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sap hana administration architecture sap hana n.
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  1. SAP HANA Administration –Architecture • SAP HANA Administration – Overview • SAP HANA Administration is an effective database from SAP based on in-memory technology. SAP HANA is an in-memory database for implementing real-time data analysis and development of applications on the highest of real-time data. SAP HANA Administration deals with maintaining SAP HANA system in a single and distributed system environment. Each SAP HANA system can include multi-node architecture with each node including various processors for fast speed data analysis and real-time data provisioning. You can utilize Smart data access to get the data from non-SAP systems without sending the data to HANA database, and virtual tables can be utilized to implement read and write data processes. • SAP HANA Administration includes the following activities: • SAP HANA multiple host System Management • SAP HANA Administration Tools • SAP HANA System Management and Availability • SAP HANA Lifecycle Management • SAP HANA Security and User Management • SAP HANA Backup and Recovery Management • SAP HANA Data Provisioning and Integration with non-SAP systems • Each SAP HANA system contains multiple servers and it can be checked in HANA Studio under Administration tab. SAP HANA Studio contains Administration Perspective (default) to manage all admin tasks in HANA systems.

  2. SAP HANAAdministration–Architecture • SAP HANA Administration Architecture • In SAP HANA Administration Architecture, it includes all the server components that get fixed at the time of installation. Each server has determined the set of tasks and various services are run for each server in an SAP HANA single and distributed environment. • The most important server system and the heart of SAP HANA system is the Index Server. This server is responsible for processing SQL/MDX statement using engines in the Index Server. It also contains Session and Transaction Manager to keep track of completed and running transactions. • Persistence Layer in the Index Server is used for backing up data and transaction of log files. • Following all the key server components in SAP HANA System, the corresponding services, and OS process details. • Index Server – • The Index Server contains the actual data stores and the engines for processing the data. It is responsible for processing SQL statements using SQL/MDX processors. • Name Server – • The Name Server owns the information about the topology of the SAP HANA system. In a distributed system with instances of the SAP HANA database on multiple hosts, the name server knows where the components are running and which data is located on which server. To

  3. maintain topology of SAP HANA system it is used to manage all the running components and data stored on each component. XS Classic Server – SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS) is the application server for native SAP HANA-based web applications. It is installed with the SAP HANA system and allows developers to write and run SAP HANA-based applications without the need to run an additional application server. SAP HANA XS is also used to run web-based tools that come with SAP HANA, for instance for administration, lifecycle management and development. SAP HANA XS classic is the original implementation of SAP HANA XS. The XS Classic Server can run as a separate server process or embedded within the index Server. It can be used to develop and host applications on the top of SAP HANA system. Data Provisioning Server – The Data Provisioning Server is part of the SAP HANA smart data integration option for SAP HANA. It is used to provide SAP HANA smart data access function. It provides capabilities such as data provisioning in real time and batch mode, real-time data transformations, data quality functions, adapters for various types of remote sources, and an adapter SDK for developing additional adapters. Preprocessor Server – The Preprocessor Server is utilized by the index server to analyze text data and select the information on which the text search skills are based. Compile Server – The Compile Server performs the compilation of stored procedures and programs, for example, SQL Script procedures. It runs on every host and does not persist data. It is used to perform compilation of SQL Procedures and doesn’t contain any data. SAP Web Dispatcher – The SAP Web Dispatcher processes inbound HTTP and HTTPS connections to HANA XS Services. SAP HANA Administration Training at SAPVITS SAPVITSis best Institute for learn SAP HANA Administration Trainingin Hyderabad, India. We provide Online Training with certifications for SAP HANA AdministrationModule. Learn SAP HANA Administration Online Trainingwith Study Material, Free Demo and access to high quality pre-recorded SAP HANA Administration Training Videos. SAP HANA Administration Online Training Course is designed for fresher’s and experienced professionals aspiring to make a career in SAP HANA Administration, Operation, and Support.

  4. SAPHANA Administration Tutorialis especially concentrated on admin activities in HANA system - system management, table properties, license keys, smart data access, integration with various non-SAP systems, security management, and audit policies in SAP HANA system. SAPHANA Administration Coursewill guide you SAP HANA Administration responsibilities in an individual and distributed environment. Are you interested in taking up for SAP HANA Administration Course? Enroll for Free Demo on SAP HANA Administration Training Contact us: Vintage IT Solutions Website: Email: USA: +1 678 389 8898 UK: +44 141 416 8898 IND: +91 992 284 8898