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Continuity Communications Working Group Status Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Continuity Communications Working Group Status Report. Mr. Roy Roebuck Chief Architect Continuity Communications Enterprise Architecture Program Office July 7, 2005. September 11 th

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Continuity Communications

Working Group

Status Report

Mr. Roy Roebuck

Chief Architect

Continuity Communications Enterprise Architecture Program Office

July 7, 2005

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September 11th

Illustrated that the Federal Executive Branch (FEB) does not have the ability to quickly access and share information, collaborate among senior leaders, and make informed decisions.

Enduring Constitutional Government Coordination Council (ECG CC) Report

Review of the FEB’s COOP, COG, and ECG preparedness

ECG CC Report Tasks include:

Complete an evaluation of government-wide COOP communications capabilities

Establish Minimum Communications Requirements for the Federal Executive Branch

Create a Continuity Communications Enterprise Architecture (CC EA) to ensure execution of FEB Mission Essential Functions under all circumstances

Tasked to the National Communications Systems (NCS) Committee of Principals (COP)

Established the Continuity Communications Working Group (CCWG)

ASD NII – Chair

FEMA – Co-Chair

Established the CC EA Program Office

CCWG Terms of Reference (TOR) assigned tasking through August 2005


Key questions initial round l.jpg

Department A

Department B

Department C

Key Questions, Initial Round…






  • Basic Communications

    • Telephone

    • Fax

    • No VTC

    • No E-Mail

    • Etc….

  • Basic Communications

    • Telephone

    • Fax

    • E-Mail

    • Etc….


  • Key Questions

  • Can the D&A Priority Mission Essential Functions (PMEF) be performed at a COOP site?

  • Can information about PMEFs be shared to support a common

  • operational picture and collaborative planning by senior

  • leadership?

  • What are the Minimum COOP Communications Capabilities?

  • What communications support execution of PMEFs

  • Do systems used to execute PMEFs use common standards?

U.S. Government

  • Basic Communications

    • Telephone

    • Fax

    • SVTS….

    • Etc….



Illustration of omg fea reference models taxonomies and it investment management l.jpg
Illustration of OMG FEA Reference Models (Taxonomies) and IT Investment Management

FEA, to Establish Federal IT Investment Governance

Typical d a fea extension with it management l.jpg
Typical D&A FEA Extension, Investment ManagementWith IT Management

EA to Satisfy OMB Exhibit 300 Requirements and Facilitate IT Decisions

Cc ea requires further extension of the omb fea l.jpg

CC EA Investment Management


5. TRM

(Technology Catalog and Qualifying Products)

1. BRM

(Assigned Functional Missions + Assumed Supporting Functions)

3. SRM

(Best Practice, Re-usable Processes)

6.5.1 D&A Physical IT D&A Systems D&A Infrastructure

4. DRM


2 and 7. PRM

(Strategic Mgmt, Ops & Invest. Strategies, Priorities)

CC EA Requires Further Extension Of The OMB FEA

Cc ea has an extended omb fea structure l.jpg
CC EA Has An Extended OMB FEA Structure Investment Management

Enterprise Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)


Service (e.g., Loosely Coupled, NetCentric)

Capability Implementation

Capability Process Improvement and Solution Design

Operational Capability (Primary and Alternate Sites, Primary and Alternate Providers)

1. BRM

(Assigned Functional Missions + Assumed Supporting Functions)

1.1 Policy

1.2 Assignment

1.3. Strategic Management

5. TRM

(Technology Catalog of Standards and Qualifying Products)

6. Required Mission Resources over their life cycle.

6.1 People

6.2 Intelligence

6.2.1 Functional Intelligence

6.2.2 CC Intelligence

6.3 Funds

6.4 Skills

6.4.1 CC Skills

6.5 Materiel

6.5.1 Physical IT Systems CC Systems Infrastructure CC Infrastructure

6.5.2 Goods

6.6 Facilities

6.6.1 CC Facilities

6.7 Services

6.7.1 CC Services

6.8 etc.

3. SRM

(Best Practice, Re-usable Processes)

4. DRM

(Metadata and Data)

1. OU Assigned Functional Responsibility

2. PRM

(Strategic Mgmt, Ops & Invest. Strategies, Priorities)

7. PRM (Portfolios, Budgets)

Normal and CC Capability Business Case and Budget

1. Parent Organization of OU

Schema and Data Largely or Wholly Present in FEA

6. Organization Unit (OU) Assigned The Asset

Schema and/or Data Added by CC EA

1. Location of OU (Physical and Virtual)

Ccea fea extension data structure i e metaschema fyo5 plan l.jpg

EA as Whole-Enterprise System Analysis, Requirement Analysis, and Operational Model

CCEA FEA Extension (Data Structure, i.e., Metaschema) (FYO5 Plan)

Cc ea framework model l.jpg
CC EA Framework Model Analysis, and Operational Model









Questions l.jpg

Questions? Analysis, and Operational Model

Contact for Technical Questions

Roy Roebuck


Cc ea supports nef and pmef life cycle management including cc l.jpg
CC EA Supports NEF and PMEF Analysis, and Operational ModelLife Cycle Management, Including CC

5. D&A PMEF and CC Intelligence


4. NEF/PMEF Operation




Life Cycle

Enterprise Operations and CC

3. CC EA

For Resource

Distribution and Access


1. D&A PMEF Intelligence

Inventory (CC Portion of D&A EA Framework/Ontology and PMEF EA Content)

Enterprise Intelligence

2. CC EA for Merged FEB NEF/PMEF Intelligence

Structure and Operational Knowledge

(Mapping of D&A EA Frameworks and EA Content to CC EA Integrating Framework, i.e., Upper Ontology)

Cc ea four layer model l.jpg
CC EA Four Layer Model Analysis, and Operational Model