chapter thirteen l.
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Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter Thirteen. The Spectrum of Human Sexual Behavior. Human diversity in sexual orientation & activity Range from erotophilic to erotophobic Diversity more common in males than in females Hypersexuality High interest and drive. Hyposexuality Low interest and drive Celibacy

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Chapter Thirteen

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chapter thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

The Spectrum of Human Sexual Behavior

varying degrees of sexual interest and activity
Human diversity in sexual orientation & activity

Range from erotophilic to erotophobic

Diversity more common in males than in females


High interest and drive


Low interest and drive


Choice not to share sexual activity with others


Rare, compulsive behavior

Nymphomania in females

Satyriasis in males

Varying Degrees of Sexual Interest and Activity
transgender behaviors


wearing clothes of opposite gender

feeling driven to do so

some sexual arousal

Not new phenomenon

May be fetishism

More common than generally believed

Transgender Lifestyle

Great diversity

influenced by degree of dissatisfaction with regard to anatomy

Sex Reassignment

For transsexuals

trapped in wrong body

10-15% failure rate

Transgender Behaviors
the need to enhance sexual arousal
The Need to Enhance Sexual Arousal
  • Erotica and Pornography
    • Magazines, videotapes, Internet
    • Habituation
  • Sexual Devices and Toys
    • Vibrators, bondage or pressure devices, penis extenders
    • Sex shops, mail order, Internet
  • Group Sex
    • Threesomes, orgy
  • Sexual arousal triggered by objects or materials not considered sexual
  • Object often used in masturbation
  • Mostly harmless
  • Inordinate attachment considered abnormal
sexual fantasy
Sexual Fantasy
  • Significant part of most people’s sexual individuality
    • 19% women, 54% men, at least one per day
    • Begin, on average, between 11 and 13
  • Not necessarily connected to sexual behavior
  • Gender differences
    • Male more active, impersonal, and visually oriented
    • Females more passive and romantic
  • Exploratory, Intimate, Impersonal, Sadomasochistic
atypical and potentially problematic sexual connections
Sex Worker Industry

Female prostitutes


call girls


massage parlors

Male prostitutes


call boys

Telephone sex


Sex-Related Behavior with Unknown Victims

Obscene phone calls

Frotteurism, toucherism






Atypical and Potentially Problematic Sexual Connections
casual sex and pansexualism
Casual Sex and Pansexualism
  • Throughout the past century, overall attitudes toward sex have become more casual
  • Trends, however, like AIDS have tended to mitigate this casualness, with a gradual shift toward more conservative values
  • Pansexual means being open to a range of sexual activities