity
  • Lord Mahāvir, who established Jainism, obtained nirvāna on this day
significance of diw li
Significance of Diwāli
  • Celebration of rise of knowledge
  • Celebration of victory of dharma
  • Occasion for self-enlightment
  • Prosperity, peace, and progress for all