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Healthcare, Life science and Chemical Data Management Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthcare, Life science and Chemical Data Management Services

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Healthcare, Life science and Chemical Data Management Services
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Healthcare, Life science and Chemical Data Management Services

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  1. Healthcare, Life science and Chemical Data Management Services Enventure Technologies

  2. About Enventure • Content Services Company • Specialize in Data Management • Trusted Content Provider to companies such as ABB, Halliburton, Infineon & Alstom • Founded in 1997 • Facilities in Bangalore, India • 3 Development Centers • 220+ employees • 65% Revenue growth in 2005 • Financially stable, zero debt Enventure Technologies

  3. Agenda • Current scenario • Value proposition • Chemical Data Management • Details of Standardization/ enrichment • Snapshot of Chemical Database • Sample departments • Sample products handled • Snapshot of UOM & QOE • Snapshot of Enriched Description • Sample Vendors/Manufacturers • Snapshot of Normalized Names-Part Numbers • Proven capabilities Enventure Technologies

  4. Current scenario • Accurate product data is a prerequisite for healthcare providers to ensure they are purchasing products on contract and at the correct price, and to create linkages between supply chain and financial data to better understand supply costs by procedure and by department. • Managing data of Healthcare product information can be very much a challenging task for healthcare market places, new technologies and research in healthcare and Life science demand manufacturers to come up with modern designs of products. • Such products and previous product information with incomplete description needs to be cleansed and enriched in a standardized and consistent manner. Enventure Technologies

  5. Value Proposition • Synchronized Data as per current trends decreases costs who rely on electronically enabled business who knows the importance of accurate data in the supply chain. Such supply chain will deliver more values efficiently to users at various levels. • Enriched product information simplifies catalog maintenance for broader range of more accurate product data which will result in reduced purchase order errors, invoice exceptions, customer service enquiries, improved product sourcing, and safety initiatives for both Patients and Medical staff. • Knowing critical information, such as if a product contains latex or hazardous materials, is important when selecting products for patient care. • Having the product information tagged with standard schema such as UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code) allows to segregate products at various Hierarchy to pull down from huge data base without much effort. Enventure Technologies

  6. Value Proposition Enventure Technologies

  7. Chemical Data Management • Enventure Technologies with its data support and management services provide data solutions with extremely strong commitment to guaranteed quality as specified by its customers. We help in creation and maintenance of chemical information database to meet the customer expectation / specifications with high accuracy. • Customized database will enable the customers to retrieve the chemical data of their choice, ranging from simple view and print of electronic MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) files to complex cross-referencing of materials to pertinent state, federal, and international regulations. Enventure Technologies

  8. Chemical Data Management • Apart, MSDS data management solutions will help to centralize your entire MSDS inventory and provide direct and immediate access to MSDSs as well as chemical safety and regulatory information in accordance with the requirements set by OSHA, EPA, DOT, WHMIS, the Joint Commission (JCAHO) and other health and safety regulatory organizations. • Our services help Environment Health & Safety professionals manufacturers, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions around the globe to access and deploy health, safety and regulatory information and achieve safer work environment, save time, lower costs, and reduce the risk and liability associated with meeting compliance Enventure Technologies

  9. Details of Standardization / Enrichment • Normalization of Vendor and Manufacturer Names and Part Numbers. • Capturing all levels of Units of Measurements and Quantity of Each. • Cleansing and Normalization of product Description by web sourcing or Direct Sourcing by contacting Vendor or Manufacturer. • Deriving Long Description – product information in a standardized order with more significant information/ attributes in the beginning followed by other related properties. • Deriving Short Description- Description of a product abbreviated as per universal standards. • UNSPSC Classification- Assigning commodity level codes and Titles as per required like v8_1201 or v9_0501 • Nor Enventure Technologies

  10. Snapshot of Chemical Database Enventure Technologies

  11. Dentistry - Orthodontics - Endodontics - Conservative/operative - Prosthodontics - Periodontics - Pedodontics - Maxillofacial/ Craniofacial - Cosmetics dentistry Orthopedics General Surgery, Pharmaceutical/ drugs Biochemistry - Immunology - Cytology - Toxicology - Hematology - Histology Microbiology Pathology Obstetrics and Gynecology Radiology Ophthalmology Forensic. Sample Departments Enventure Technologies

  12. Sample products Handled • Instruments – Scissors, Blades, Burrs, Osteotomes, etc ___________________________________________________ • Catheters – Angiography, cardiovascular, Urological, surgical etc ___________________________________________________ • Analyzers, Test kits & Reagents – Clinical chemistry, Immunology, Hematology ___________________________________________________ • Bandages & Dressings – First aid, Burns, gel etc Enventure Technologies

  13. Sample products Handled Dental Specialty Products Orthodontics – Brackets, Arch Wires, Pliers etc Instruments – Files, Burrs, Forceps, Scalers, Saliva Ejectors, Curettes, Finishing Strips, discs etc Dental Materials – Cements, Gypsum Products, Ceramics, Composites, etc Prosthodontics – Impression Trays, Elastomers, Crowns, Alginate etc Implants – Abutments, Grafts, Mesh, Plate, Screw Enventure Technologies

  14. Sample products Handled • Ostomy – Appliances, Wafers, Pouches etc ______________________________________________________ • Ventilators – Humidifiers, Incubators, Suction apparatus ______________________________________________________ • Lightings – Medical examinations, surgical operating, Dental operating, curing ______________________________________________________ • Sterilization products– Autoclave, Envelopes, Bags, disinfectant Enventure Technologies

  15. Sample products Handled • Devices – Endoscopes, Ultrasound etc ___________________________________________________ • Textiles – Gloves, Gowns, caps, hoods etc ______________________________________________________ • Implants – orthopedic plates, screws, mesh, nails, rods, wires, components, cups ______________________________________________________ • Soft goods – Hand, Elbow, Knee, Lumbosacral etc ______________________________________________________ • Imaging products – X-ray Units, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Films, Developing solutions etc Enventure Technologies

  16. Sample products Handled • Patient Care – Wheelchairs, Beds, Urinals, Stretchers ___________________________________________________ • Drugs – Tablets, I.V Solutions, Syrups, Ointments lozenges ______________________________________________________ • Emergency Medical Service products – Restraints, Defibrillators, Resuscitator, Tourniquets ______________________________________________________ • Microscopes – Laboratory, Surgical Enventure Technologies

  17. Snapshot of UOM & QOE Enventure Technologies

  18. Snapshot of Enriched Description Enventure Technologies

  19. Sample Vendors/Manufacturers Enventure Technologies

  20. Proven Capabilities • Highest quality • Maintenance of data integrity • Projects handled by a proficient team of Healthcare domain Experts • On-Time Delivery of Projects Enventure Technologies

  21. Thank You Enventure Technologies