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  1. ON TARGET Wheeling Park High School Ohio County March 2013 NDPC SD and WVDE

  2. Wheeling Park High School • The total population of Ohio County is estimated at 44,015 people, ranked 13th in the state, with 5.5% of persons under 5 years old, 20.0% under 18 years old, and 19.4% were 65 years old and over. There has been a decrease in student enrollment that correlates with the steady decrease in population. • Compressive High School • Grades 9-12 • 18 Career Technical Programs • 17 Advanced Placement Classes • College at Park with WLU (37 credit hours) • Dual Credit with WVNCC (24 credit hours) • Service ALL Exceptionalities • Special Education Staffing • 13 Professional • 7 Service 2011- Low SES Subgroup Mathematics 2008 - Low SES Subgroup Reading Language Arts

  3. Our Team Linda Boyd Special Education Department Chair, Wheeling Park High School Leah Stout Special Education Director, Ohio County Schools Amy Minch Principal, Wheeling Park High School Josh Fromhart General Education Teacher, Wheeling Park High School Amy Rice Special Education Teacher, Wheeling Park High School

  4. Baseline Data for 2010-2011

  5. Dropout Factors for Wheeling Park High School A B C

  6. Z WPHS has a WV Dropout Prevention Team supported by NDPC-SD (National Dropout Prevention Center- Students with Disabilities) working to establish a data-driven early warning and response system in our school. Students signal frustration and disengagement from school in their attendance, behavior, and course performance. Studies show that we can identify up to half of future dropouts as early as the sixth grade just by looking at these variables. Our goal is for focused coordination and communication that will ease students’ transitions and help get the right supports to the right students at the right time before they disengage and give up on school. the of dropout prevention at WPHS and

  7. B: Behavior • Individual Counseling • Tardy Sweeps • Peer Mediation and Harassment/Bullying Reporting • C: Course Performance • Summer School/Credit Recovery • Option Pathway • Monitoring of D-F-I Lists • Intervention Counselor • Anchor Program • Saturday Scholars • Credit Checks • Cohort Monitoring • A: Attendance • Home Visits • Weekly attendance briefings • Daily updates to “Attendance Watch List” • Juvenile Mediation, Court Proceedings • Z: Everything Else • Student Exit Interview Process • Extended Year Transition Program • Monitoring of Coding Issue

  8. Dropout Prevention Plan Wheeling Park High School Initial Plan (2010-2011) Implement Option Pathway Program Activate School-wide Monitoring Team Incorporate READ 180 curriculum and techSteps

  9. Dropout Prevention Plan Wheeling Park High School Plan Revisions (2011-2012) Full-time Option Pathway and Identification Team Credit Checks and Cohort Monitoring Tardy Sweep Monitoring Procedure

  10. Dropout Prevention Plan Wheeling Park High School Final Plan (2012-2013) Option Pathway and Identification Team Credit Checks and Cohort Monitoring Tardy Sweep Monitoring Procedure Home Visits, Juvenile Mediation, Legal Action Individual Counseling and Peer Mediation Summer School and Credit Recovery After School Programs Monitoring of D-F-I Lists Final Plan (2012-2013) Advisor – Advisee Program Intervention Team Meetings Looping of Grade Level Principals Administrators Assigned Departments Increased Job Sites for Project Employ Ruby Payne Professional Development

  11. Intervention Teams

  12. NDPC SD Intensive TA Funding

  13. Attendance Rate

  14. Graduation Rate NCLB Data for 2010-2011 (2010 Cohort) NCLB Data for 2011-2012 (2011 Cohort) Projected NCLB Data for 2012-2013 (2012 Cohort)

  15. SWD Cohort 2012 Non-Grads • SWD Students who are not calculated as graduates for the 2012 cohort. Some issues are outside of the school’s control. • T2 Transfers • DHHR Placements • No Shows • Transfer During Year 5

  16. Dropout Rate Dropout Rate 2010-2011 Dropout Rate for 2011-2012 Projected Dropout Rate for 2012-2013

  17. 2012-2013 Dropouts • So far this school year we have six students coded as dropouts from Wheeling Park High School.

  18. Aiming for the Target • Continue with the proven practices from the past three years. • Expand the Special Education Advisor-Advisee Program to include regular education at-risk students. • Expand programs with DRS (Division of Rehabilitation Services) and community agencies to promote the post-secondary transition for special education students.

  19. Contact Information Linda Boyd llboyd@access.k12.wv.us Leah Stout lmstout@access.k12.wv.us Amy Minch aminch@access.k12.wv.us Josh Fromhart jfomhart@access.k12.wv.us Amy Rice acrice@access.k12.wv.us