an introduction to sap hana n.
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An Introduction To SAP HANA PowerPoint Presentation
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An Introduction To SAP HANA

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An Introduction To SAP HANA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Sap Hana and what does it do for you. Moreover how SAP application management support service ( is useful. Find out all about it in this PDF.

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An Introduction To SAP HANA

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an introduction to sap hana

An Introduction To SAP HANA

Be it database service, app development, advanced analytics, data access, or administration; SAP

HANA helps manage data in a single in-memory platform so that you can move forward with

the new digital economy.

Let us know about SAP HANA in detail.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory database – a combination of hardware and software that processes

large real data through in-memory computing. It integrates row-based, column-based

database technology. As in-memory database means that the entire data is stored in RAM,

therefore, there is no wastage of time in loading the data from hard disk to RAM while

processing. Everything remains safe in in-memory all the time which gives CPU instant access

to data for processing.

The speed benefits can be further accelerated under this storage system by use of multi-core

CPUs, multiple boards per server appliance and so on.

SAP HANA is next generation platform that is ready to bring revolution in the sector of SAP

application management support services. SAP HANA boosts the business processes, simplify IT

environment and provide foundation for all data

environment and provide foundation for all data needs. Besides, it also eliminates the burden of

managing separate legacy systems and siloed data.

With SAP HANA 2, IT sector can get rid of time-consuming database and data management

tasks and move their focus to technology innovations.

If we talk about application developers, they can use SAP HANA 2 for delivery of smart

applications that control advanced analytical processing and from employees to customers,

enables all the users for having a deeper insight into any data.

Benefits of SAP HANA

Database services

Through in-memory database service, action in moment can be used to process high-speed

transactions and analytics. SAP HANA helps in managing database volumes via use of

multitenant database containers and dynamic tiering across multi-level storage.

Analytic processing

With the advanced processing of SAP HANA, new insights can be gained. With in-memory data

processing capabilities text predictive, graph, streaming, time series, etc. one can get smart

real-time decisions in businesses.

app development sap hana helps to develop next

App development

SAP HANA helps to develop next-generation applications by combining analytics and

transactions and deploying them on any device.

Data access

SAP HANA gives anybody complete access and accurate view of business by providing access to

data from anywhere & any source. One can access data where it is placed, integrate and

replicate the relevant data into SAP HANA.

Now you must have got what SAP HANA is and what its benefits are.