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Maya Presentation. By Nathanael Webb. 3D modeling in Product Design.

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maya presentation

Maya Presentation

By Nathanael Webb

3d modeling in product design
3D modeling in Product Design
  • In product design, 3D models are used to show the end project. 3D models are a cost effective way to do this as the company will not actually of to provide a real life working product or a prototype which are expensive to make.
  • Animation in the industry is mainly used for computer games and films however it can also be used for scientific models/presenting products. Computer games use animations to show the movement of 3D models for example a person walking, or treads of a tank turning round, or even a person blinking and speaking.
3d modeling in tv and films
3D modeling in TV and Films
  • A lot of TV and films now use CGI (Computer-generated imagery). CGI can be used to create environments of which may not exist, for example other worlds which are used in science-fiction films. Or extreme environments of which may be too dangerous to physically film at. Finally you can make futuristic models to aliens and even explosions, this is all used in the film industry.

For example the film avengers

3d modeling on the web
3D modeling on the web
  • 3D modeling is starting to show up in interactive books, PDFs and websites more and more. The benefits of using 3D modeling on the web are firstly you can show people a model from all directions rather than having to look at many photos of different angles of an object and finally you can see the object in perspective which may be harder in photos.
3d modeling in games
3D modeling in games
  • Every model in a 3D game is a 3D model of some sought. Video games now are starting to get much more realistic. For example Battlefield 4 has a fully destructible environment where the weather even takes effect.
3d modeling in education
3D modeling in education
  • 3D modeling can be used in education to show science experiments, which the students could not do in the classroom. For example showing a metal with a high melting point melting. Autodesk gives out a student version of a 3D modeling software called Maya, this is used for educational purposes only. this version of the software is used to teach the students on how to use it.
architectural walkthrough
Architectural walkthrough
  • 3D modeling can be used for plans and blueprints of buildings, which is showed to the client as a 3D model. This allows them to view the building from all angles and take a walkthrough the building and look at all the rooms within. With the current software these models can be really detailed and realistic.

Menu bar for different menus e.g. polygons or animation

Attribute Editor for model

Toolbar for different tools

Animation bar uses key frames for animations

3d models
3D models

View angle



Spacebar Menu


wire view of 3D models

Solid view of 3D models










Create Deformers

Edit Deformers



Geometry Cache



maya shortcuts
Maya Shortcuts
  • W, E, R, Z, shift Z, S: move, rotate, resize, undo, redo, Set key frame.
  • Command left mouse click: rotate.
  • Command middle mouse click: move.
  • Command right mouse click: zoom.
  • Command C: copy.
  • Command V: paste.
  • Spacebar: multiple views.
  • Home: movable pivot point.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: roundness 1, roundness 2, roundness 3, wire frame, solid frame, show pictures.
  • Hot key editor: set your own hotkeys.